compiled by Nalle Westman



 Released by:  Allied Artists/Anglo Amalgamated Film Distributors
 Production companies:  Independent Artists/Coronado/Lynx
 Running time:  82 minutes
 Color/b&w:  Black & White
 Date of release:  07/1962
 Director:  Michael Winner
 Producer:  David Deutsch & Denis Holt (associate)
 Screenplay:  Jack Henry
 Photography:  Reginald Wyer
 Editor:  Tristam Cones
 Music director & composer:  Norrie Paramor
 Art director:  Lionel Couch
 Sets:  Peter Russell
 Make-up:  W. Partleton
 Hairdresser:  Stella Rivers
 Twist paintings by:  Leroy Neiman
 Cast:  Billy Fury as Billy Universe
   Anna Palk as Ann Bryant
   Michael Anderson jr as Alvin
   Dennis Price as Sir Charles Bryant
   Richard Wattis as Nervous Air Passenger
   Keith Hamshere as Ring-A-Ding
   Ray Brooks as Freddy
   Jeremy Bulloch as Joey
   Maurice Kaufmann as Larry Granger
   Peter Barkworth as Skinner
   Max Bacon as Lotus Propietor
   Felicity Young as Yvonne
   Monty Landis as Beatnik Man
   Bernie Winters as Sydney Norman
   Helen Shapiro
   Bobby Vee
   Danny Williams
   Shane Fenton
   Jimmy Crawford
   Lionel Blair & his Dancers
 Songs:  "Who Can Say" by Danny Williams
   "It´s Gonna Take Magic" by Shane Fenton
   "Why Little Girl" by Shane Fenton
   "Take It Easy" by Jimmy Crawford
   "Cry My Heart Out" by Helen Shapiro
   "But I Don´t Care" by Helen Shapiro
   "Play It Cool" by Billy Fury
   "Once Upon A Dream" by Billy Fury
   "Twist Kid" by Billy Fury
   "Let´s Paint The Town" by Billy Fury
   "You´re Swell" by Billy Fury


 Released by:  Warner-Pathe
 Production compny:  Windmill Films Ltd
 Running time:  92 minutes
 Color/b&w:  Color
 Date of release:  18/04/1965
 Director:  Kenneth Hume
 Producers:  Kenneth Hume & Larry Parnes
 Story:  Kenneth Hume & Larry Parnes
 Screenplay:  Ronald Chesney & Ronald Wolfe
 Photography:  Ernest Steward
 Editor:  Ernest Hosler
 Musical director:  Mike Leander
 Art director:  Scott McGregor
 Choreography:  Ross Taylor
 Sets:  George Ward
 Make-up:  Jim Hydes
 Hairdresser:  Bill Griffiths
 Cast:  Billy Fury as Billy
   Amanda Barrie as Jo
   Michael Medwin as Hymie Campbell
   Marjorie Rhodes as Mrs. Bartholomew
   Bill Fraser as Mr. Bartholomew
   Peter Gilmore as Jock
   Jon Pertwee as Costumer´s Assistant
   Michael Cashman as Peter
   John Kelly as Donkey Man
   Fred Emney as Lord Bentley
   Pauline Loring as Lady Bentley
   Tom Bowman as Trainer
   Gareth Robinson as Jockey
   Ann Lancaste as Woman Shopkeeper
   Sheila O´Neill as Betty
   Cal McCord as Whitney
   Leslie Dwyer as Bert
   The Gamblers
   The Bachelors
 Songs:  "I´ve Gotta Horse" by Billy Fury
   "Do The Old Soft Shoe" by Billy Fury & Sheila O´Neill
   "Find Your Dream" by Billy Fury
   "I Like Animals" by Billy Fury
   "Won´t Somebody Tell Me Why" by Billy Fury
   "Stand By Me" by Billy Fury
   "You´ve Gotta Look Right For The Part" by Billy Fury, Jon Pertwee & Amanda Barrie
   "I Cried All Night" by The Gamblers
   "Far Far Away" by The Bachelors
   "He´s Got TheWhole World ..." by The Bachelors
   "Dressed Up For A Man" Amanda Barrie & Sheila O´Neill
   "Problems" by Amanda Barrie & Michael Medwin

 Released by:  Mayfair Films
 Production company:  Goodtimes
 Running time:  91 minutes
 Color/b&w:  Color
 Date of release:  12/04/1973
 Director:  Claude Whatham
 Producers:  Sandy Lieberson & David Puttnam
 Screenplay:  Ray Connolly
 Photography:  Peter Suschitzky
 Editor:  Michael Bradsell
 Art director:  Brian Morris
 Cast:  David Essex as Jim MacLaine
   Ringo Starr as Mike
   Rosemary Leach as Mrs. MacLaine
   James Booth as Mr. MacLaine
   Rosalind Ayres as Jeanette
   Robert Lindsay as Terry
   Beth Morris as Jean
   Billy Fury as Stormy Tempest
   Keith Moon as J.D. Clover
   James Ottaway as Granddad
   Verna Harvey as Wendy
   Erin Geraghty as Joan
   Deborah Watling as Sandra
   Patti Love as Sandra´s Friend
   Daphne Oxenford as Mrs. Sutcliffe
   Bernard Severn as Sutcliffe
   Kim Braden as Charlotte
   Johnny Shannon as Jack
   Karl Howman as Johnny
   Brenda Bruce as Doreen
   Sara Clee as Girl With Baby
   Sacha Puttnam as Young Jim
 Songs:  "Rock On" by David Essex
   "Slow Down" by Eugene Wallace
   "Long Live Rock" by Billy Fury
   "That´s All Right" by Billy Fury
   "A Thousand Stars" by Billy Fury
   "What´d I Say" by Billy Fury