Background info for alternative license prices
mIRCStats is used worldwide by adults, youngsters and children. These people could be in full time job, part time job, unemployed, students, in the army etc. Concepts for "affordable" and "expensive" differ quite much between them. That's why there's three alternative license prices for you to choose from.

Pricing guidelines for your mIRCStats license
Most people in western countries can easily afford to pay $19 USD/EUR or $15 USD/EUR license fee. Especially if you have a job or you're registering mIRCStats for your company. But in case you're a bit tight on money at the moment, you can also choose to register mIRCStats with the $12 USD/EUR license fee.

I'm really glad to see you upgrading to the full version! Enjoy the new features that your license code will unlock for you in the current version and also all upcoming versions that will be developed for you, thanks to your registration!

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