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viimeksi päivitetty 15 12 2020
ace spectrumjust like in the movies 1976 usa pieni cut outatlantic 18185ex3
airaksinen pekka 6 lp box No: 78/99sperm/samsa trio: works 1968-1976, NEW! 2015 (harvinaisempi 6 lp:n versios boxista)vod 137ex120
al campbelldiamonds UK. (kansi vg(+)bs 1036ex-14
al cohn & zoot simsmotoring along 1975sonet 684ex-9
al di meola projecttiramisu 1987manhattanex-6
al hirtour man in new orleans 1963 orig.germanyrca lpm-2607vg++5
albert collinscold snap 1986sonetex-5
albert kingborn under a bad sign 1967, re 2017stax 081227940492ex16
amadeomoving like a super star 1978ma-lp 1016ex---5
art farmersomething you got 1977 wiht yusef lateef & david matthews bigbandcti 7080ex-8
attitudesgood news 1977dh 3021ex--5
b.b. king +live in cook county jail 1971 UK.probe 1032ex--25
b.b. king +singin the blues, R E 197? Usaus-7726 unitedex-15
b.b. king +live at the regal 1965, re 2015geffenex15
bar kaysblack rock , usa orig.?volt vos-6011ex-19
barbara law (sexy cover)!take all of me 1979, hollandepic 84055ex-8
bar-kaystoo hot to stop 1976 usa cut outmercury 1099ex-8
barre philipscall me when you get there 1984 germany ( kansi vg+)ecm 1257ex-18
barrow keithphysical attraction 1978 good soul!! Soittamaton!! REcolumbia 35597ex12
barry white love unlimited orchestramusic maestro please 1975 barry whitet-480ex-5
bartley chrisi found a goodie move 4ex4
belly dance vol.2music for an oriental dance 1973, voice of lebanon, greecevlmx 32ex-15
ben e. kingspanis harlem usa orig.?atco 33-133ex--20
bennie wallacetwilight time feat.dr.john,stevie ray vaughn,john scofield 1985blue note 85107vg+++8
benny goodman 2lpbenny goodman today 1970 REdecca dds 3ex-5
betters haroldout of sight&sound usa orig.? (hieno kansi)!reprise 6208ex-15
bhundu boysshabini, music from zimbabwe 1986 UK.afri lp 02xex--12
biddu & the orchestraeastern man1977 ( + kanneton futuristic journey 1978)epic 81620ex---9
bill doggetteverybody dance the honky tonk, usa king 395-531vg-12
bill evanssymbiosis avat.kannet! 1974 soi vg+ ex----basf 2122094-3vg+18
bill evans & jim hallundercurrent, re 2013wax time recordsex-15
bill evans trioSunday at the village vanquard, re wax time recordsex-15
bill evans trioexplorations, re 2012wax timeex-15
bill evans triowaltz for debby, re 2017dol 862 hgex-15
billie holidaysongs for distinque lovers, re 2011wax timeex-15
bionic boogiesame 1977, usa, cut outpolydor 6123ex-6
black fistsoundtrack 1977happy fox 1101ex--6
blues with (2.print 1968)big bill broonzey/sonny terry/brownie mcghee, usafolkways 3817vg(+)8
bongolianblueprint,UK. NEW! 2005bu 028ex14
booker little, booker ervinsounds of inner city, usatcb 1003ex---18
broadway brasstakes guys and dolls disco 1976, usat-514ex-4
brownie mcghee& sonny terrybrownie & sonny, usafs 242ex-8
bud shanka spoonful of jazzliberty 21868ex-4
buddy guy, junior mance & junior wellsbuddy and the juniors 1970 usa (marple vinyl color)!blue thump bts 20vg+22
bunny wailerblack heart man, 1976 UK.island 9415ex---30
carl carltonsama 1988charly 1198ex4
carla bleylive! 1982 germany printwatt/12ex-15
carol douglasmidnight love affair 1976, usabkl1-1798ex-6
carol douglasthe carol douglas album 1975 usa cut outbkl1-0931ex-8
chambers brothersright move 1975, usa cut outavco ex-12
charles lloydwarm waters 1971 usa cover ringwear! Vgkapp ks 3647ex-18
chico hamiltonperegrinations , cut out usablue note 520ex-12
chi-litesthe romanceers spc 3319ex-8
chi-lites/romanceerssame spc-3319ex---13
