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viimeksi päivitetty 05 05 2019
9.30 flysame, 1972, re, new!nr 05062ex16
a pot of flowers with lovewildflower,euphoria,harbinger complex,other side RE,NEW!!mainstream 6100ex9
aaltonen juhaniprana, live at groovy1981 orig. Unplayed!! Soittamaton!leo 013ex40
aaltonen juhani sprigbird 1979 orig. Unplayed!! Soittamaton! leo 005ex35
aaltonen juhani & otto donnerstrings 1976 NEW! Re 2016 (black vinyl)svart 426ex12
abacusmidway, new! Re 1974gtr 143ex9
abacuseverything you need, new! Re 1972gtr 142ex9
abacussame, 1971, new! Re gtr 141ex9
achepictures from cyclus 7 1976, RE, NEW! unofficalhifly8025ex9
acqua fragilemass-media star 1974, NEW! Resony musicex18
adriano celentanoa new orleans 1962?, RE, NEW!lpj 5025ex14
aerahand und fuss 1977, NEW! RElonghair 44ex15
affinity 2lp + cdsame 1970, NEW! lilith 324ex25
after teasame 1970 holland orig. (pientä hiusjälkeä,soi hyvin)negram 076vg++55
agamenontodos rien de mi RE 1975 folk + juliste + liite, NEW!guess 025ex9
aguaturbiavolumen 2., new! Re 1970lionlp 111ex12
ahmad zahir 2lpvolume 3. the king of 70`s afgan pop!, new!phs 004ex18
ahmad zahir 2lpvolume 2. 1970 recordings, new!guess 093ex18
ahora mazda 2lpsame 1970, REpseudonym vp99034ex25
ainigmadiluvium NEW! Relonghair 170ex15
air (usa)same 1971 NEW! rebewith 015ex12
airaksinen pekkalove and addiction 2015, New! (1978 sävelletty/composed)onepoint -lp 01ex12
airaksinen pekka 5 lp boxsperm/samsa trio: works 1968-1976, NEW! 2015vod 137ex90
aktualatappeto volante 1976, new! Rebla bla 10009ex13
al doum and the farydssame, new! (promo)nouvelle nicotineex12
"alan davey (hawkwind) + 7"""eclectic devils 2010, NEW!blood rock 006 (black widow)ex16
alan davey (hawkwind)!chaos delight +vihko (booklet)black widow 033ex14
alan lee brackettpeanut butter conspiracy theories-lost songs 1967-1968, NEW!osr 052ex12
alan sorrentifigli delle stelle 1977emi 18312ex-8
albion country bandbattle of the field, 1976 UK.island help-25ex-6
alex bevangrand river lullabye av.kan. 1979 orig.fw 1009ex-8
alexis korners blues incorporatedr&b from the marquee 1962, NEW! Reswddl 720ex9
alicesame 1970, NEW! reom-71061-1ex11
alicearretez le monde 1972, NEW! Reom- 71063ex11
alkanawelcome to my paradise, new! Reacid nightmare 007ex12
alluminogeniscolopendra NEW! REfonit wmlp 121ex18
alpayyekte 1970-74 singles, new! Like erkin koray, boris manco)psych.phs 014ex14
alpha centaurisame 1977, NEW!, re anm 006ex14
alpha IIIruinas circulares 1987, brazilfaunus 529.404.068ex-25
alpha IIItemple of delphos 1988, brazil Unplyed!549.017ex35
alpha IIIthe aleph 1989, brazil Unpalyed!549.036ex21
alpha IIIthe seven spheres 1990, brazil549.050ex-23
alpha IIIsombras 1985, brazilfaunus 527.404.717ex-30
"alrune rod + 7"""same 1969 NEW! Re 2016shadocks 184ex48
alusa fallaxintorno alla mia cattiva educazione 1974 NEW! Re vmlp 103ex18
amaryllisbread,love and dreams, NEW! Re sumbeam 5027ex18
amazing blondelblondel, 1973 usa (kansi cover vg+)island 9339ex-14
amazing blondelfantasia lindum, 1971 UK. Kansi cover vg+island 9156ex-15
amazing blondelblondel 1973 UK. (levyssä jälki joka ei kuulu soitettaessa)island9257vg+6
amazing blondelfantasia lindum 1971 UK. (levyssä muutamia jälkiä ,soi kuitenkin lähes ex-)island 9156ex---11
amazing blondel england 1972 UK.island 9205ex-15
ambros 2lp19 class a numbers 1976 orig.bellaphon 26001ex-15
ambros,tauchen & prokopetzder watzmann ruft 1974, NEW! Rebellaphon 9668911ex15
ambrosiasomewhere ive never travelled 1976 usa orig. (hienot avat.kannet)t-510vg+12
amishsame, new! Re, 1971soundvision 01013ex11
