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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I create and publish my first stats page?

To create your first stats page you need to do some minor adjustments to mIRC:

- Check that option mIRC Options/IRC/Logging/Timestamp Logs is activated. This turns on timestamps in logs.
- Start logging channels you are on by checking "Automatically log channels" at mIRC Options/Logging.
- Check "Strip control codes" and uncheck "Lock log files" at mIRC Options/Logging.
- If you're not using a plain non-scripted mIRC for logging, you need to select a proper parser configuration file to make mIRCStats understand your logs. You can also easily create your own parser configuration for any logging format if no-one hasn't yet done one. See mIRCStats help for more info.

After this mIRC is logging all channels you are on to it's "logs" folder.

- Now just run mIRCStats and select any channel log created by mIRC (normally named like #mychannel.log).
- Hit "Analyze log". After that mIRCStats options appear and you can select timestamp you want to analyze. Here you can also adjust any other settings. Remember to "Save config".
- By pressing "Make stats" mIRCStats goes through the log and outputs stats html page to selected location. It tells you the location under "Destination file is:" line. It also saves several image files there, named pipe*.gif and pipe*.jpg. These are the bar graphics shown at stats page.

Now your stats page is ready! You only need to transfer it to your Internet Service Provider's (ISP) web server where you have access to keep your personal homepages.

mIRCStats has a build-in FTP client that can easily be configured to upload your stats to your web server. See "File Transfer" page in mIRCStats. Consult your ISP's support pages or your service contract for information which server you can use to store your homepage. You also need your personal USERNAME and PASSWORD.

How do I select multiple log files to be analyzed?

Log file selection box tells that "Use * or ? to select multiple logs", what does that mean?

If your logs are named like
You can select all of them by entering filter like mychannel_*.log as log filename.

* replaces any number (0..N) of characters
? replaces exactly one character

HINT: By using mIRC's "Date filenames by month"-option it's easy to keep stats update times short by creating stats only for current year by selecting log as #mychannel_*_2002.log for example.

Stats images don't show on my website.

When you upload you stats html page to your web server at the first time, you also have to upload needed image files (normally 9 of them). By default they are named like pipe1.gif, pipe1v.gif, pipe2.gif.... pipeln.jpg. These can be found in the same folder where the html was created on your local hard drive.

If images are already uploaded but stats page is still now showing them, the problem might be that the cAsE in image filenames is wrong. They should normally be in lowercase. Also remove any conflicting files from same directory, they can also cause this problem (for example file pipe3.gif is not shown because there's also another file in same directory named PIPE3.gif).

How do I make stats update automatically or set up a stats bot?

You can find info about different automation methods from mIRCStats help file under chapter "Inside mIRCStats / Ways to automate your stats updates".

You can launch mIRCStats directly with mIRC script by giving the log as parameter. mIRCStats accepts following command line parameters:
mircstats.exe [-l logfile] [-h htmlfile] [-c configfile] [-req request_name]
Logfile and Htmlfile parameters are required with absolute file paths (for example c:\logs\mychannel.log) but Configfile is relative to your mIRCStats folder (for example config/my_config.cfg).

You can load multiple config files by specifying multiple [-c configfile] parameters.
If your pathname contains spaces, then surround parameter in quotation marks.

mIRCStats seems to erase some nicknames, why?

mIRCStats has the feature called "nick connecting". If it's not used properly some nicks might be shown incorrectly. The basic idea behind connecting nicks is the fact that actually very few people use just one nickname in irc. If that fact is not taken into account, the user report is full of nicknames such as ave, ave_work, ave_party and so on..

Nicks might 'disappear' like this: Let's assume there is two persons on the channel named JOHN and JACK. One day JOHN is not present and JACK starts joking at JOHN's cost by temporary changing his nickname to JOHN. "JACK is now known as JOHN" is seen by mIRCStats and provided that automatic nick connection setting is for example "Connect renamed nicks only if they start with the same letter" mIRCStats concludes that JACK and JOHN are actually just ONE person who's using both of these nicks.

Even though this would not be true in the real life, there's no change for the program to know it if you don't specify these nicks for different persons in your nick connection file. At easiest it is done like this:

In nick connection file each person has his/hers own line which contains a semicolon-separated list of all his/her nicknames (or nickname filters like JAC*).

These directives are enough for mIRCStats to understand that JOHN and JACK are separate persons.

Log processing gets slower all the time, because log file grows. Any help??

mIRC has the new feature (from v5.5 on) in General Options / Irc / Logging : "Trim log files to N kb". You can limit the size of your channel logs with this to a certain value. Try for example 8000 kb (8Mb) - mIRCStats handles a log of that size in a couple of minutes. It shouldn't be too long now..

Sometimes quotes and topics look like this in stats: "4,7`%7,4%,5,4`%4,5%,1,5`%5,1%,14,1 WEL15,1COME T0,1O #CHAN15,1NEL14,1B ..." - Why is that?

mIRCStats doesn't support mIRC colour codes, so You must check the Strip control codes-option active in General Options / Irc / Logging. While you are there - you can also uncheck the Lock log files to help you in making statistics - this way you don't need to shut down mIRC or halt logging while mIRCStats is accessing the log file.

Problems with manual nick connection and separation

Some guys have asked how they can keep two somehow similar nicks separated. They might even use the same irc client so mIRCStats tends to connect these two persons no matter what you do.

Let's take this example (Hope you don't mind, PJ? :):

There are two people, LanGaidin and Lanice. Lanice uses Lan*. Like LanDCC, LanLunch, LanAway etc, but its always Lan followed by something. LanGaidin only uses the nick LanGaidin. I can't figure out how to separate the two people in the nicks.txt file so the program does not merge the two together.

The fact that mIRCStats actually searches for matching filter from top to bottom makes it possible that with following lines we can easily separate these two nicks, although LanGaidin would actually fit into "lan*" filter, too.

langaidin*; NAME=[LanGaidin's screen name] ;URL = [LanGaidin's homepage]
lan*; NAME=[Lanice's screen name]; URL= [Lanice's homepage]

The trick is that LanGaidin's nicks always fit into the first filter and no further searching is needed. Lanice's nicks ("LanSomething") are trapped in the second line. So these two persons stay separated.

You can keep the automatic nick connection setting in default position, so you don't have to worry about most cases manually.

Some of the OPs (operators) on my channel don't have '@' in the stats?!

The problem is that all the info mIRCStats shows has to be digged from the log file. The only sign of OP status is when there's a line in the log saying "NNN sets mode +o MMM". In this case we know that MMM gets the op status, so we mark him as an OP. Also, if NNN deliveres the OP status, we know that also NNN is a channel Operator.

If you are generating stats for very short time period (only some days), the problem might be that some operators with fixed connection never re-join the channel during the time period. This means that there's no sign of his OP status in the log, so there's also no way mIRCStats can assume that this person is a channel operator.

mIRCStats doesn't show any OP statuses if analyzed span is shorter than 3 days. This is the time we can assume that the majority of operators leave and rejoin the channel only once, so we can mark him as an operator.

How do "Exception filters" work in custom stats?

If a line matches some of the filter lines, then the exception filters are checked. If it matches also some exception filter then the line is not counted.

For example
Line "Hey check out https://www.blabla.com!!" is not counted by this custom stats because even thought it matches the filter *http* but it also matches the exception filter *https*.

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