Mikko Auvinen
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Basic data

Born 11 December 1974 in Anjalankoski, Finland

Education Master of science in automation engineering, Tampere university of technology 2000 (Machine automation, software engineering, paper machine automation, production engineering)

Family Terhi & daughters Senja (2001), Sanni (2005), Venla (2010) and son Onni (2012)

Military service Hamina Air defence regiment 1994-1995, Sergeant (Weapons officer, Anti-aircraft missiles)

Work since Oct 2014: Vincit Oy (Passionate software engineering)

Languages Finnish - English - Swedish (Sorted by lowering skills), C/C++, Delphi/Object Pascal, Javascript.

Work experience

Since Oct 2014 I have been working for Vincit Oy.
It's a great place to work!

Between 2002 and 2014 I worked for Plenware Oy which was later merged to Cybercom Group. During my last few years there I was SW architect and chief SW engineer in some projects for Outotec and Sandvik (e.g. Sandvik TCAD+ instrumentation system for tunneling and mining jumbos).

Between Nov 2010 and Apr 2012 I did firmware programming for ABB Drives' variable speed drives. These highly configurable devices are controlled by hard realtime onboard control system and are used throughout the world in all kinds of factories and machines to control of speed and torque of electric motors accurately and efficiently.

Between Jun 2004 and Nov 2010 I worked as a software architect in a project for Sandvik Mining and Construction. The project designed and implemented a complete distributed control system for Sandvik DTi tunneling jumbo product family. These 50-ton vehicles are called to the scene when there's need to drill underground railroad, highway or metro tunnels etc.

Tasks: Control system software architecture design as well as participating in design and implementation of nearly every subsystem there is. Among these are: Automatic boom control and drilling, drill plan management, distributed communication and diagnostics over CAN-bus.

During the period Mar 2002 - Jun 2004 I was in a team that developed software for a control system that is the heart of Nokian Capacitors' extra-high voltage (500+ kV) power transmission line compensation and protection system.

Between May 2000 and March 2002 I was working as a consultant for Metso Automation programming software for PaperIQ paper web quality measurement system. Mainly C-programming.

May 1999 - Feb 2000: An automatic warehouse control system for Fazer Chocolates (Vantaa, Finland) for chocolate covered candy line which outputs products like Dumle, Da Capo and Liqueur Fills. System runs on Windows NT 4.0 Server and controls a time-critical process by operating two warehouse cranes (which move on several aisles), aisle change vagon, conveyors and input/output stations. Application (programmed with Delphi) uses Microsoft SQL Server database and is connected to Siemens Simatic PLCs on field through Profibus.

Tasks: Project management, product handling algorithms, database design, programming, start-up procedures on site. After this project I also wrote my MSc Thesis titled Parametrization and optimization of an automatic warehouse control system.

1998-1999: Supervisory control and data acquisition system for Nokian Capacitors' high voltage capacitors impregnation process. System consists of 6 independent process units each running a week-long process in very low pressures (nearly a perfect vacuum) and are controlled by Omrom CQM1 PLCs. Upper level system runs on Windows NT Server 4.0 and was done with Omron Sysmac-SCS.

Tasks: Design and implementation of the upper level system and user interfaces. Some PLC programming, which I tried to avoid.

1997 - 1998: An automatic warehouse control system for Raflatac Ltd. (Scarborough, UK) who produce stickers and label paper. System runs a combined raw material and intermediate storage for paper reels which is served by two cranes running on the same aisle. Customer: AWA Advanced Warehouse Automation.

Tasks: Application programming, some warehousing algorithms, some database procedures, start-up on site.

During summers 1992-1996 I was practicing as a service electrician at Enso's Anjala paper mill in Anjalankoski. This era taught me thoroughly how wood is turned into that pretty white paper roll, how heavy machinery is controlled and why I should never ever turn that big black lever switch when production is ongoing.

Hobbies & leisure

My shareware project, log analyzer and statistics generator mIRCStats has eaten a major bit of my freetime since 1998 when I started with it. Thousands of people have liked it enough to register it and it's still being developed further, for example to work together with my other software, RSSLogger.

We like to spend time outdoors and while we're there, we occasionally do some geocaching. If you're also into it, see my GC.com profile here.

Active member in red wine club Le Club Tinto. There's just no excuse to miss our seasonal meetings.

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