I´ve had several dogs since I was a little girl, and I have also been working in kennel Leavenworth (breeder Anja Puumala), where they bred f.e. Woodcockers, Golden Retrievers and Fox Terriers. I charmed with Staffords in 1979 by influence of great male McMichaels Aristocrat called "Velmu".

So I was working in kennel Kytökarun, which was owned by Velmu´s owners Anja and Leo Virtanen. I was working there years 1981-1982. Kennel Kytökarun is one of the oldest Stafford-kennels in Finland - they have been breeding Staffords since 60´s. I´m greatful for them for offering me an opportunity to familiarize well to this wonderful breed in the beginning of my career, and they´ve also given me so many useful knowledge and skill.

McMichaels Aristocrat







Sunstaff´s Hot Br Yvonne


Vonne ja Viivi

I bought my first own Stafford from Sweden in 1983. I selected this particular bitch because she was Velmu´s, who was so greatly admired by me, grand-daughter. This brindle little puppy, that happend to became a stud-bitch of my kennel, was Sunstaff´s Hot Brindle Yvonne, called "Vonne". 


Vonne was succesful in shows, so I was more than pleased in my stud-bitch! Vonne was bred 1st time in 1985 and she gave birth to one beautiful brindle-pied puppy-girl, "Viivi" (Hoppingham´s Bouncing Buttock). Viivi was a good example of old proverb "Quality not quantity". 
HH´s Bouncing Buttock


Since those days I´ve bred many litters of Staffordshires (and among of them is one Irish Wolfhound -litter, too), owned many bitches and also some males; some of them has been living with us and some of them has been living with some of our friends. By selective breeding I´ve made some influence not only to all the obvious things but also to color of my Staffords - my "trademark" has been white, red and red-white-pied puppies.


My first-born Anette with two Cavaliers


HH´s Bouncing Buttock & Kytökarun Mister Finn


...And today

Anitta & ch. ayshire

I am a farm relief worker, and that´s why all kind of animals are well known by me and my family.

Today we live in West-coast of Finland, Pori in our own house. Our family includes 4 kids, two cats and many dogs. In addition to Staffords we have two harlequin-colored Great Danes; Aimo and Maija and Anette´s little French Bulldog "Emma".  I have 1or 2 litters of Staffords per year, and maybe in few years you will meet the first Hoppingham´s -litter of Great Danes...
Anitta & lehmät


It has happend in 2002...

In February sh "Ottokanindachshund" and in May Bullmastiffboy Juho-Kusti so called Pontus were born. You can see the boys in their own pages. In March my good friend´s Perro De Agua Español litter wich got Hoppingham´s names. First Great Dane litter born in August.


I hope You have good time in our pages and come again!
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Anitta, Aimo & Maija