"Ok, maybe it is time to publish Old Spice history. After a several interviews with the band members, couple of wasted nights and few beers I ended up to the version below. Perhaps You get the image, how did a band called Old Spice get started and how it is in current state today."

Hin Thai Lee

We hope that our written history, thanks to Hin, courage's more and more musically oriented people gather together and start playing music they like as a band. It is fun and it gives something to memorize in the rocking-chair. Stop thinking of it, just do it!

Old Spice guys, 17th December, 1999


The History of Old Spice

Trick Release 1.0

One day six guys – good friends of mine- met down on the corner and decided to stick together to play rock around a clock. It was meant to just have fun – an electric guitar, good will and friends, nothing more.
After a couple of weeks guys got a strange feeling- it came out of the sky- a band! "We just better stay out of cocaine, grass, grass and form a band! The Band!!!"
So they opened Pandora’s Box and got a vision, kind of a double vision – on the other hand they wanted to have fun of their own, but still they somehow had a dream to become a real travelin’ band, touring around and around, maybe round whole Europa! Well, those days it seemed that to achieve that goal it would be necessary to throw some money into wishing well.

The first "gig" namely 1st Annual Ylätalo Rhythm’n’blues and Blues Revue took place in Danny Crosscanyon’s backporch. Family members, friends and groupies were sitting on the lawn as audience. Well, that happening was more like a barbeque with a peaceful easy feeling, than a real gig but this fact didn’t seem to bother this bunch. It was a happy event where people would feel like makin’ love and any sinister purpose would be like smoke on the water far beyond in the distant Venus.
The guys were pretty sure that the audience can’t get enough of them. Funny how selfconfidence makes people blind.
In my point of view Tealbackwoods drumming sounded like a long train running, "guitarwall" by Uprocks, McCuckoo and Crosscanyon got people wish they were knockin’ on heaven’s door, Bruin's basslines made audience almost paranoid and Smithybays stageshow reminded me of a desperado who was dancing in the street. The overall sound was amazing, I heard it through the grapevine.

Years have passed since that show. The band has been renamed from Old Farts to more sophisticated version Old Spice. Even though the previous name would have described better what it’s all about, they rip it up.
Well, we all have our good sides and bad sides, you can be wonderful tonight in Lodi and a loner tomorrow in some distant hideaway.

Anyhow, guys have been training and training and they have had opportunity to make several good gigs. Lot of funny things have happened and many good laughs have been laughed. Another stormy black night has been spent awake together, wondering who’ll stop the rain, following another blue morning, blue day.

Best happenings may have been the shows in Restaurant Pub Mariino in Kerimäki. Guys have waited every gig like a dog for the bone – and they have given their everything to fans. Well, that’s not much, but sometimes it ain't what you do but how you do.

One day, after another "tequila sunrise", I was walking by myself wearing my blue suede shoes on the banks of the Green River, wondering why do these guys still get on playing? Why the hell are they doing this to us? I asked Anton Grove, percussionist and DJ, born on the Bayou, and he answered: "Oye como va, be my friend and be sure that someday we’ll be a great rockband, rocking in a free world and bringing joy to the world. Driving along the Route 66 like roadrunner… staying overnight at Hotel California…".

Well, maybe that someday never comes. Maybe it’s just so that these six simple men still got the blues and try to reach out (I’ll be there!) for that strange kind of woman, Layla, whose face turned to whiter shade of pale when she saw Old Spice on stage. Nobody has seen that black magic woman ever since…
Probably what they get after all is only making bad love to honky tonk women. But I really do hope that by playing they unchain my heart for some good old rock’n’roll’n’blues’jazz like never before.

Hin Thai Lee,  Editor-in-chief
East-Asian Rock’n’roll’n’blues’n’jazz Weekly