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Service helps National Regulatory Authorities in assesing and updating their current legislations  (Laws and sub-laws) in order to correspond with regulatory demands under competitive environment. Reference is made to 1998 Acquis and 2003 Acquis of the European Union. Service suggests transition paths from current legislation to new legislative framework.

Service also helps network operators and service providers to understand requirements of new legislative framework and to plan their telecommunications strategy.


- Several years experience of practical legislative  work as a senior advisor in the office of the Finnish Regulatory Authorioty

- Several years experience of  work with CEC's regulatory committee.

- In depth knowledge of EU telecommunications regulations, both 1998 and 2003 Acquis

Key areas:

- Legal approximation of the current national telecommunications legislation

- Listing shortcomings of current legislation in relation to requirements of new legislative framework

- Drafting new telecommunications regulations

Latest references:

        - Assessing the legislation with regard to needs for

          regulation of  MVNOs, Study made for the Ministry of

          Transport and Communications, Finland (2004)

        - Assessing current legislation and drafting new   

          regulations in Croatia, subcontractor to Devoteam       

          Columbi (2003)