chris barber bandwhen its thursday night in egypt 1988sonet 996ex-4
chris connorthis chris usa 196? (soi hyvin)bethlehem 20vg20
chris hillseverything is everything comin outta the ghetto 1971embroy 734ex-38
clarence wheeler & the enforcersthe love ive been looking for, 1971 usaatlantic 1585ex---22
claudio baglioni (feat. Vangelis)!!!e tu…avattavat kannet! 1974rca 1067ex-12
clyde mcphatter18 hits king 5006xex-8
colina michaelritualsprivate rec.ex-7
colonell elliot & the lunatics"interstellar reggae daive, spain print 1974 (""nimmari"" kannessa)"olympo 178vg+++40
confunk shunorganized, 1973/1978 (kansi /cover vg)pickwick 90081ex---6
cootie williamssama storyville 803ex4
cornelius brothers & sister rose greatest hits 1976 usa, cut out hole spc-3704ex---7
coryell & mouzonback together again 1977weaex-12
coryell/catherine xsplendid, 1978 usa (promotion)elektra 153ex-6
crusadersstanding tall 1981, cut outmca 5254ex-6
curtis mayfieldtheres no place like america today 1975 cut out usacurtom 5001ex-36
curtis mayfieldshort eyes 1977, usa cut out + hieno liite!!curtom 5017ex---9
dave grusin/lee ritenourharlequin 1985, NEW!grp 1015ex6
dellsmusical menu, usacadet 822ex-12
dennis brownwords of wisdom 1979 UK.laser 1ex-20
deodatoprelude 1972 usacti 6021ex13
detroit soundthe happening you cant hurry love stop in the name of love , orig.wyncote 9208ex-18
dick gyllander quintet1978 pre.göran söderlund och logical spacebs 780703ex-9
dionne warwickhere i am, usa cut out hole (wanha painos)scepter 531ex---12
dobie graydrif away 1973 UK.mca 2520ex-5
dobie graydrift away 1973 , cut out (takakan. Hieman kirjoitusta)decca 5397ex-4
don cherrymodern art stock1977holm, NEW!mellotronen 16ex18
don sebeskyfull cycle 1984 kansi vg+prt 6551ex-12
donald byrdsharlem blues 1988 llp-1516ex---12
driftersgolden hits 1968 UK. Orig.atlantic 588103ex--20
duke ellington & john coltranesama, re 2013wax time ex-15
duke ellington & johnny hodgesplay the blues/back to back, re 200?jazz wax recordsex-15
dynamic superiorslive & take 1977 usa cut outmotown ex-6
earl bostic 2lp xjazz history vol 20, germany polydor 2679024ex--5
earl hines sextet/cozy cole septet xearls backroom &cozys caravan 1958, re 1986affinity 167ex---5
eckstine billymodern sound of mr.b 1964 retlp 5567ex-4
eddie boydbrotherhood 1975 finland print!fbs 101ex-45
eddie kenricks xgoin up in smoke 1976tamla 34651ex-7
eddie kenricks xsame 1973tamla 327ex-7
eddy grant xcant grt enoughticel 21ex-3
edwin starryouve got my soul on fire 1974, france,hieno motown tarra kannessatamla 95121vg+20
elena burkedesde cuba con ritmo 1985fonomusic 84.2035/1ex-13
elevent house feat. Larry coryelllevel one 1975, usaarista 4052ex--9
eleventh hour xgreatest hits, 197420th century 435ex-5
enchantmentsama 1976, usaua-la 682-gex-16
eric mercurylove is taking over 1973, cut outens 1033ex-6
esther philipsyouve come a long way baby 1977, cut outmercury 1187ex-6
faith hope & charitysame 1975 usa cutoutrca ex-4
fatalasame 1988nomadex-4
flavorin good taste 1976ju-parex-13
fletcher hendersontribute to synchro 1268ex-4
four topsat the top 1978, cut outaa-1092ex-4
four tops xlive & in concert 1974abc dsd 50188ex-5
freddy king his early years 1972 UK. Orig. Kansi vg++polydor 2343047vg++15
free the black mans chains xa black rock opera 1972gsf 1007ex---5
friends of distinction xwhatever 1970rca 4408ex-8
funkadelic 2lpamerica eats its young 1972 NEW! Rewestbound 29ex29
fuzzy kane triooomph! 1968 usa orig.bay sound c-68002sex--25
