From this page you'll find information of our past and future gigs and happenings.

10th July, 2004

Annual summer gig in Restaurant Mariino, Kerimäki. Quite a success, again. The restaurant was just full and people seemed to have lot of fun.

Xmas 2003 party in Joensuu

10th May, 2002 Switzerland

Tiina's Birthday Party In Zurich, Switzerland.


Party was supposed to be a real big surprise to Tiina (Uprock's dear wife), and you can bet, it was. She never knew until reaching the party place.

Kerimäki, Finland

Sometimes in July 2001, "40 years like a train", Andy Uprock's 40's birthday event! Private party

Mail Happy Birthday wishes to Andy (I'll deliver them...)

28th July at Restaurant Mariino, a traditional gig for Kerimäki fans.

3rd August, Kerimäki-Day at the church harbor. This evening is going to end with Old Spice and good ol' rock!

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A New Years Eve Gig at the restaurant Cantina West in Helsinki.

to all our fans!

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A summer 2000 tour, "No Sleep 'til Mariino", starting on 17th June in Nuoramoinen, Sysmä and ending to the traditional party weekend in Kerimäki on 28-29th July.


"Rock was meant to be an experiment, but we have a second opinion"


Brochure in PDF-format

15. Jan - 16. Jan 2000. Start of the millennium has a meaning!


Final countdown for the CD recording has started. The studio is reserved, gear tuned and we are ready to rewrite the history of rock :-).

Ok, now it is done. Due the limited studio time we put only four songs to the CD. Closer information of the CD can be found from our music page.

Millennium Party

A Millennium Card from the band
(we hope you have a soundcard and Java on)

This is IT! The final event of the millennium.

John Tealbackwoods reserved a leisure center Pääkanta at Kerimäki. We have invited our dear friends and fans, so we are going to have FUN! With music, dancing, beer, friends.... the whole palette.

Even the fireworks :-)

Story and pictures might follow...

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A restaurant summer season closing gig, a great success to the band.


Big audience, good time, new fans.


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"One Of These Nights" in restaurant Mariino in Kerimäki. Musical brightness to the chamois, helps to avoid stress during the gray and dark season before Xmas.

Summer Tour -98

  • Ylätalo Summer Gig
  • Restaurant Mariino
  • LohiRock festival