You have arrived at the realm
of the one called Donwulff.

It's always been my belief that on the 'net, who I am matters much less than what I have to say. I still stand by this, and thus you will encounter no pictures of me or my pets, nor will you find my physical or spiritual stats. Should you want to find out any of this, you may still just contact me the old fashioned way - thru email. I have finally decided to update my home-page, though - the server of my last main homepage finally going under might have something to do with that. It was about time too; when I originally made my homepage, tables and images were still the brand spanking new thing that everybody hated with a passion. Besides, black is such a bland color. Well, times have changed. One promise though: No frames.

Hit-counters are so passe -
replace with an image or phrase being slowly revealed by every hit,
changed every power of ten.

The small print: The "Roleplaying" image is courtesy of Corel Corporation, the "Activism" link by Ted Mayett and decipits a protest I did not participate in. The "Wisdom" image is from image owned by MENSA International, of which I am not a member, but did seem as the best way to decipict intelligence in absence of ugly brain-pics. The "Program" link icon comes from Microsoft Visual Studio, which I rarely use anyway. All these images used without permission but I believe to fall under Fair Use exceptions. All other content on this site, unless otherwise noted, copyright © 1999 Donwulff.