Nalle W - ardent admirer of BF


 This Web site was developed by Nalle Westman in association with The Sound Of Fury - The Official Billy Fury Fan Club.

It took nearly 700 hours work to make this site happen and I even sometimes had doubts if it would ever be finished. But that wasn´t the first time I´ve been wrong ....

Many people made this site possible and I´d like to thank especially Chris Eley, Maureen Bowden, Clare Mehmet-Nugent and Jean Prosser from The Sound Of Fury for their help and kindness towards this project. Also big thanks to Frank Bull, Moya Gleave, Peter Baldia, Sue Taylor, Stuart Colman and Tero Jamsa.

The assembled collection of photos, clips and information will be updated, and evaluated frequently to keep this site interesting and entertaining, so keep dropping in every now and then.

Your feedback, suggestions and contribution of information are most welcome.