These pages are obsolete and are no longer updated!
New version of the game can be found in


Go to the download page to grab the latest version of PAKOON! v1.ONE, the ultimate desert pizza delivery game. The game is 100% free. See the system requirements to check what you need to run the game (basically Windows 2000/Me/XP and a modern 3D-card with 32Mb of memory).

Go check out the PAKOON! gallery. You can browse through screenshots, conceptual art and as a bonus, the complete and unabridged design documentation of PAKOON!.

You can be a PAKOON! developer. There are many ways you can participate in making the game better or just have fun and experiment with you own stuff. You can modify and create new vehicles, scenes and scene objects. Also, you can download the source code and modify the game itself or just see how PAKOON! was coded. There's a developer package available that explains these in detail. See the devCenter page for info.

If you have any questions or are experiencing problems with the game, check the Frequently Asked Questions to see if there's an answer for you.

(c) Copyright 2002, Mikko Oksalahti