amon duul 2almost live, 1977nova 6.23305ex-13
amon duul 2freakout requiem,phallus day outtakes 1969, new!barricade 084-35ex13
amon duul 2wolf city 1972 UK.uag 29406ex-50
amon duul 2.hijack 1974, NEW! Reatco 36-108ex14
amon duul 2. 2lp (soi vg…ex--)tanz der lemminge, germany orig. Muutama naksu parissa biisissä!liberty 83473/74Xvg…ex--40
ananda shankarand his muisic NEW! Re 2015 print.far eastern sunshine 003ex15
ananda shankarand his muisic NEW! Re 2018 print.the great thunder 436ex15
anderson ianwalk into light 1983 UK.cdl 1443ex--5
"andromeda + 7"""same 1969, NEW! Rebwr 140ex22
andwellaworlds end, usa orig. (pieni cut out reikä)dunhill 50095ex--25
andwellas dreamlove and poetry 1969 NEW! Rearlp 508ex18
angeguet apens 1978, france + liitteet, (soi hyvin)!philips 9101184vg12
angeau-dela du delire 1974 france + liite!philips 9101004ex-22
angeau-dela du delire 1974, resi-wan 0030ex28
angels from hell (soundtrack)mm.lollipop shoppe,peanut peanut butter conspiracy,NEW!, rertlp 1001ex13
animasama re , NEW!think progressive 1.812.038ex16
anita cartersings folk songs old and new, usa Wanha painos!!mercury 20770ex--5
ann mortifeebaptism 1975emi 6437ex-5
anna mywoodpecker, 2013 NEW! Swedish folk (reine fiske)sub 094ex12
anne-marie och andrahäxor kjerstin noren och damoramalthea 8 1979ex-5
annexus quamosmose 1969 NEW! Rewah wah 049ex18
anno dominion this new day, NEW! Rewohn 002ex13
annot rhulleviathan, NEW!black widow 170ex16
anonima sound ltd red tape machine 1972 NEW! Reakarma 1006ex22
ant trip cerenomy24 hours 1968, NEW! Remn 1019lpex18
aorta sama RE , NEW!columbia 9785ex14
apocalypse2nd,1969 NEW! relonghair 135ex19
apollosame, 1970, new! Re mayfair 13ex16
"apollo (black vinyl) + 7"""same 1970, NEW! RE + poster + insert!svart 308ex21
"apollo (green vinyl) + 7"""same 1970, NEW! RE + poster + insert!svart 308ex23
apryl foolsame 1975, NEW! Rebar 347ex18
aqua nebula oscillatorsame 2008, NEW! Rergr 002ex14
aquilasame, re, new! 1970lpr-0810-1ex18
arc...at this, New! Re mjj 372ex13
arcadium breathe awhile, 1969, re, repro?mdls 302ex12
"arcadium + 7"""breathe awhile, 1969, re, new!adlp 1077ex23
archie fisher & barbara dicksonthro the recent years celtic music 031ex-9
arik brauersama 1971, (hienot psykedeeliset kannet, great cover)polydor 2371224ex-11
arkvoyages 1978, new! Reguerssen 107ex11
armadabeyond the morning 1973, NEW! Remam-as 1010ex18
arrowwoodbeautiful grave, NEW! 2012merlins nose 1006ex18
ars novasama, usa orig.elektra 74020vg+++18
artsupernature fairytales re , NEW! Unoffical.islandex13
art of lovinsame ,RE 1968 (1990 luvun repro)!!mainstream 6113ex14
art of lovinsame ,Re 1968 NEW!! (2008 print 180g vinyl)mainstream 6113ex18
arthurin search of, new! 1968-69, Limited 300rd 13ex23
arthur brown kingdom comegalactic zoo dossier 1971 + Poster! RE NEW!swflp 31ex18
arthur browns kingdom comejourney 1974, usapassport 98003ex-18
ashdown dougtrees , orig. 197?bglp 1001ex15
ashes & pat taylorsame ,New! REvault 125ex9
asiaarmed to the teeth 1980, NEW! Reanm 012ex12
astral projectionastral scene re , NEW!gear fab 206ex13
athanorinside out the demos 1973-1977, NEW!guess 136ex11
atkinson stevesmall boots 1981, new! Re (numbered 381/500 )schadoks 152ex28
atlantic bridgesama 1970 re + 2 bonus trackget back 552ex15
atlantidefrancesco ti ricordi, NEW! Remellotron 005ex14
atlantidesame 1976 (france band) NEW! Rerpc 014ex17
atollmusiciens-magiiens 1974, NEW! Rerpc 05ex18
atollL`araignee-mal 1975 NEW! Rerpc 10ex18
atomic roosters 2lpin hearing of 1972, REakarma 169/2ex21
audiencefriends friens friends,1970 NEW! REtimeless 706ex18
audience + cd!sama, re, new! 1969 + bonus trackslr 332ex18
