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Finally we have more material that we would like to release on Flashback Records label. We're presenting two different songs from Marc Fruttero who used to be a leadsinger of  the project called Aquarius in the 80's.

Marc Fruttero made these two songs in 1987 which were supposed to be his solo-project, but unfortunately songs weren't ever released.

I Wanna Live with You was recorded in Bergamo.
The song's arrangements were made by Marco Remigi (who is known from project called S.C.O.R.T.A.).
Crying for Love was recorded at Lake Maggiore.
The arranger of this song was Tommy Bow (Mauro Gallo) who has been involved in many different projects during the 80's.

There were only short versions of each song, but now they have been mixed longer by using the original masters.

The next Flashback Records release would include two different versions of I Wanna Live with You with extended version of Crying for Love. You're able to listen to sound samples from all three tracks. We hope that you like the songs and you're willing to support this project.

We would be very grateful for your comments after listening to the songs.

Last updated 2005-01-16