Sertit / CC-winners and cacibs
Future champions, beloved seniors and those that have passed away.

HH´s Ciar Blathnaid "Elli" -- 1 cac

HH´s U`R Little Angel "ILO" -- 1 x CC BOS

He Leva Ta Hik "HIK" -- 2 x FIN cac
Estonian Winner-07, Est Junior Winner-07, Est J CH, Bih J CH, CG J CH, 1 x CACIB

HH´s Hal Lelu Jah "KITA"
Est J Winner-07, Est J CH, Bih J CH, CG J CH, CG CH, Alpe Adria Winner 2008, 2 x CACIB

HH`s Chrystal Clear "ENNE" -- 1x cac, res-cacib

HH´s Kuñi Pachacuteq "KELMI" -- 1 x CC BOB

HH´s Saru A Hathair "KLAARA" -- 3 x Lt cac, 5 x CACIB BOS

HH´s Eibhleann Fianna "MIINA" -- 1 cac BOS

HH´s Hustle´n Bustle "KARLA" -- 1 cac

HH´s Born in the Purple "RUUSA"-- 2 cac

HH´s Scarface Boy "OTTO"-- 2 cac

HH´s Kokoroososorun-- 1 cac

HH´s Tintinnabulation "HELINÄ"-- 1 cac

HH´s Porcelain Bruise "KÄRPPÄ"-- 2 cac, dam to 4 CAC-winners

HH´s Invaluable Tot "AINO" -- 1 cac

HH´s Elaborate Elite "VIOLA"-- 1 cac

HH´s Element Ebonite "TYSON"-- 1 cac

HH´s Frost Deed Charity "NITA"-- 1 cac

HH´s Chimera Cherub "EMMI"-- 1 cac

HH´s Chattanooga C.C. "VÄINÖ" -- 1 cac

HH´s Flub for Sooth "RUTJA"-- 1 cac, sire to 1 champion, 2 CAC-winners and 1 Cacib-winner

HH´s Jumping Ham "SULO"-- 2 cac

HH´s Knick-Knack "SYLVI" -- 1 cac

HH´s Wonghof Warbler "TYTTI" -- 1 cac

HH´s Wonghof Vamp "VAMPPI"-- 2 cac

HH´s Wonghof VIP "VIPPI" -- 1 cacib

HH´s Put up Star "SULO"-- 2 cac, sire to 5 champions,1 CAC-w. grandfather to SBT-show 2003-04 BOB

HH´s Time of Mischief "ÖRRI" -- 1 cac

HH´s Pearls For Swine "HELMI" -- 1 cac

HH´s Cock A Doodle Doo "VEIKKO" -- 2 cac, 1 cacib, sire to 1 champion

HH´s Zarina spanish waterdog -- 1 cac

HH´s Judge Bean "Pilatus" irish wolfhound -- 1 cac
*not confirmed by FCI yet.