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WeLcoMe tO tHe bReAth'z zOmbIeMuD aRChiVe!

Shubby should stick to pigeons!

The main purpose for these pages is that every player in the ZombieMUD could obtain real and useful information about the ZombieMUD! These pages are without any doubt the best ZombieMUD pages (with pigeons) out there!

Use the services of these pages freely, I hope that they will help you! Now go explore around!

8.1.2001 Stuff

Find out very important information about ZombieMUD and Breath's current situation by checking this out!

5.1.2001 Updates

Added weapon class to weapon stats on the EQ stat page. Added some new EQ and made some little modifications. Nothing spectacular.

Breath'z ZombieMUD Archives is always looking for new content producers. If you can provide us with some kind of ZombieMUD material (info, quest help, logs, hints, trigsets, or even stories, comics or pictures related to ZombieMUD) do not hesitate to contact us, just make sure that the material reaches our high standards!

Changed the Stuff page a little. Added a new link to the links section and removed the old feedback form.

30.12.2000 New banner

For some VERY EVIL reason our candidate Mr. Pickett was removed from the wizzlist. Because of that we now have a new banner (see it at the top of this page), which YOU can put to your own homepages to tell all your friends about these great pages! Notice! Breath's ZombieMUD Archive is also selling advertising space, ask details!

Here is Pickett's cool banner again, long live the memory!

Vote Pickett for wizard!

29.12.2000 Long awaited Warlock guild information available!

Breath's ZombieMUD Archives is offering the best services for its full members, join now to get real and actual Warlock guild information! Click here to check the information!

29.12.2000 Weapon stat page opened!

Now you can also find stats for all the weapons at the ZombieMUD! Check out the EQ -section of these pages to find out accurate stats!

28.12.2000 New features!

Because of the huge demand, I have finally added a guestbook where you can write/read comments. You can find it through Stuff -section, check it out!

28.12.2000 Wizzlist voting!

Breath's ZombieMUD Archives is the official supporter of Pickett Antichrist the Thrikhren. Check out the wizard voting list at the Adventurers Guild and vote him!

Also notice the cool banner Pickett provided us!

28.12.2000 Updates to the Breath's ZombieMUD ARchive

These pages have been open for some time now. We have received a great deal of feedback (some even relatively positive!). We even received comments from one of the highest authorities, see it below.


Subject: I like your work

Many of my best servants are associated with the zombiemud. It is always nice to see informative www-sites about Zombiemud. It is really a great mud. Keep up the good work. See you soon!

My warmest regards, Lucifer the Prince of Darkness


There are lot of updates and changes coming, currently I have just made slight modifications to the EQ list (lot of people requested EQ glows, now you can check them from the list). Also some changes in the MISC -section. Check them out.


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