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Violinmaker Martti Koistinen
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Violins, Violas, Violoncellos, Contrabassos and Bows

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Martti Koistinen was born in Ilomantsi on 11 July 1930, Finland. His education is primary school teacher 1957, teacher of practical subjects of secondary modern school 1965 and teacher of technical subjects of comprehensive school 1972.

Koistinen studied violinmaking privatly in Germany and in Italy with maestros Heyligers, Morassi, Carlson, Lucchi and maestro Renato Scrollavezza.

Koistinen began making violins in 1950 and today has made hundreds of instruments; violins, violas, violoncellos, double-basses and bows. Maestro lives in Leppävirta, Finland. Besides of building violines, he is a conducter and a teacher of violin playing in Leppävirta civic institute.

Koistinen has been awarded several prizes during his carriera. He has participated violinmaking competitions in Finland and around the world including Mittenwald, Cremona, Sofia. E.g. in year 1986 in Helsinki he won 1. prize in violins, 1. prize in violoncellos and 1. prize in string quartets.

His work is currently inspired by the great masters of the classical Cremonese School. Still, a creative and individual imprint can be seen in his intruments.

Martti Koistinen's instruments are appreciated by teachers, conservatoire students and orchestra players both in Finland unto the ends of earth.

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