auger brian 2lpget auger-nized! New!, RE, the mod yearsearmark 42041ex17
aunt maryloaded 1972 NEW! Rearlp 513ex21
aurasame av.kan.orig.mercury 620ex-14
autosalvagesame 1968 re , NEW!rca 3940ex9
avalancheperseverance kills our game 1979, NEW! Reguerssen 144ex15
axcraftdancing madly backwards , reakarma 056ex-18
axelrod davidmessiah 1971 RE rca 4636ex14
axelrod davidearth rot 1970, re (huono prässi soi vg(+) (repro)anlp 014vg4
axelrod davidthe auction 1972, RE 200?decca75355ex14
axissame, 1973, new! Reom 7104ex14
azitishelp NEW!, remissing vinyl 039ex14
aztecasame 1972 usacolumbia 31776vg++14
azymuthcariola RE , NEW!milestone 9169ex9
b.f.trikeb.f.trike, new!, re 1971?, repro?bft-71ex9
baba yaga, feat.ingo wernersama 1974, NEW! Rewah wah 171ex14
baba zula 34 oto sanayi 2014 NEW!rainbow r45r0004-1ex15
baby woodrosechasing rainbows 2007, NEW!afrolp 35ex18
bachdenkelstalingrad 1977 NEW! Reprv 352ex15
bachsout of the bachs 1968, NEW! reoutsider 039ex12
badgerwhite lady 1974 (takakannessa hieman textiä)epic 80009ex-8
bags 2lp (color vinyl)!!night of the corn people&waiting for maloney 1991 (unplayed!) Orig.helter skelter 921211ex12
baldwin and lepssame Re vanguard 6567ex8
balletto di bronzosirio 2222 RE new!!p/nero 1001ex21
balletto di bronzo (color vinyl)!on the road to ys, new! (only 200 print) numbered!ams lp 42ex21
balletto di bronzo lp + cdCuma 2016 D.C.nmnl03/16ex21
balletto di bronzo/banco del..art rock`70 re (1990)it 069/70ex-18
balletto di bronzo/rovescio della medagliail rock 1972-73 re (1990) igda 1219/220ex-18
"ballyhoo 10"""same,1991&1992 + liite, orig. little wing lw 1029 expex18
bambibanda e melodiesame, RE, NEW!vmlp 137ex18
bancheesame, 1969 re, new! banchee 1ex11
bancheethinkin, re, new! 1971om-71021ex11
bancocanto di primavera 1979 (yellow vinyl) RE, NEW!vmlp 197ex18
bancocome in unùltima cena vkpl-0058ex-18
banco (lim.ed. red vinyl)di terra 1978 NEW! re vmlp 196ex18
bang mother bow to the king 1972, new! Re (bandin paras lp)gtr 134ex11
barbagalas takis (clear vinyl)!phosphorus hesperus NO: 133/150 (hienot kirjamaiset kannet) NEW! 2015mvwow 005ex40
barclay james harvesttime honoured ghosts 1975 germany polydor 2383361ex-9
barclay james harvestand other short stories, 1972 usa cut out ring wear vgsire 5904vg(+)6
barnaby byetouch 1974 ,usaatlantic 18104ex-4
barontorpor 2015?, NEW!svart 338ex9
batchwait til tomorrow, NEW! Re anazitisi 60-24fex14
battered ornamentsmantle -piece 1969, new!, retapestry 256ex14
"baumstam + bonus single 7"""on tour 1976 new! Regreen tree 127-1ex21
beacon street unionthe clown died in marvin gardens, REakarma 164ex20
beacon street unionthe eyes of.. NEW!, reakarma 157ex20
bear mountain bandone more day 1971, NEW! Reo-music 71081ex14
beck joenature boy 1969 re , NEW!breeder 3081ex9
bedford davidnurses song with elephants 1972, usa, cutout hole.imp 1008ex-9
beggars operawaters of chance 1971, germany print space vertigo! revertigo 6360054ex-33
beggars operaact one , germanyspace vertigo 6360018ex---35
beggars opera + Juliste! Ex!pathfinder, Re germany (kannessa kolme pientä tarran poistojälkeä)space vertigo 6360073ex--45
bensama 1971, RE, NEW!akarma 247ex21
bensama 1971, REakarma 247ex18
bentwind"the fourth line is…""you will"",1969? NEW! Re "wrc1-6245ex16
bermuda jamsame, usa dynovoice 31907ex-18
bert janschearly bert volume 4. 1971xtra 1170ex-8
bert janschL.A. Turnaround 1974, netherlands printcharisma 6369306ex-25
bert janschsanta barbara honeymoon 1975, holland orig.charisma 6369971ex-12
bevis frondthe auntie winnie album, 1988reckless 17ex-15
