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RSSLogger - Archive RSS and Atom feed contents to log files in Windows

RSSLogger is a Windows application to log web feeds (RSS or Atom) to local log files. This is useful for archiving the feed contents and you can also run the logs through mIRCStats to create statistics from any RSS or Atom feeds!

Sample stats pages created with RSSLogger & mIRCStats

- Stats for my Facebook friends' status updates
- Twitter user stats
- CBoard discussion forum statistics
- Statistics about major earthquakes - Data feed by U.S. Geological Survey
- Statistics about Finnish civil emergency alerts by city - Data feed by tilannehuone.fi

Download and install RSSLogger

RSSLogger 0.86
See version history

See RSSLogger Installation Tutorial and press F1 in RSSLogger for help.

Analyzing RSSLogger-generated logs with mIRCStats

For the best results, logs should be analyzed with mIRCStats v1.24 or newer.

For detailed help, see RSSLogger & mIRCStats Tutorials

Support and bug reporting

Visit mIRCStats & RSSLogger forums for getting help, reporting bugs and giving comments and suggestions. Thanks!

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