I am a typical fan. At first Octobriana was real and exiting to me. Quite soon I heard about articles talking about this world famous comics con and she really started to haunt me.
1987 I bumped into this busty heroine first time. We were building up a large comics show with my friends. We wanted to exhibit comics also from the socialistic countries.
Octobriana's hazy history and one translated story from the original PPP-book was then published in our exhibition catalogue.
Now, after 30 years Petr Sadecky introduced Octo to us, new storits are constantly made. All over the world! Eager fans have finally revealed all the details of Octobrianas background, and this just seem's to grow her stronger!

1990 I started to work with Timo Niemi, and we made together an album length (37 pages) story.
1991 I wrote a 6 page script for Petri Tolppanen.
"Mission in north" was published in Tähtivaeltaja fanzine (1/92) and it will be reprinted (2003) in a Slovakian Octobriana anthology.
1993 Finnish version of Bryan Talbot's Luther Arkwright came out. Read
my rewiew of it.
2000 Jyrki Pitkä started to plan a short feature film called "Octobriana and Lenin's finger". I met Jyrki first time in November 2000. Since then we have discussed together few times about the details of this movie. The script was made about 10 times and the premier of the film was in 2002.

"Octobriana and the
tenth circle of Hell"
Cover art
Unpublished pages
~ Octobriana with a flag
Advertisment drawing
Riding Octobriana

If you are not familiar with OCTOBRIANA's background, browse Michael Kennally's Demon Star Press pages. At the moment it is the best Octobriana archive around. From there you'll also find links to other Octobriana home pages.

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