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J. Kanervisto Consulting offers consulting services for 1) Numbering of telecommunications networks and services and 2) Number portability in fixed and mobile networks


- Several years experience of practical numbering  work as a numbering manager of Ficora, the Finnish Telecommunications Regulatory Authority

- Drafting the currently used Finnish numbering and dialling plan

- Deputy Director of European Telecommunications Office, responsible for harmonisation studies for European Numbering

- Participation in international working groups dealing with numbering: 

  ITU-T Stydy Group 2 and CEPT/ECTRA (Project Team on Numbering), ENF- European Numbering Forum

- Knowledge on EU numbering regulations, both 1998 and 2003 Acquis

Key areas:

        - Planning of national numbering and dialling plans

        - Implementation of number portability both in fixed and 

          mobile networks


          - Study on the Implementation of the New Numbering Plan

            in TDM's network, TeleConsultores Lda, Mozambique,

            August 2004

        - Drafting numbering and number portability regulations

          in Croatia, subcontractor to Devoteam Columbi, 2003

        - Numbering policy of a mobile operator in Kosovo,

          subcontractor to Omnitele Ltd, 2003

        - Chairman of the FICORA co-ordination group for     

           interconnection, numbering and number portability,


        - Chairman of the FICORA working group developing

          Short Message Services (SMS) numbering

        - Chairman of the FICORA working group studying future

          numbering of Finnish telecommunications networks and   



- Non-discriminatory Access to Numbering Resources, main author, ETO 1996 (www.eto.dk)

- Numbering related to Topic of User-friendliness, main author, ETO, 1996 (www.eto.dk)

- Carrier Selection, main author, ETO, 1997 (www.eto.dk)

- Review of National Numbering Schemes on their Openness to Competition, main author, ETO, 1997 (www.eto.dk)

- Numbering related to Personal Communication Services (PCS) in Europe, main author, ETO, 1997 (www.eto.dk)

- Harmonised National Numbering Conventions, supervisor of the study, ETO, 1997 (www.eto.dk)