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History of Lothar


It was year 1997 in Provinssirock –festival, when Anssi Nieminen and Sami Järvinen, amateur rock-musicians from Keuruu, were drinking some booze under trees. 
These gentlemen then changed some words about great rock’n’roll bands like The Nomads, Sonics and so on. 
Both of them thought that it would be very nice to have band something like that, a rockband that bases on having fun and drinking booze. 
Quality of sound and playing would not be that important, though. It was natural to choose Nieminen play guitar and Järvinen bass, 
because these instruments were familiar from former band projects like drunk-punk-groups Entropia, Kaasupullot and Hiljainen kevät.

Usually ideas like that are forgotten quite soon. During hangover no-one is usually very interested in brand new bandproject. 
But now things worked out well, and after one whole year band was formed up, including wild and creative drummer Petteri Virtanen,
also member of IMT at the time, group for rough and heavy music. Good vocalist was not found, perhaps luckily, and Järvinen had to do the job.

Name for the band was discovered from old classic comic, Mandrake, who´s "little" helper Lothar is.

What comes to repertoire, cover songs were chosen by two criterias:
Firstly, they had to be excellent pieces of rock, and secondly, they had to be simple enough to be played drunken. 
Also some own compositions were now maden, following same principles. Easiest way is the funniest, though. 
The show must go on, and the performers to be drunken!



July 1999, first gig. Line-up back then as a three-piece.


This line-up was to last for a year. At that time Teemu Jokela, who was like Nieminen ex-member of  Entropia, came in, playing organs priced 20 euros. 
After that new songs were to come out quite fastly and easily, and the unique Lothar-style started to form. 
Jokela’s weird and psychotic playing gave new dimensions to whole band, covers from Sonics or The Kinks were step by step left out. 
Whole band started to play quite spontanious way, new tracks forming in live rehearsal situations. 
And the consequences were amazing - this kind of group wasn’t seen nearby before!


song list:
1. I Got The Feeling  2. Long Way Back From Austin, Texas 3. All The Way Down 4. Home Sick Blues 5. Drinkin' With Lee Marvin







Groups first demo, called "Philosophical Foundations", including only original pieces, was recorded at the beginning of year 2000. 
Already on this tape you could heard what is to come. 
The first real release "Ghostbastards" Mini-CD was recorded year later and published in May 2001, showing more clearer signs of new mature Lothar style. 
CD included hits like Party’s over!!, Telly Savalas Blues and Ghostbastards, nice tunes but impossible to play very drunken. 
Amazingly, when compared to leading ideas, recordings were quite stressful, as it seemed that these new tunes were too difficult to band itself. 
Also the quality of sound seemed to develope in quite ambitious direction. So the amazing boozing principle had to be led out.

Ghostbastards was released by band´s own label Lorna Records.


GHOSTBASTARDS mini-CD (2001 Lorna Records)
1. Party´s Over!! 2. Telly Savalas Blues 3. Long Way Back From Austin, Texas 4. Inspector Callahan 5. Ghostbastards

Lothar taking a brake at rehearsal place in 2001.

After that Lothar made some excellent live performances and started to compose new material for new recording sessions. 
During year 2002 came out the second official Lothar recording. 
This Mini-CD, titled "Guts", included six new songs full of energy and psychedelic, carried out by totally raw sounds. 
In a way, a step backwards was to be taken, even not giving up high artistical ambitions. 
As at the last time, also now it can be argued which tune is the best. 
Anyway it is clear that Movin’ On, The Breasts of Modesty and Beaver Fever are now classical pieces of psychedelic garage rock’n’roll.


GUTS mini-CD (2002 Lorna Records)                                              
1. Movin 'On  2. Breasts Of Modesty  3. See my Guts Burning 4. Beaver Fever 5. Drinkin' With Lee Marvin 6. Men On The Loose



                                                                                    Lothar at Anssi's backyard ...                                 ...and at the local rock club 2002

2003 when the band was planning next recording sessions organwizard Jokela stopped playing in the band, due personal reasons.
This was quite an shock to a band 'cause that weird howlin' organ sound has became kind of trademark to
Lothar and also this four-piece line-up has became quite solid unit when it comes to playing and composing.
Anyway it was decided that songs that were already written to the next release, need to be recorded before Jokela's gone.
Before leaving the band Jokela played recording sessions and so five new masterpieces were captured on tape.
Next mini-CD came out in 2004, and it was titled "Quality Time".
Released once again through Lothar's own label Lorna Records.

QUALITY TIME mini-CD (2004  Lorna Records)
1. Karzan - The Real King Of The Jungle  2. The Deal  3. Boulevard Of Broken Heart`n`Vinyl  4. Plane Crash!  5. My Kind Of Girl (Smells Like Gasoline)


After Jokelas leaving Lothar tried to find a new organ/keyboard player and within next year and a half 
few players came to play audition but anyone of them never really fit the band, musically or personally.
After jamming with young talent Saxlund (who was already familiar with Järvinen from local rock'n'roll band F-43, 
in wich they had played together earlier) Lothar decided the search was over. 
Alltough Saxlund wasn't organ player but the guitarist instead, he was exactly what the band were looking for. 
He filled the hole wich Jokela has left.

First gig with Saxlund was the New year's eve party 2005 at the local rock club Bunkkeri at Keuruu (check out pics below). 
Also this gig is worth of mentioning ´cause it was kind of special case for two reasons. 
At first, Lothar played two long sets with a lots of covers from Link Wray, Sonics, AC/DC etc. 
And secondly they had two drummers that night! 
Band's old friend Rossi (Hiljainen Kevät, IMT etc.) played second drum set and percussions beside Virtanen. 
One hell of a gig, I can tell!

First release with the new line-up "Supercharged" mini-CD came out in November 2007. 

SUPERCHARGED mini-CD (2007 Lorna records)
1. Eat My Wiener 2. She-Wolf  3. Kowalski Stomp! 4. Call Me Leonard Nimoy 5. Road to Ruin 6. I'm So Goddamn Loaded (I Don't Mind)

Supercharged cover

Keuruu, Bunkkeri. New years eve '05. First gig with the new line-up.


Picture on the middle: background Jarkko Rossi who played as an additional drummer that night.




Jyväskylä, Ilokivi 18th August 2006


Lothar Jyväskylä

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