Example images

First proper result from stitching. PTOpenGui now works with Panorama Tools ;)
Second example has source images, script and result.

Note that these images are made with first version of PTOpenGui. Used version was 0.4 (You will find it from drop-down menu: Help/About). Control point setting style is not meant to be followed -- too much points for normal stitching project.

The first stitch

Example result

This was direct stithing result from Panorama Tools (image join points are visible). Better result is got if you make multiple images and make your own stithing masks.

This panorama was taken with 28mm lens (28-70mm AF Nikkor). There is little bit parallax error but it do not corrupt image too much. Tripod is good idea... as pitch for first image is higher than last one. Although all vertical lines are straight -- possible to set in script.

Used script was this.

Enchanged version

Mask edited in image ditor

Same image but script is edited little bit more script to find out how well these images can be stithed. Size of result image is 5000x1500 and script for it. Horizontal field of view is 155 as it is seen in script. There are quite many control points in image but now I know that one point do not change too much image. There are errors in positions of control points but it's not anymore making image too fuzzy in mask change points. It's good to have same exposure for all source images...

Difference in projection settings

Previous images havecylindar projection (not same as normal images are, setting in p-line is 'f1'). Normal images are rectlinear and they are always less than 180 degrees. Next is what image will look like when 157 degrees is put to "paper" (setting in p-line is 'f0').

157 degrees
And "zoomed" to the middle of image.
Part of image

Which one is better depends on needs, ...

Second example

Result is this. Actully black part of image is cropped... but you get idea.
Resized result
Source images are these four images: 123 and  4. Script  for this project is scaled from script made for bigger images. From these images you cannot set control point so exatly as they are set here. Images are also resized so this do not make any problem. You can run optimization and make test stitch to see that everything is OK.

One stitch result

Here I tested monopod and how good result I can have -- better to have proper tripod. There are three horizontal orientation images. Lowest image is set nearly original pitch angle top one was tilted 22 degrees -- perpective is corrected, if it can be seen.

Autum image (stitched with version 0.7.1)

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