gabor szabomizrab, usa avattavat kan. 1973cti 6026ex-14
gary burton 2lp xturn of the century 1976 usaatlantic 321vg+9
geoffrey stonerwatch out! 1973, cut out. Usa (4 chanel stereo)ovqd 1431vg+++28
george coleman octectbig george 1977 affinity 52ex-15
george dukeguardian of the lightepic 38513ex-12
gerry mulliganmeets enrico intra 1976, germanyas 6.22662ex-5
gibson brothers xnon-stop dance/come to america 1977 sweden printmilp 1301ex-5
gladys knight & the pipsi feel a song 1974, cut outbuddah 5612ex-11
gloria coleman ltd.sings and swings organ 1971 usamrl 322ex-9
gloria jones (mark bolans girlfriend)share my love 1973 (hieman textiä kannessa)tamla motown 11254ex-18
gloria lynnelive! Take:1 1959 ,RE? ( White label,valkoinen etiketti)es-1001 everetex-18
graham central stationaint no bout-adoubt it 1975wb 2876ex-8
greg fitzpatrickdet persian äventyret 1977 mnw 80pex--15
gregg diamondbionic boogie 1978, norge print.polydorex-12
gregory isaacssoon forward 1979, UK.virgin fl 1044ex-22
grey albasic grey 2lp2acmj-409ex 5
grover washington jr.reed seed 1978, cut outmotownex-8
grover washington, jrwinwlight 1980 usa ban 52262ex7
grp live in sessionlee ritenour,d.grusin,ym.. 1985grp 1023ex-3
hackett bobbylive at roosevelt grill cr 105ex5
hailey josh albertliving a saved life now 1975 (avaamaton)!!sblp 257ex4
hampton hawes 2lpthe two sides of, 1977 usa cut out holejas 4004/2ex--21
hank crawfordhelp me make it through the night 1972kudu kul 4ex-21
harlow (disco) xtaking of g001ex-6
harold melvin & the blue notes, maxi xbaby you got my nose open/power of love 1977c dm-10ex-3
harptonessama reemus 12032ex-5
hart johnblowin man sonet 844ex3
heatwavepower cuts all their hottest hits 1982epic 25199ex-6
hector riverahecto-mania , NEW! Refp-1236ex15
herbie hancock sextant 1973 re 2012?music on vinyl 522ex15
herbie hancock 2lpthe best of 1969? Usablue note bst 89907ex---18
herbie mannwaterbed 1975 (+ kanneton memphis two step)atlantic 1676ex---9
herbie mann xdisco theque 1975atlantic 1670ex-5
herbie mann x astral island 1983atlantic 80077ex-6
holiday billie/al hibbler shades of blue vanha painos!!sunset 5147vg+6
honey baby, honey baby xzulema,weldon irwine,blood hollins 1975rca 0994ex-14
hot chocolate xevery 1`s a winner 1978rak ex-7
hubert laws morning star, 1973 UK. Avattavat kan.ctl 14ex-14
hues corporationyour place or mine 1978 (still sealed)wbex5
hues corporationlove corporation 1975, cut outrca 0938ex-4
hues corporationfreedom for the stallion, 1974 rca 0323ex-5
iceberg slim (still sealed)!!reflections, usa cut out reikä.ala 1980 ex20
ida cox & the coleman hawkins quintetblues for rampart street 1961 NEW!suitable 1320ex18
impactsame 1976, usa cut out Still sealed new!atco 1350698ex9
impressionsgreatest hits, usaabc st-90608vg+6
impressions with jerry butlerfor your precious love…RE 2003get back 8027ex11
intruderssuperhits 1974pir 65996ex-8
isaac hayes & dionne warwick 2lpa man and a woman 1977 aukkokansi! + kanneton:groove-a-thon lpabc 996ex-11
j.j. johnsonfeat.max roach,paul chambers,tommy flanagan (kansi/cover vg--)fontana 682006 tlex--18
jamaaladeen tacumarenaissance man 1984gr 8308ex-6
james cotton/junior wells/carey bell/b.branchharp attack! Alligator 4790ex-8
janne schafferearmeal 1978 cbs 83002ex-12
jerome richardsongroove merchant, usa verve v/v6-8729ex-8
jerry butlersagittarius movement mercury 61347ex-5
jesse belvinyesterdays 1975apl1-0966ex-3
jimmy castor bunch (still sealed)e-man groovin, 1976 usa (hieno moottoripyörä kansi)!!atlantic 18186ex18
