Screenshots from PT Open GUI

Here are screen shots from example project that is included to Panorama tools.
Problems with ImageMagick? One screen shot for settings.
Optimize window example.
Control point setting window
Options window
Automatic(?) finetune.

Create project

Files-tab is like below when you have imported example sctipt that came with
Files tab
Program text explanations:
Image files
Filename is the name of the source image file :)
Width is image width and height is height of source image.
'rot' is rotation angle of image. It can be 0, 90, -90 or 180 degrees. Rotate image in control points -tab if your image needs to be rotated. Preview image will be in original angle.

File operations
Add: open image(s) for project.
Remove: delete selected image from project
Up: move selected image up in image list
Down: move selected image down in image list

Export project
[This function might not yet have much general use.]
Scale whole project. Value is factor which is used for scaling dimensions
Changes control point values to integer if integer box is selected.

Edit project
You can edit text file and set such features that are not yet supported by GUI or just make check.

Control point setting

Control points -tab look like below. Main images are not zoomed (shown 1:1 -> 100%). High lighted control point is first (nr 0). It is magnified 6 times (zoom by: 6). Normally it's enough to have two or three points per image pair. If you are going to define (/optimize) multiple parameters, you will need more points and it's good to not have nodal point set correctly (wrong nodal point makes parallax error).
Used interpolation in this example image was sinc with matrix size 8x8 (64 pixels). Resolution 200 means that values are calculated for 200 subpixel positions. 100 or 200 is OK (200 makes a bit bigger table to keep in memory), no practical difference if value is more than 10.

Control points tab for the example

Extra menu is got with mouse right click, eg. images can be rotated.


Interpolation filter can be selected from options window.
Interpolation filter selection

New feature to version 0.8 is support for ImageMagick. Check that options window shows that settings are OK. ImageMagick has setup program and it sets enviroment variables (to registry). You may check that same data is also read from DLL-files. Make sure that red and blue marks have same contents. Options window is get by pressing [F8]-button or Menu:Files/Preferences.
Options for ImageMagick

One bug corrected with this window. BCB4, VCL and one compiler optimization setting made problem with AnsiString.

Control point finetune

You can search better position with finetune (ctrl-F or right mouse click). Middle image is absolute difference of left and right image. Black in that image meas that there is no difference. Default search matrix is 18x18 pixels. This size part of image is tried to fit space that is 18*1.35= 24.3 so new position can be +-3 pixels ( (24-18)/2=3 ). The bigger the target image is (default 24x24) the more it takes time to search position. Bigger zoom ratio makes also more calculation as actual bitmap size is 24*6 x 24*6.

Result is here. Ratation search do not work now (when example was made). Left image is rotated by hand and 19 degrees was good -> images are in same angle. Rotated image was moved 0.67 pixels to left and 0.17 pixels to down. X and Y have angle corrected new position for left image. Image is quite black and fitting is OK. The value near search button tells internal fitting factor.
Result of finetune

Optimize settings

Here reference image is not set for this program. Image 0 is kept in original position and so image 0 will be good to select as reference. Normally there is no need to optimize Lens A and C as B is enough. In same way d and e are normally left un optimized (you may link them to first and optimize it only).

"Used control points" means that all images that have mark are used in optimization. You may test how much result will be changed if you leave one out as example.
Optimizations settings

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