bevis frond 2lpbevis through the looging glass (kansi vg++) levyt soi lähes ex--reckd9vg+++16
bib set (sweden band)!it wasnt meant to happen…1969, new! Re, lim.ed.500 (pieni tarranpoistojälki)urlp 001ex14
biglietto per l ínfernoil tempo della semina, new! Re tri 1009ex22
biglietto per l ínfernotra l`assurdo e la ragione,new! 2010ams 43ex18
biglietto per l`infernolive 1974, new!, rebg 003ex18
biglietto per l`infernovivi.lotta.pensa, NEW! 2015amslp 65ex23
bigroupbig hammer RE 1972 , NEW!wah wah 006ex16
bill blummer & cosmic brotherhood bill blummer and the cosmic brotherhood,new! 1968 Re ch 4801ex14
billy cox`s nitro functionnitro function, re, new! 1971 (roger dean cover)!!om 71042-1ex15
birmingham Sundaya message from 1968 RE, new!vinyl lovers 900830ex16
birthcontrol 2lplive1977 avattavat kannetr, spain printcbs 88088ex-18
black hippiesthe black hippies, NEW! Re alp-009ex13
black sabbath 2lp13. 2013, NEW! vertigo 3734960ex23
black sabbath/judas priestearth/flying hat band: coming of the heavy lords 1969/1973, NEW! Rebgr 52050ex18
black spiritsame, re, new!ow-032-1ex18
black widowsacrifice 1970 RE ,new!earmark 41046ex20
black widowsame 1970 UK. Orig.cbs 64133ex-----80
"black widow box 5x7"""come to the sabbat,singles collection, new!!earmark 41053 psex25
blackfeatherat the mountains of madness 1971, REakarma 223ex-20
blackhorse same, new! 1979 re (like hardrock,zz-top)cs 404ex19
blaze foleythe lost muscle shoals recordings 1984, NEW relost art 1025ex18
blind ravagesame, 1971, NEW! reosr 009ex14
blissreturn to bliss, NEW! revoid 45ex14
blitzoga erutuf 1975, NEW! Reo-music 71075ex18
bloeck joedownward train folk lim.ed.71/500 swamp room 301122ex12
blondsame, cut outfontana srf-67607ex-19
blonde on blondecontrast + 2 bonus first single! 1969 NEW! Rehifly 8027ex17
blonkerhomeland, 1983mercuryvg++5
blonkerinside, 1984mercuryex-5
blonkerwindmills, 1981philipsex-5
bloquesame 1978, NEW! Re (bandin paras lp, great!!)sony musicex18
blossom toeswe are ever so clean Re , NEW!astrozombie 2ex16
blue beardsame 1971, new! (include sly willy)sptylp 003ex16
blue cheeroh! Pleasant hope, RE philips ex12
blue cheeroh! Pleasant hope , NEW! Reakarma 018ex18
blue effectmeditace 1970 NEW! Resu 6379-1ex21
blue mink (madeline bell & roger cook)rael mink, (pieni cut out hole) usaphilips phs 600-339ex-7
blue phantomdistortions 1971, NEW! Respider vsm 38543ex15
blues creationdemon & eleven children, NEW! Rebamboo 7001ex18
blues projectbest of , usa orig.verve 3077vg+5
blues projectplanned obsolescence, usa, cut outverve fts-3046ex--9
blåkullasame 1975 NEW! Remellotron 008ex13
bo grumpusbefore the war1968, re, NEW!atco 33-246ex15
bo hanssonlord of the rings, usa 1972, cover rodney matthews)charismaex-17
bo hanssonlord of thye rings 1972 usa pvc 7907ex-9
bob johnson & pete knightthe king of elflands daughter, 1977chrysalis 6307600vg+7
bob theilthe ghent sessions, new!akr 2011ex13
bobb trimbleharvest of dreams,RE ,new!sc 163ex12
bobb trimblethe crippled dog band, NEW!lpy 7ex12
bobby charlessame 1972, RE 2013lita 111ex16
bobby naughton unitsunderstanding 1971 , germanyjapo 60006ex-9
bodkinsama 1972, RE, ISOT JULISTE KANNET!akarma 125ex25
bodkinthree days after death 1972, re, new!adlp 1085ex18
bokaj retsiempsychedelic underground 1968 New! Reaya 68001ex14
"bolan marc 6 x 45"" box set"early singles 1964-1968 , NEW!earmark 42064ex26
bonnie dobsonhootenanny with, usa Wanhapainos!!!prestige folklore 14018vg+5
bonniwell music machinesame, 196?, RE 200?wb w7 ws 1732ex15
bonzo dog doo/dah bandgorilla 1967, re , NEW!timeless ex11
borealissons of the sea 1970, re (soi lähes ex-)audat 100vg+++12
