Hoppingham's Sardi AJ's Classic


female s./b. 13.8.2002
om. Anitta Kilpeläinen

Int, Fin, Est Ch FinWinner-00 & NordWinner-01
Ozaenas Ain´t No Reason "Aimo"

Intl. Ch
Fin, Dk, Est & Lt Ch
BroVinder-02 & Vilniaus CupW-03
Sardi How to Marry Millionair "Maya"


GD Special Show-2003 critique:
11 months old boston. Very long well proportioned head. Excellent skull.
Good square jaw and lips. Good pigment. Charing her coat at the moment.
Eyes could be neater. Good neck , short shoulderblade.
Good upperarm, legs and feet, narrow chest.
Good underline. Topline OK.
Movement is not so well co-ordinated, she needs more ringtraining.
Very good temperament.

"Noita" 10 kk / 10 months

"Noita" 11 kk/months & Hanna

"Noita" 10 months/kk

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