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mIRCStats language files

How to use these files

Here you can download new language files for your mIRCStats. The file extension is .msl but they are plain text files which you can edit with any text editor (e.g. Notepad). Place downloaded language files to "Language" sub directory under your mIRCStats directory. In mIRCStats go to "Language" options page and select language file you want to create stats with.

Create your own language files

You can also create your own language files easily, just take a copy of lang_english.msh as a base file and replace english lines with lines written in your own language.

Language configuration has "tag number" based system to find the correct line for the correct place. mIRCStats has ability to randomly select a line for any "tag" if you define there more alternatives than just one. This feature makes stats appear with a bit different texts every time you run them. You can as well write 10 alternative sentences to for every tag, or just one - It's up to you.

You can verify the correctness of your language files by using the inspectation tool in "Language" page in mIRCStats. It tells you if some lines are missing, or if variables on some lines are wrong.

You can also send me your updates language files. Before that, make sure that you have put your name to tag #100 and updated comments (creator of the translation etc..) in the beginning of the file!

Please translate all tags.

So, where are the language files?

They can be found here.

More info?

See you mIRCStats help file for more info about language configurations.