bothy bandsama 1975 uk.polydor 2383379ex-6
bothy bandsame 1975 folkmulligan lun 002ex-6
boylanalias boona 196?, usaverve 3070ex-9
brahmansama mercury 61348ex-12
brainboxsame, ( jan akkerman) re, new!vp 99023ex15
brainboxthe best of brainbox (kansi vg+)imperial 24327ex---16
brainticket cottomwoodhill, 1971 RE 2010lilith 313ex-18
brainticket + cdalchemic universe, new! 2000/ re 2012 lilith 338ex18
brainticket + cdpsychonaut 1972, re, new!lilith 312ex18
brainticket + cdcelestial ocean 1973, RE NEW!lilith lr 307ex22
branduardi angeloLa pulce d'acqua 1977polydor 2448062ex7
branduardi angelohighdown fairmusiza 26396ex-7
branduardi angelocercando l`orosi-wan 6005ex12
branduardi angelo`74, re, like new!si-wan 6006ex12
brast burndebon, re, new!ashlp 3021ex14
"break thru + 7""single!!"adventures highway RE, new!circle cpw l 108ex15
breakoutsame 1971, polandmuza 0721ex--18
brian auger genesis 1974polydor 6505ex-18
brian auger same usa spring board 4044ex-7
brian auger & julie driscollopen , 1967 UK. Orig.?marmalade 608002vg9
brian eno-david byrnemy life in the bush of ghost, 1981 germanypolydor 2302100ex-17
bridgesfakkeltog, re, new!luna nera 001ex14
briggbrigg, re, new!mjj 344ex14
british north american actin the beginning 1969 RE , NEW!akarma 285ex17
british north-american actin the beginning REnow rss 6700ex11
brown pete &his battered ornamentsa meal you can shake hands with in, retime 698ex18
bruce mackaysame, 1967 usaoro 1ex-22
brunning sunflower bandtrackside blues, 1969 italy, re 1983appaloosa 031ex-14
brunning sunflower bandtrackside blues, 1969 UK. (takakannessa hieman kirjoitusta)saga eros 8132vg++22
bröselmaschine & peter burschund die 1976 RE,new!wah wah 042ex12
budgiebandolier 1975, RE NEW!mcaex18
buffalovulcanic rock 1973, NEW! Reakarma 276ex21
buffalodead forever 1972, NEW! Reakarma 273ex21
buffalomothers choice 1976, NEW! Rehifly 8023ex12
buffaloonly want you for your body 1974, NEW! Reakarma 307ex21
bulent ortaqgilbenimle oynar misin? New! RE 1974 (turkki folk)wah wah 045ex11
bulldog breedmade in england, 1969, re, new!adlp-1036ex22
bumbers 2lp comp. Pink island 1970 sakup.if,free, spooky tooth,jethro tull,nick drake,quintessence,clouds,fotheringay ym.island 6650001ex------13
bunalimbunalim 1970-72, re, new!phs-002ex12
buon vecchio charliesame, NEW! Reakarma 1011ex24
buon vecchio charlie (green vinyl)same, NEW! Reamslp 112ex18
buoysdinner music usascepter 24001ex-11
burning plaguesame 1970 NEW! revp 99053ex14
buzz cliffordsee your way clear , orig.usa, cut outdot 25965ex-8
bättre lyss till den sträng som brast än att aldrig spänna en bage 1973-74, NEW! Resommor 041ex16
c.a.quintettrip thru hell NEW! Re (only 250 print)!candy floss 7764sex21
caetano velosoaraca azul RE new! Psych.1972lr 142ex14
cair paravelsame other morning 1976, NEW! Resommor 19ex13
calhomegrown 1982, NEW! Reoutsider 046ex13
camelrain dances, 1977, usapassport 9858ex16
camelbreathless, usa, dj copy tarra, cut outarista ex-9
camelpeter framptons camel, usa + juliste!am 4389ex-18
camelframptons camel 1973, usaam 4389ex-8
camelrain dances 1977 UK. + kuvasisäpussi) kansi vg+decca 124ex--15
cameli can se your house from here, UK. 1979decca txs-r 137ex--15
camelchameleon the best of camel (kansi pieni tarran poisto jälki)decca ex-5
camel ,peter framptons camelsama 1973 am 4389ex-8
camel 2lpa live record 1978, UK.decca dbc-r 7/8ex-16
canmonster movie, re , New!music factory 001ex15
candymencandy power, usa orig.abc 633vg++9
candymensame, usa orig.abc 616ex-9
canotous dans l`meme bateau 1976 folk/prog , cut out.am 9024ex-12
canta sergio centiroma 71 italo 1971 fonit 09061ex-9
