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mIRCStats and RSSLogger registration

  • You'll receive your personal registration code file by email that opens all mIRCStats and RSSLogger features.
  • It's a lifetime registration which means that your registration code will work in all upcoming versions too so you can immediately upgrade to the new versions when they are available!
  • Your support goes directly to the development of new and exciting features that you can fully utilise when new versions get released!
  • Support available from the author via email and support forums

  • Relation Map
  • Personal Stats
  • Custom Stats
  • Chat Partners
  • Word Stats
  • Property Stats (Gender, Age, Team, City and Country Stats)
  • URL Tracking
  • Line Lengths section
  • Nick exclusion
  • Active Days section
  • Weekly Stats Graph
  • Full Topic Stats tables
  • Smoothed Hourly Graph
  • Manual nick property definitions (Images, Slogans, Birthdays etc.)
  • Custom mode sign graphics
  • Birthday greetings to your channel (through DDE messaging)
  • see full list here

  • Unlimited number of log files
  • Unlimited number of RSS or Atom feeds per logfile
  • Enable fast log update intervals
  • Send alerts for RSS or Atom feed contents to your email or IRC channel

Register mIRCStats and RSSLogger online
Make your payment here and you'll receive your license file by email that unlocks all features in mIRCStats and RSSLogger.

Please select the registration fee that is the most suitable for you.
Check the pricing guidelines for more info (the link opens a new window).

Registration service   $19 USD / 19 EUR
  $15 USD / 15 EUR
  $12 USD / 12 EUR
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Upgrade your existing mIRCStats license
mIRCStats licenses purchased before 1 Jan 2010 can be upgraded to work with mIRCStats and RSSLogger with only $8. You'll receive a new license file that unlocks all features in both applications.

(Old users can also choose to use any of the standard price registration options above to get an upgraded license file, which is highly appreciated!)

$8 USD

You can't find a working crack or keygen for mIRCStats v1.24 or v1.25 here. If you're looking for one, please sit down and spend a minute and think is there really any point spending days or weeks hunting for cracks or keygens for useful low-cost applications so you could save a minor registration fee like 12 bucks? I'm quite sure you already know that serial and license codes that you can find from "warez" or "serialz" sites are usually purchased by using stolen credit cards. That's real crime you know! Credit card companies can easily link a person using such licence to that stolen card and software authors are very willing to help them to get the needed info. Cracks and keygens are usually .exe files, but you have no absolutely no idea what they contain. Are you willing to run an executable done by criminals on your computer? They could easily use those to leave a backdoor or keystroke logger to your computer. You don't run random .exe files that arrive to your mailbox either, do you? What about version upgrades... Person using a cracked version or a fake serial code can't upgrade to the newest version because that hack simply won't work with it. They have to spend their valuable free time wandering around crack sites over and over again every time a new version is released. And after that they have to spend hours getting their system clean of the stuff they get infected with on those sites (or that they voluntarily install to be able to download anything from those sites!) Please remember that using cracks, key generators, illegal serial numbers & registration codes prevents developing new software.

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