April 7th, 2006

Steel Fighters 1.4
Version 1.4 is Mac OS X compatible. Internally renowed and partially rewritten. In other aspects gameplay remains in same traditional 2D space shoot-em-up. Current version works only on Mac OS X. System 7.5, OS 8/9 compatible version will be released after additional testing. Freeware now.


January 13th, 2003

SoftBundler 2.0 for Mac OS X
SoftBundler is for creating lists that open multiple applications, documents and folders by single doubleclick. The simple drag&drop interface makes it easy to use. All created lists remains editable.


October 8th, 2002

Beer Sippper 1.2
New version fixes known bugs and is finetuned for Mac OS X. It also supports better 68k Macs with Appearance Manager. Download

Mac OS X version is fixed to not give crash message on OS 10.2. Haxor's page


July 11th, 2002

Haxor 1.0
Haxor is util program for converting values between binary-, decimal-, octal- and hexadecimal number systems and ascii and 32 bit floating point format. Designed for programmers and editors.


March 23th, 2002
  Beer Sippper 1.1
New Beer Sippper version is Mac OS X compatible (DL). Code


December 10th, 2001

New level for Steel Fighters
Uploaded new level called Blimp zone. Additional levels created by players are listed on Steel Fighters product page.


July 16th, 2001
  Steel FIghters 1.3.2 is released
Version 1.3.2 fixes some errors with randomiser. Other new features are newer MAD music library, faster antialiasing, rocket color chooser, plays Mp3 files (with QuickTime 4?) and includes 1 new level. Compatibility with OSX Classic mode is unknown.


August 29th (2000)
  Problem with SteelFighters_1.3.sit
Original Steel Fighters 1.3 file had problems with downloading. Steel Fighters 1.3 can be now downloaded from: www.intsys.fi/steelfighters/SteelFighters_1.3.sit


August 21th
  Steel Fighters 1.3 is out
Steel Fighters version 1.3 is finally released. It has several new features, including new levels, weapons and ships. Graphic quality is improved by Antialiasing. Netgame is still off, because i cant test it without opponent computers. Complete list of new features


July 28th

SoftBundler 1.0 is out SoftBundler is an application for creating file stacks that will start your favourite programs and documents by single doubleclick. You can list all sorts of applications and documents to the list, including applescripts. It is possible to add or remove objects from filestacks.

Uploaded new level for Steel Fighters
Received new Steel Fighters level, Cave of darkness. The level is created by H. Fong and it can be downloaded from Steel Fighters porduct page.


July 17th

A new level for Steel Fighters
The Maze, created by A. Heinz. New levels for Steel Fighters are listed on Steel Fighters product page.

Product Status July 17th, 2000

Iron (Alpha): RPG game, more information later. Should be finished in autumn.

SoftBundler 1.0: Top secret...

Steel Fighters 1.3: Adds several imporvments, including pixel blending, new weapons, and netgame. There are still some problems with this version.


April 2nd

Official ColdSteel software site is opened
Here you can find information about products and forth coming projects. You can also buy our products online in Kagi system. About section offers you information according to ColdSteel team and its history. Have fun.

Steel Fighters 1.2.2 is out
Steel Fighters 1.2.2 is an update version with many bug fixes. Version 1.2.2 contains also the Kagi registering program and page for online registering. Check the products section to download. Steel Fighters 1.3 is on its way and has some very nice features in it. More about version 1.3 later.

IRON alpha is coming

IRON is ColdSteel software's new project. Iron is a RPG game which has some totally new ideas. Screenshots and alpha version will be avaible on IRON site as soon as we get it ready.


March 25th

New level for Steel Fighters
Subworld created by pbl. New levels for Steel Fighters can be downloaded from Steel Fighters product page.



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