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J. Kanervisto Consulting is a Finnish telecommunications consulting company, established in 1987, in the era when telecommunications was legally liberalised in Finland. The establisher, Mr. Jukka Kanervisto (MSc, Eng) has a significant experience in Telecommunicatios, acting since 1970 in manufacturing industry (5 years), in the top management of a private telephone company (12 years),  in the Finnish Regulators office (10 years) responsible for implementation of telecommunications regulations. During his occupation in the Regulator's office, he was nominated as a Deputy Director of the European Telecommunications Office ( ETO) for the period of three years, responsible for harmonisiation studies of European Numbering. ETO is an office of CEPT, organisation of European Regulators and Governments. See J. Kanervisto's CV.

J. Kanervisto Consulting has a large network of co-operating consultants to carry out different type of telecommunications consultancy services.

Since the establishment, J. Kanervisto Consulting has served a wide range of domestic and international users of telecommunications services  in public and private sectors along with national and international network operators, telecommunications regulators and competition authorities.