BiBBLe Teams

Here is list of teams used in BiBBLe. Like in NeBBLe teams have 1,000,000 gps starting capital. Teams must include 7 big guys and have 1 FF. Re-rolls cost 80,000. No team can employ a wizard. Teams can have maxium of 12 players on their roster.

Picks refer to skills normally available for the player. B stands for big guy choice, and thus means that the player is a big guy and can use doubles to get rid of unwanted skills and to enhance stats.

Bull Centaur

QtyTitleCost StatsPicksSkills
0-12Bull Centaur120,000 6 4 2 9G S BThickSkull, Sprint, Sure Feet

Notes:Bull Centaurs' price is lowered from NeBBLe and they don't have Stand Firm.


QtyTitleCost StatsPicksSkills
0-12Minotaur110,000 5 5 2 8G S BThick Skull, Mighty Blow, Wild Animal, Always Hungry, Horns


QtyTitleCost StatsPicksSkills
0-12Ogre120,000 5 5 2 9G S BThick Skull, Mighty Blow, Bone-head

Rat Ogre

QtyTitleCost StatsPicksSkills
0-12Rat Ogre130,000 6 5 3 8G S BWild Animal, Mighty Blow, Prehensile Tail


QtyTitleCost StatsPicksSkills
0-12Treeman110,000 2 6 1 10G S BThick Skull, Mighty Blow, Stand Firm, Take Root


QtyTitleCost StatsPicksSkills
0-12Troll100,000 4 5 1 9G S BRegeneration, Always Hungry, Really Stupid, Mighty Blow
0-2Goblin40,000 6 2 3 7AStunty, Dodge, Right Stuff

Notes:Must have 7 trolls in the starting lineup. See special rules for goblins.