capitolo 4petall del cariglione ..1985 gootti progeconte 103ex8
capsicum redappunti per una idea fissa 1972, new!rebbl 11051ex18
captain beefheartabba zaba , re hollandmastersex-9
captain beefheart & the magic bandice cream for crow 1982 UK.virgin 2237ex-18
captain beefheart and his magic bandstrictly personal, UK. 1968 resunset sls 50208ex-17
captain marryatsame (thor 1007s), NEW! Re 2017shadocks 114ex35
caravanbetter by far, 1977 germanyarista ex-14
caravan (usa)american antarai, NEW! Re sr 006ex18
cardeilhac same, new! Reowlp 034ex14
carmen maki & blues creationblues creation, re, new!ashlp 3053ex16
carol grimeswarm blood 1974 UK.virgin caroline 2001ex-5
carolyn hesterat town hall, one, usa orig.dot 25638vg+++14
carolyn hester coalitionsama, NEW! , remissin vinyl 017ex14
carolyn hester coalitionmagazine, NEW! , remissing vinyl 018ex14
casse culver3 gypsies, 1976, usa (feministi tyyttö bändi?) eroottinen hieno kansi!!!wise women ent. -81ex-8
catapilla "changes 1972, NEW! Re (""aukkokansi"")"akarma 132ex24
catapilla same 1971, NEW! Reakarma 131ex24
catherines horsegarage blues from coonecticut, NEW! Rebreak 023ex15
cecil mccartneyom, new! Re1968emi scx 6283ex12
celebrationold green village , NEW! Retimelag 060ex18
celestesame 1976 (principe di un giorno) NEW! Re (sairaan hyvä italo proge lp)!amslp 15ex23
celeste (white vinyl)same 1976 (principe di un giorno) NEW! Re (sairaan hyvä italo proge lp)!amslp 15ex27
cem karacaapaslar,kardaslar,mogollar…1974 new! Rephs 015ex14
central nervous systemi could have danced all night orig.usa (kansi cover vg+)music factory 12003ex-11
ceremony buddha meet rock/people RE, new! phoenix ashlp 3027ex15
chad and jeremy (soundtrack)3 in the attic, new! Residewalk 5918ex11
chad mitchellsame 196?bell 6028ex-17
chakrasama RE, 1979gdr- 0701ex12
chakrasama RE new!1979gdr- 0701ex17
chapman michaelmillstone grit 1973 UK. Orig.deram sml 1105ex-18
charlee (walter rossi)!same 1972, NEW! rehifly 8018ex9
"charless wilp + 7"""fotografiert bunny 1965, NEW! Rewah wah 170ex15
charley d. And milo same usa epic 26533ex-5
charliesjulisteiden liimaajat 1970 NEW! Re shadocks 163ex35
charlies (blue vinyl, second press)jail sessions, NEW! 1969-1970shadoks 173ex33
chene noir d`avignonaurora theatre re, new! 1971chene 01ex12
chick churchillyou & me 1973 UK. (kansi vg+)chrysalis 1051ex-12
chicken shackaccept germany, reline/outline ollp 5301 asex-13
chicken shackimagination lady 1972, new! ReSunday 0103ex13
chico magnetic bandsame, new!, re 197?nosmoke 003ex13
children (remastered)rebirth 1968, NEW! Reosr 041ex18
children 2lprebirth , NEW! Re gear fab rec. 187ex25
chillumsama, NEW!sumbeam 5070ex13
chircovisitation, new! 1972, reosr 11ex18
chocolate watch bandno way out, RE (repro)cw 5096ex9
chosen fewsame 1969, usarca 4242ex-14
christmasheritage 1970 , RE (kannessa pieni tarran poisto jälki), repro?sba-16002ex-9
christmasheritage, NEW!, reakarma 355ex18
christopherwhatcha gonna do? New! Relionlp 001ex15
christophersame, New! Re 1970osr 007ex15
chuchills (color vinyl)chuchills, New!, re ban 15591ex15
churchill downssame, 1969, new! Reshadocks 137ex30
ciccada (green)the finest of miracles 2015 NEW!mv 996ex18
ciccada 2lpa child in the mirror, new!mv 998ex18
ciconotte, + vihko + liite! Re, 1974si-wan srml 5002ex-24
cincinnatosame, new!, reamslp 55ex18
circuit ridersama, NEW! Recr 666ex13
circulusclocks are like people, 2006, like new!rise above 093ex16
circulus the lick on the tip of an envelope yet to be sent 2005 + poster!rise above 63ex16
circuscircus (netherland band) re, new!vp 99015ex18