jimmy cliffi am the living 1980 germany printwea 99089ex-11
jimmy mcgriffgroove grease 1972 UK.gm 503ex---30
jimmy rowles/red mitchell triosame 1985cr 14016ex-5
jimmy witherspoonrockin l.a. 1989 fantasy 9660ex-8
joe kellylive from the chicago cold coast gaslight club 1977 orig.?gg 1002ex-5
john coltranelive at the village vanguard again! RE 2013dol 1023 hgex16
john coltraneblack pearls, re 200?wax time ex-15
john coltranelush life, re 200?jazz wax recordsex-15
john coltranethe believer, re 2015wax time ex-15
john coltranemy favorite things, re 2015dol 844hex-15
john coltraneimpressions, re 2017dol909 hgex-15
john coltranecoltrane, re 2017dol788 hgex-15
john coltranecoltranes sound, re 2014wax timeex-15
john coltrane quartetafrica/brass, re 2012jazz wax recordsex-15
john edwardssame 1973aware aa 2005ex-7
john lee hooker"johnny lee"" volume one 1972 UK."gn 4002vg+16
johnny dodds & kid orysame epicex-6
jolly boysroots of reggae music from jamaica, usa (kanteen kirjoit.nimi)lyrichord 7314ex---28
jon lucienrashida 1973, RE NEW!rca 161ex13
jorge santanasame 1978tomato 7020ex-4
josh white jr.sama 1978vanguard 79406ex3
junior englishwin some lose some (kansi cover vg)bs 1012ex-8
jutta hipp quintetcool dogs & two oranges 1954, NEW! Relr 710412ex22
kaygeeskeep on bumpin&masterplan 1974, usa (still sealed!)gang 101ex-18
kazumi watanabekilowattgrp ex-5
keith jarrett & jack dejohnetterita and dajtya 1973, germanyecm 1021 stex-15
kelly pattersonall things you are 1979 usa ( still sealed)!!!shady brock 013ex6
kenny burrell with stanley turrentine/major holley/bill english/ray barretto: midnight blue, Re 2017dol 881 hgex-15
kenny clarke-francy boland big bandall blues, germany 1970basf 2129747ex-16
kim hillsummertime in aspen ,NEW!up aboveex6
kip hanrahandays and nights of blue luc inverted 1987amcl 1012ex-12
kollektiv feat.jonas hellborgsame, itm ex-5
kool & the ganglove & understanding 1976 usa cut out kansi vg+delite 2018ex--8
la 4montage (l.almeida/ray brown/jeff hamilton/bud shank cj-156vg+++4
lalo schifrinrock requiem 1971 saksa painos.verve 2304051ex-9
lalo schifrin"""che"" 1968, usa"tetragrammaton 5006ex---10
larry coryell-philip catherinetwin -house 1977, usaelektra 123ex-6
larry darnellill get along somehow ( 1982)kix-19 monoex-10
larry graham and graham central station xmy radio sure sounds good to me 1978 usa cut outwbex-5
larry page orcherotic soul 1977 usa (kansi vg+)london ps 700ex-7
larry willisa new kind of soul, NEW! Rellp 1001ex13
last poetsthe last poets 1984, REcell 6101ex16
lea roberts lady lea 1975 usa, cut outua 418ex-3
lebron brotherspsychedelic goes latin REcs-1008ex13
lenny whitethe adventures of astral pirates 1978 usa elektra 121ex-9
leon haywoodback to stay 1973 UK.pye 28177vg++8
leroy hutsonfeel the spirit 1976curtoon 0698ex-8
leroy hutsonfeel the spirit 1976 usa, cut outcurtom 5010ex5
lester youngpres 1974fs 287ex-6
lightnin hopkinssam lightnin hopkins (history of jazz) 1971 (kansi vg+joker sm 3071/eex-6
lightnin hopkinsthe roots of, usa orig.? (ruskea verve etiketti) monoverve fv- 9000ex---40
lindy michaelsragamuffin child vault 123ex-5
lionel hamptongnp vol 15, 1955, regnp 15ex5
lionel hamptonbest records vol.3 1939-40, francerca 731.048ex-5
lonnie brooks (feat.johnny winter)wound up tight 1986sonetex-8
love machinesame 1977ducale pd 340ex-4
love sounds afro-cuban blues bandspandisco 1977bkl1-2292ex-8
love, peace & happineslove is stronger 1971, cut out, usarca 4535ex-13
