The Guys

Here we have a short introduction of each members of the band. We hope this page explains quite a lot about us :-)

Kyösti Aalto
"Kullervo Pajalahti aka Gulliver Smithybay"
keyboards, vocals

A guy with sensational taste of humor. He has a good "hobby" at running a healthcare biznes. In spite of that he has magical fingers with keyboard. A composer as well.

"The band equipment are worth of 100000, but no one knows how much we have spent to beer"

Jouni Silvennoinen
"Antero Käki aka Andy McCuckoo"
guitar, vocals

Jouni represents the medical professional of the band. Hurriganes specialist, Tallahassee Lassie runs like a train.

"Ok ok, I know. But when do we get to the city?"

Juha Silvennoinen
"Antti Yläkallio aka Andy Uprocks"
guitar, vocals

The only somersaulting Big Boss we have ever met. Hi did it, to the snow. Funny but talented. Since April 99 the first "foreign" player in the band, Swiss Help! Plays Gary Moore and Carlos Santana tunes better than Gary and Carlos.

"Do we rehearse or are we going to have a beer?"

Matti Turtiainen
"Tapani Ristisola aka Danny Crosscanyon"
guitar, vocals

A farmer and a man who never loses his nerves. He has the best stage for the band like Old Spice, a barn at the middle of Kerimäki. No one just wants him to give a friendly tap to the shoulders, it hurts.

"Hey, have you heard the latest blond joke? I tell it anyway..."

Pasi Silvennoinen
"Hannes E. Kontio aka Hans E. Bruin"

KickBack of the band. Only one who does not need to read the music, he just plays. A teacher, a philosopher and he is a proud owner of a Beetle. Summer 99 stage show was spoiled due the ankle injury.

"The plaster troubled me, I took it off"

Martti Laakkonen
"Johannes Tavisalo aka John Tealbackwoods"
drums, lead vocals

A little drummer boy, sitting behind but sounding at the front. A teacher and an pedagogue, now trained specialist in speechless communication.

"Since now, we drink only white vine on rehearsal"

Timo Hirvonen
"Antero Lehto aka Anton Grove"
DJ, percussion

A computer nerd who likes to hang on with the band. When needed, he plays percussion. On the gigs he plays cool stuff to the audience while the band is having beer at back stage. CD and computer stuff specialist.

"Hey, could someone show me the sign when I have to hit the tambourine..."