circus 2000same 1970, NEW! Revmlp 014ex25
circus maximussame, Re NEW!vanguard 79260ex12
"cirkus (black vinyl) +7"""one 1973 NEW! Re (2016 anazitisi records) hieno proge lp!arlp/s 70-68Fex35
"cirkus (clear vinyl lim. 100 print) +7"""one 1973 NEW! Re (2016 anazitisi records) hieno proge lp!arlp/s 70-68Fex40
citta frontaleel tor 1975 RE, new!fonitex18
clannad same 1973 philips 6392013vg+3
clannadsame 1979shanachie 79007ex-5
clannaddulaman 1979shanachie 79008ex5
clark hutchinsonA=MH2 1969, NEW! Reakarma 293ex18
clark hutchinsonretribution 1970 germany, soi hyvin muutama naksu 2.puolen alussa..deram sml 1076vg+18
claudine longetcolours 1968 RE , NEW!lr105ex9
claudio baglioniquesto piccolo grande amore,1972, great cover!!rca 10551vg5
claudio baglioni (vangelis)!!!!e tu…1974 rca tpl1-1067ex-11
clear blue skysame 1970, NEW! Reakarma 260ex23
clifford t. wardmantle pieces 1973charisma 1077ex-5
clifford t. wardhome thoughts av.kan. 1973charisma 1066vg+5
cliffsightsoulful man, NEW!longhair 99ex13
cliquesame , usa orig.white whale 7126ex-14
cliquevanbrugh park re , NEW!detour 021ex11
clockwiseanthem for his majesty 1978 usa orig. Prog.mars hill 1001ex-16
cloudswatercolour days, orig.Uk.chrysalis 9151ex-28
cloudsscrapbook 1969 UK. Orig.? (kansi kulumaa vg)island ilps 9100ex-60
clouds (kansi vg++)watercolour days, orig.Uk. (2.puolen alku muutama lievä napsu muuten ex----)chrysalis 9151ex---16
cluster2, re, new! 1972lr 124ex18
clustersame, re, new!4men beards 140ex19
clustersowiesoso, re, new!4men beards 162ex19
cobmoyshe mcstiff&tartan lancers 1972 RE , NEW!radioactive 119ex18
cobspirit of love RE new!! 1971tapestry 220ex18
collagesama 1971 RE, NEW!rgf 005ex11
collegium musicum 2lpkonvergencie 1971, NEW! Reopus 910136-1ex18
collins judygolden apples of the sun RE (vanha painos kuitenkin)elektra 7222ex-7
colosseumdaughter of time, usa orig. (kansi vg+) pieni cut out reikä.dunhill 50101ex--30
colosseumvalentyne suite 1969, RE 2016music on vinyl 1758ex16
colosseum 2.strange new flesh 1976, reclalp 104ex-18
colosseum 2lplive 1971 usa orig., cut outwb 1942vg+15
colosseum 2lplive 1971 UK.bronze icd 2ex--18
common peopleof the people/by the people… re mr st-266ex11
companionreap the loft dreamerf RE, NEW!akarmaex14
compleat dancing mastersama 1973hannibal ex-11
complexthe way we feel 909/1000 re , tenth planeth 39ex16
comusto keep crying 1974 UK. Orig.virgin 2018ex-55
comus 2lpfirst utterance, NEW!, reget back 541ex28
comus, roger wootton & piucut the air at mello club,2009, NEW!mellolp 7ex18
condellophase 1, resundazed 5464ex14
condellophase 1, NEW! Re sundazed 5464ex18
congregacionvieme..1972 RE, NEW!avr 141516ex23
constantinedauy of light 2. print! NEW! 2016clp 968ex18
cook rogermeanwhile av.kan. 1972 usakamasutra 2056ex-7
cooley-munsonin debt 1972 New! REguess 040ex13
corporationsama, new! Re capitol st 175ex17
corporation (age of aquarius)get on our swing, re, NEW! ks 4150ex10
corpuscreation a child, NEW! Reakarma 113ex24
cosmic michael same 1969 NEW! re out-sider 033ex18
cosmic overdosesame silence 4668ex-14
country coalitionsama bluesway 6043ex-6
country joe mcdonaldwar war war, usa 1971vanguard 79315ex-9
country joe mcdonaldhere we are again, usa 1969vanguard 79299ex-9
country joe mcdonaldtonight im singing just for you 1970, UK. Orig.?vanguard 6557ex-9
country lanesubstratum 1970, NEW! Remellotron mlp 011ex14
covenwitchcraft destroys minds and reaps souls 1970, NEW! Reakarma 271ex25
cravinkelsame, NEW! Relhc 140ex14
creationsama, re , new! 1974-75mjj 329ex18
creationpure electric soul, re, new! 1977mjj 333ex15
creepy john thomasbrother bat bone RE, NEW!tapestry 212ex18
