A number of people have been actively involved in "flying the flag for Billy" over the years, including regular gatherings which are always well supported and well run. We meet at his grave around 1.00pm on the Sunday nearest to his death (January 28th), the Sunday nearest to his birthday (April 17th) and once again in the autumn (October). Any visitors to the grave are welcome to bring flowers and messages/cards to leave on Billy´s grave. Charity raffles, Billy photos (and sometimes memorabilia) are usually available for the collector and about 40-100 genuine and very nice people just like to meet and talk about "their Billy". Except for extremely rare occasions, Billy´s mum Jean is always present and very approachable in terms of having her photograph taken, providing autographs and often anecdotes of Billy as well. Hal Carter, Billy´s friend and road manager in the 50´s and 60´s and others are often present and always like to talk about Billy.

You don´t have to be a fan club member to attend - everyone welcome!

Entrance cost to the hall is £1.50 per person and those attending usually bring finger snacks, cakes or biscuits for the buffet. Because this is a church hall, the conditions of the lease are quite strict, e.g. there is music (Billy of course!), but no dancing, it has to be vacated by 6.00pm and we have to pay to rent this hall, and recently a "no smoking" ban has been implemented by the keyholder of the hall. Obviously short breaks can be taken outside the entrance door, much as in the same way that workplaces require them to have them these days. Once again, wheter you are an ardent Billy fan or just a 50´s and 60´s music lover who admires Billy and his music, along with many other of his contemporaries - thank you for your interest and we look forward to your continued support in the future and carry Billy´s name into the Millenium.



From central London take the Northern Line (black colour) tube train north bound to Finchley Central (Branet Branch). There´s a freephone cab number in the ticket booking hall. The cemetery is 3 miles (approx). Do not go to Mill Hill East station as there are no cabs there, unless you want a long walk and the station is not always open.


Come off the M1 at junction 2 onto the A1. About a mile down the A1 take a left turn along Holders Hill Rd. About a mile down the road you´ll come to a roundabout called Holders Hill Circus. Take a left turn along Devonshire Rd which leads to Pursley Rd. Approx half a mile down the road you´ll see a school on your left and Milespit Hill on your right. Turn to your right and about a quarter of a mile up Milespit Hill is the entrance to the cemetery. It´s opposite Wise Lane and there is a phonebox at the entrance to the cemetery. When you go through the gates turn left and go to the top of the cemetery. The memorial bench is on the left and Billy´s grave is on the right. The cemetery is open from 11 am each day.


London Red Bus No 221 stop at the bottom of Milespit Hill/Pursley Road. The bus runs from Edgware and Turnpike Lane Stations and other points on the route. For up to date information on buses/tube trains phone 0171 222 1234 (london Transport travel) as they do a lot of repairs at the weekends on the roads/stations etc. If you require a map or any further details of how to get to Mill Hill Cemetery please write to the fan club (enclose SAE please).