lowell fulson 2lpchess blues masters series , usa2acmb-205ex-12
mac kissoonsole satisfaction young blood 6vg+++11
major lancenow arriving, 1978soul s7-751r1ex-3
mama yanceysings,art hodes plays blues, 1965, usaverve 9015ex-7
mantronixthis should move ya 1989 ,New!capitol ex7
marc johnsonbass desires 1986ecm 1299ex-12
marcussame 1976 usa cutoutua 668ex-1
martha &vandellaslive! 1967 orig.? Usagordy 925ex-23
martha reeves & the vandellassugar n` spice 1969 usa orig.??gordy gs 944ex---18
marvin jenkinsbig city, usa, monopalomar24001ex-21
mass productionbelieve 1977 usa cut outsd 9918ex-6
mcduff brother jacka change is gonna come 1966, RE NEW!atlantic 1463ex13
mel carterhold me,thrill me,kiss me usa 1965imperial 12289vg++18
mel lewis&friendssama 1977horizon 17ex18
melvyn pricerytmer II, 1971 sweden mel-dor pr 1002ex--11
memphis slimbroken soul blues, 1962 germanyua 69006ex---26
miamimotorious 1976 usadrive 102ex-11
michael whitefather msic mother dance usa cut out 1974 quad (kansi vg++)impulse abc 9268ex--16
migrationcreative source, 1974 UK. (kansi vg+)sussex 7ex-12
milburne amosgreat rhytm&blues…bs 110ex-5
mildfred jonesits great to be alive, unplayed!!!yes 002ex7
mildfred jonesits great to be aliveyes 002ex-3
milt buckner 2lpchordpunch, re 1976basf 2222722-7ex-8
miragenow you see it.. 1977fidardo 9ex6
mitchell ruff duostrayhorn, usa 1971?mainstream mrl 335ex-8
mitchell trio slightly irreverent 1964 orig.????mercury 20944vg(+)3
nancy wilsontoday-my way 1965 UK.capitol st 2321ex---9
nappy brownthat man, RE 1979, ( kansi vg++)mr & b 100ex-9
nassau funkthe beginning of the end, NEW! Replayback 8512ex12
natural fourheaven right here on earth 1975, usa cut out holecurtom 5004ex-6
natural fournightchaser 1975 usacurtomex--5
next stop... Soveto 2lptownship sounds from the golden age of mbaqanga 2009strut 054ex12
oregonwinter light 1974, usa (kansi vg+)vanguard 79350ex---15
orlando marinout of mind RE soittamaton!!bl 754159ex12
ornette colemanchange of the century, re 2014jazz wax recordsex-15
oscar brown jrsin & soul 1961, holland, mono orig.cbs 62229ex---24
oscar brown jroscar brown jnr, 1965 UK.fontana tl 5268ex---17
oscar moore trioafterglow 1980pic 3372ex--5
oscar pettifordblue brothers 1973, UK. black lion 2460189ex-9
oscar pettiford & attila zollerthe legendary 1976 germanyblack lion 162.020ex--9
otis redding the soul album, re 2017volt 413ex13
parker charlieapex of be bop vol.2 lpjt 41ex-3
patti labelle & the bluebellesat the apollo, usaupfront 129ex-5
peaches & herbfor you love 1967date tes 4005ex-9
pearl baileyst.louis blues orig.?roulette 25037vg+8
pennington barbaraout of the darkest night 1985, NEW!soholp 9ex4
persuasionsstreet corner symphony capitol ex-8
pointer sistershaving a party 1977 usa, cut outblue thumb 6023ex-6
polish jazz vol.37night jam session in warsaw 1973muza sx 1033ex-9
princearound the world in a day (lippa kansi) cut outpaislay parkex-7
quartetloaded 1980 orig. (unplayed)! Soittamaton! (edward vesala)leo 010ex15
quincy jonessounds… 1978amex-7
ramsey lewis best of cadet 839ex-4
ray,goodman&brownopen up 1982polydor ex-3
real thingsame 1976philips 9286577ex-4
red garlandauf wiedersehen, 1975basf 2120910-5ex-4
return to forever feat. c.coreahymn of the seventh galaxy 1973 canada printpolydor 2310283ex-9
richard evans xsame 1979sp-735ex-6
rimshotsdown to earth 1976,usastang 1028ex-7
robin kenyattacypsy man 1973 usa cut outatlantic 1633ex-12
ronnie earl & the broadcasterssmoking 1983, finland printbrblp 8506ex-9
ross dianalast time i saw him,1973 tamla 11255ex-2
