BiBBLe Rule Changes

This page only contains rules changes in BiBBLe regarding NeBBLe. Check NeBBLe to see other rules changed from vanilla Blood Bowl and Death Zone.

Tournament Prices

Tournament Horns! ChallengeTunnelBowlKaoz KupBloodBowl
Organizer MinotaursRat OgresChaos TrollsOgres
Winner's Cash prize200 000150 000Varies350 000
Extra+d6 Fan Factor--Each player fielded in final gains MVP (not just winner's)
Modiefirs to each match--+1 Random event +20 000 money.
Second's cash prize100 000100 000Varies150 000

Best player (most SPPs) after Horns! challenge will enter Hall of Fame, giving +1 Fan factor to the team.

In Kaoz Kup Winnings Table you get +1 if the winners are Minotaurs, Trolls or Bull Centaurs and -1 if the winners are Treemen.

Trophy reroll will be given to each tournament winner, and remains untille next year tournament final has been played. The reroll is usable once/match, and nothing can take it away, not master chef, bad habits or allies. You cannot use it when doom and gloom has been played, but it waits for the next half. TR of the team is increased by the cost of half reroll, round up.

Other Rule Changes

Play-off matches: Normal back-to-back games are played and TDs counted at end of the second match. The team with most TDs wins. If tie, sudden death overtimes are played until either team scores. Roll for kicker at start of every odd overtime.

Teams not partaking in current tournament are allowed to play three (3) free games. In BiBBle this of course translates to six (6) actual matches.

Take Root: Throw D6 at the begining of the match. On 1-2 treeman misses entire match. On 3-6 he shows up for the game.

Wild Animal: Pick a Wild Animal, roll D6 to see if he goes berserk. On 1 the player goes berserks as in NeBBLe. On 2+ take player's action for that turn, if any. Pick next Wild Animal and roll for him and so on. After all Wild Animal have tested (and they must test!) and taken their actions, you can turn stunned players and take actions with players without Wild Animal.

Throw Team-mate: There is no such skill in BiBBLe, hence you can't throw players nor can't you take the skill.

Secret Weapons:No player is allowed to take a secret weapon.

Goblins and the ball: Big guys play with a BIG ball and that causes problems for goblin players.

Goblins can't throw, catch or intercept the ball.

Goblins suffer -1 modifier to picking up and handing off the ball.

Goblins can't use Stunty skill for dodging while carrying the ball.

Goblins must throw D6 for every square they entry with the ball. On 1 they no longer have enough strength to carry on and they trip. Roll for AV and scatter the ball.

If the ball ends up (scatter, lands etc.) in same square a goblin is, the goblin can try to avoid being knocked over by the ball by making an agilty roll. If he succeeds the ball will scatter. If he fails goblin is knocked over and ball will scatter.