The tour starts from 38 Kensington, near Holt Road, about a mile east from Lime Street Station. That´s where (1.) PERCY F. PHILLIPS´ private recording studio were. There Billy cut his first disc, a 78 r.p.m. demo. The Beatles also recorded their first disc over there. Head to west about a mile. The street changes it´s name from Kensington to Prescot Street and then to London Road. At the corner of Norton Street and London Road you´ll see the site where (2.) JOSHUA HARRIS´ used to be, a department store where Billy worked after he left the tugs. At the corner of Hotham Street turn left and you get to Lord Nelson Street. There you´ll find the (3.) LORD NELSON HOTEL where Billy joined Larry Parnes´ tour coach the day after being discovered at the Birkenhead Essoldo. From the end of the street, right next to Lime Street Station you´ll find (4.) the LIVERPOOL EMPIRE, where Billy appeared many times. Now, walk down south Lime Stereet. After Ranelagh Place the street changes it´s name to Renshaw Street. Right after you´ve passed the Central Station, turn right to Newington Street. The street continues as Slater Street. Now you´ll come to a crossing of Seel Street. 108 Seel Street is the place where (5.) the WYVERN SOCIAL CLUB (later known as the Blue Angel Club) used to be. In there the Beatles among the other local bands auditioned to Larry and Billy in 1960. Continue the street to west (towards the river). Cross Hanover Street and you´ll come to College Lane. The street ends on Paradise Street. Turn right. The street continues after a short while as Whitechapel. On the left side you´ll see Stanley Street. (6.) FRANK HESSEY´S music store was at the top left hand side of Stanley Street. It´s reopened now as Curleys. Walk along Whitechapel down south and turn right to Lord Street and keep going stright down towards the river until you get to (7.) the PIERHEAD. Billy used to ride over there every day on his bike when he worked on the tugs. Take a ferry across the Mersey and you´ll get to Birkenhead. From Landing Stage turn to Chester Street. At the bottom of the street opens Kings Square. Turn right and you´re on Conway Street. At the Conway Street junction with Claughton Road you´ll see a Mecca Bingo, that´s the site where (8.) BIRKENHEAD ESSOLDO used to be.