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Kosmos: Tarinoita Voimasta

Proloque: The Dream

(words S.T.Coleridge) (00:54)

What if you slept? And what if, in your sleep, you dreamed? And what if, in your dream, you went to heaven and there plucked a strange and beautiful flower? And what if, when you awoke, you had the flower in your hand? Ah, what then?
(S. T. Coleridge)

A Thousand Lives

(music and arr. Virta // words Valtonen) (03:56)

A wax candle illuminates the room, a halo surrounds the house, when the shadow meets the flame the time has come. If the angels don’t take me away the demons will show the way.

The bards are playing at the gate. Who dares to reach oneself? The black knight takes the king. Why are the people sitting in their towers?

The bards keep on playing, but I think no one hears them. I am not looking at the mirror through yesterday, I can see the new dawn, nothing else, but still I wonder

There are many illusions at the gate, hidden or old karma. I hear the bards again, am I being born, am I dying once more? This moment: a thousand lives. If the angels don’t take me away the demons will show the way.

Tales of Power

(music Virta // words Valtonen // arr. Uusi-Oukari) (05:25)

It was all written in the stars, but nobody was able to read the tales of power and of the birth of the worlds. Behind the secret knowledge the mystical universe is shouting, but only those insane or unborn are able to hear it.

We should be raising a spiritual crop in order to reap the harvest of truth with the scythe of love.

Water, air, earth, and fire, nobody knows where these came from. We still have a long way to go, but how can we continue without a new blood-stained history, without cruel exploitation. If only we understood the visions that are shown to us day and night.

Milleniums are watching us, their eyes always open. We cannot hide. We must learn to see and hear the warnings the gods gave us.


(Instrumental) (music and arr. Virta) (03:46)

At Night

(music and arr. Virta // words Valtonen) (05:53)

At night I gather crosses from the graveyard and give away free tickets to heaven. I play spiritism with lunatics and vanguish the preachers.

Listen to me child, everything you believe in does exist.

I shake hands with one million chinamen, and those alive I declare dead. I water waterlilies and bring light into darkness.

The Boneless Ones

(music and arr. Uusi-Oukari // words Valtonen) (05:28)

At the time I wanted many flames and one fire, and those without bones gave me only my life.
But I wanted more and more – no knowledge, all I got was the spark. I aged some more and learned: by singing in secret you can conquer many evils.

At the time I wanted many drops and one ocean, and those without bones gave me only my death.
But I wanted another life – no knowledge, all I got were tears. I grew some more and learned: by singing in secret you can conquer many evils.

At the time I heard many stories and one truth, when I, a boneless one, sang a dream.

The Secret

(music and arr. Virta // words Valtonen) (03:50)

I arrive without a word, I walk but I don’t hear. I turn east, and take a look inside. What do I see, I wonder out loud.

Who knows the secret? Who can put it into words? Who can sleep without dreaming?

I repeat a mantra. I walk inside and close my mind. Where does this lead and who shall I meet?

I still see the light shining inside my head, and when I decide to stay I don’t see the night any more

He knows the secret. He can put it into words. He can sleep without dreaming.

Seven Planets

(music and arr. Virta // words Valtonen) (06:13)

Whispers in a metropolis, seven lights on the left side of the universe disappear. The sun got tired of shining and the dawn never came. Seven planets in the universe disappear.

I’m losing my hearing, my eyes already blind are bleeding, and my prayers, my silent cries for help have all ceased. The last verses of the lullaby for all mankind echo to deaf ears. A purple rain is pouring down, and the creatures called men suffocate, die.

Epiloque: A World Awakens

(music and arr. Valtonen/Virta // words Valtonen) (01:22)

But somewhere far away an idea creates a new eternity, and a world awakens. Once again it is time to live, it is time to live.