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Info about the order process

Registration code delivery:
All registrations are processed manually for security reasons. Registration codes are delivered by email normally in less than 24 hours, but sometimes it might take up to 48 hours (weekends etc.).

What to do if you haven't received your code in 48 hours:
Over 99% of the registration codes are delivered without problems in way less than 48 hours, but in case you haven't received the code within that time, there's probably a very good reason for that. Usually the cause is either an invalid email address or your Internet Service Provider (ISP) uses an incorrectly tuned email filter that prevents the registration code email getting into your mailbox.

In this case contact me by email (address at top of this page) and ask about the status of your order. Please include sufficient info about your order and preferably also an alternative email address that I can use to deliver the code in case your registration email address bounces my emails back to me. If you still don't hear anything from me, the reason is possibly your or your ISP's email filter. Contact me by posting a question to mIRCStats Support Forums, I usually check them several times a day.

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