rowley mick (disco)im a man, 1978lollipop 6.23652vg++4
roy ayers ubiquityvirgo red 1973, NEW! Re 200?polydor 6016ex14
roy gainesgainelining 1981red lighning 0035ex-9
rudy ray mooreeat out more often RE, Still sealed!!"""001"ex8
scott bradfordrock slides probe cplp 4509ex---22
sergey kuryokhinpop mechanics no:17 UK. 1988leo records lr 158ex---15
sergio mendes & brasil´66equinox 1967 UK. ( + 1 lp kanneton vintage 74)am 902vg+++12
shaky jake harristhe devils harmonica 1972 usa cut out (prod. John mayall)polydor 5014ex-11
short eyescurtis mayfield sound track 1977, cut out + LIITEcurtomex-7
sister sledgewe are family 1979atlanticex-4
slavehardness of the world 1977sd-5201ex-3
smokey robinsondeep in my soul 1977tamla 3505ex-4
smokey robinsonsmokey 1973 UK. Kansi vg+tamla 8012ex-6
solo flight 2lp xthe genius of charlie christian 1972, usacolumbia 30779ex-9
sonny philipsblack on black, 1970 REprestige 10007ex-14
southside movementmoving south 1975 (cut out)20century t-485ex-30
sparrow dragonagain 1976dynamic 3002ex-7
stanley clarkejourney to love 1975 usa, kansi vg++ne 433ex-8
stanley jordan one night with blue note volume four, 1985blue note 85116ex-9
stevie jacksonthinking about you 1977, usavjs-1208ex--8
street corner symphonylittle funk machine (still sealed)!!ab-974ex9
street corner symphonylittle funk machine , cut out 1976abcex-5
street peoplesame 1976vigor 7001ex-6
sunnyland slim & big time sarahpatience like job, usaairway 4746ex--18
supremessing rodgers & hart 1967 usa orig.motown 659ex-5
sylvers disco fever 1979casablanca 7151ex-2
sylvesterall i need 1982soslp-101ex-2
t. lifethats life 1978 usa cut outrca 2673ex-5
temptationsall directions 1972 usa kansi pieni cut out viiltogordy hs-1982ex--9
the harmonica blues ofsonny terry,doctor ross,sonny boy williamson hammie nixon storyville 21021ex5
the targetniels lan doky/jack de johnette/niels-henning orsted pedersen 1987storyville 4140ex--6
thelonious monk with john coltranesama, re 2013wax timeex-15
thomas mapfumocorruption 1989mango 1019ex-6
three degreeswith love 1975, holland (kansi vg+)cbsex--3
toni espositoprocessione sul mare 1976, italy orig.zsln 55686ex--14
tony mathewscondition :blue 1981sonet 866ex-2
tough guys (isaac hayes)same 1974 usa ( still sealed,soittamaton)!!ens-7504ex9
toulousesama 1977smile 215009ex-3
urbie greensenor bluescti 7079ex-9
vibrationsnew vibrations, Reepic oks 14114ex-6
vodun-rada rite for erzulierecorded in haiti by verna gillis 1975, usafolkways fe 4491vg+12
walker philipsomeday youll have these blues sonet 831vg+3
walter murphy banda fift of beethoven 1976 usaprivate stock 2015ex-4
war 2lpplatinium jazz 1977, cut out holeblue note la690-j2ex--13
warwick dionnethe sensitive sound of, usa orig.?scepter 528ex-13
washragbang! 1973 usa cut out tmi btl1-0117ex-9
weather reportheavy weather 1977, re 2011columbiaex9
weather reportmysterious traveller 1974, re columbia 32494ex9
wells marybye bye baby, 1963 New! Rerum 2011045ex9
wes montgomerythe incredible jazz guitar of, RE 2016vinyl loversex-15
wheeler clarencethe new chicago blues, 1973 usaatlantic 1636ex-8
wolfgang dauners et ceteraknirsch (feat.jon hiseman&larry coryell) 1972basf 2121432-2ex-25
womack bobbyso many rivers 1985mca 252327ex4
woody herman & the thundering herdking cobra 1976 , usafantasy 9499ex-4
yabby ujah jah way 1980 UK.island 9615ex-28
young holt unlimitedsoulful strut, REbrunswick 754144ex7
yusef lateef with art farmerautophysiopsychic 1977 usa cti 7082ex-12