Since the beginning of Billy´s career there´s been fan clubs all over the world and

in 1963 it was reported that there were over 400,000 Billy fans in the UK alone.

At the moment there are at least two active fan clubs.



  • Established 1996.
  • Fan Club Magazine every four months, which will include "Swaps & Penpals" page, "Wanted" lists plus many other articles.
  • Newsletters.
  • Reunions and "Billy" nights.
  • Fan Club syndicate:-
     Maureen Bowden  Correspondence Secretary
     Jackie Clark  Media Contact
     Chris Eley  Sub-Editor/Merchandise
     Mick Hill  Editor
     Clare Mehmet-Nugent  Correspondence Secretary
     Jean Prosser  Treasurer/Secretary
  • Subscription: UK & Europe £7,50 per year; Rest of World £9,50 per year.
  • Cheques/Postal Orders only payable to "THE SOUND OF FURY". Please send your cheques with a stamped addressed envelope to Mrs Clare Mehmet-Nugent, 36 Manbey Grove, Stratford, London E15 1EX (no cash please to be sent through the post).
  • Membership renewal is 28th January each year.
  • For information on the fan club please write to: Mrs Clare Mehmet-Nugent, 36 Manbey Grove, Stratford, London E15 1EX
  • Always enclose a stamped addressed envelope (or an IRC if writing from abroad) when writing to the Fan Club and allow 28 days for a reply, please.



 The Billy Fury Fan Club is a group of fans of Billy´s and their friends who join together to have fun, to keep Billy´s memory alive and to raise funds for various causes, like for the N.Z. Heart Foundation, the Neurosurgical Foundation and the Alzheimers Society. They also support the Cot Death Society on an annual basis. They have a rock´n´roll dance each year on the closest Saturday to Billy´s April 17th birthday. Billy Fury Nites are very popular and all events are sold out pretty quickly. The president of the Fan Club, Moya Gleave, ran Billy´s fan club from 1959 in Manchester in England until she moved to N.Z. in 1973 and reformed a fan club there in later years.

For further information please contact

Mrs. Moya Gleave

Wondrous Place, 106 Harry Dreardon Rd RD4, Drury, Auckland, New Zealand