creepy john thomasbrother bat bone, re, new! 1968soundvision 01006ex9
crystal phoenix (julistekansi)same eka lp!si-wan 2015ex-35
crystal syphonfamily evil, 1967-68, re, new!roar 25ex14
crystal thoughs (only 50 print) 29/50 nr.welcoming nicolai vilhelm tell, 2015, NEW! gppd 009ex90
"CRYSTAL THOUGHTS 10"""BECOMING ACID, 2014 (only 150 regular print)gppd 008ex40
crystal thoughts (candy edition)kaleidoscopic drop 2013, (Candy edition,only 100 print) new!gppd 006 giraffeex80
cuby + blizzardsappleknockers flophouse 1969, UK.philips 7918vg++++25
cuevoices beyond my curtain REsi-wan 3009vg++18
cuerotiempo despues 1973, NEW! Re2.405ex8
culpeperall dressed up and nowhere to go 1977 sonet 1558ex-18
culpepers orchardsame, new! Revalhalla 003ex14
curved airbest of 1976wb ex-6
curved airsecond album,1971 NEW! Re epoque 1359ex15
cuzoson imaginacions teves 197?, New! Rebclp 241ex11
cwtthe hundred weight, NEW!, remissing vinyl 012ex12
cymbeline1965-1971, (swedish band) NEW!guess 152ex9
da capoda capo 1972 NEW! Relong hair 171ex18
daevid allen (gong)banana moon RE ,new!get 557ex8
daltonargitari 1975 NEW! Re vmlp 098ex21
daltonriflessioni:idea d`infinito, 1973, re, new!vinyl magic 2011ex22
dando shaftsame 1971, new! Resommor 003ex19
dando shafta evening with dando shaft, new! Re sommor 002ex19
dando shaftlantaloon, re, new! 1972sommor 004ex19
dandruft deluxethe deal with the devil av.kan. psyke 1996hot wax 025ex6
danielson ships ???ex9
danielson brother 2lp (green vinyl)brother????ex12
darryl way (wolf)concerto for electric violin 1978island 9550ex-9
darryl way (wolf)human condition 1988venture ex-9
das dritte ohrzahltag, 1980teldecex-6
"dashiell hedayat ""(gong)"""obsolete , NEW! Re un officalshandar 83512ex11
dave waite & marianne segalpaper flowers, re, New!akarma 379ex9
davidsame 1969 NEW! Re comet gear fab 413ex18
david bedfordinstructions for angels 1977 UK.virgin 2090ex-12
david gilmour 2lp, bootsimihalis, live in scandinavia wow 240-484ex-37
dawn treader onesame, 1978, usastar song 0009vg+++13
day blindnesssama RE , NEW!studio 10 dpx 101ex18
de de lindlo non so da dove vengo, new! Re vm 083ex22
decembers childrensama, new!, remainstream 6128ex13
deirdre wilson tabacsame 1970, NEW! Rebewith 029ex18
deliriumdolce acqua, New! Revmlp 145ex23
deliriumlo scemo e il villaggio, New! Revmlp 144ex23
delirium3 ,RE NEW! 1974wm lp 126ex22
demiansame , new! Remjj 309ex16
denissame, NEW! Re (1968-1978 lyrics by william blake)!mellotron 010ex16
dennis wilson pacific ocean blue 1977 UK. Orig. (ei liitettä)!caribou 81672ex-40
dennis wilson 3lppacific ocean blue 2008, NEW! Re, Colour vinyl!sundazed/caribou 5212ex60
derdiyoklar ikilisidisco folk 1979, re, new!guerssen 092ex12
derrico gianniattico teatro da camera, RE, NEW!88697473361 ex18
deviantsptooff!, REget back 504ex13
devils anvilhard rock from the middle east re, NEW!columbia 9464ex18
devils kitchensame, re, new! 1968-69lysergic soundex18
deyss 2lpvision in the dark lp 87112ex-15
diaz de bluessama RE 1972akarma 99103ex12
dick heckstall-smitha story ended 1972 orig. UK.bronze 9196ex--28
dies iraefirst, 1971 NEW! Re green vinyl. 2009lucky pigsex12
dieter schutzthe comet 1986sky 112ex8
dimmatredje dimma, new! 2011 , ruotsi hard rock!gs 014ex14
dirk serriestheres a light in vein reworked by:use of ashes..NEW!tonefloat 137ex6
dirty blues bandstone dirt, usa orig. bluesway 6020ex-18
doctor marigolds prescription play and sing, usaalshire 5159ex-5
dog that bit peoplesame 1971, RE 2012, NEW!mayfair 014ex14
don shinndapartures 1969, NEW! Reom 71058ex11
douglas firhard heartsingin 1970 NEW! Reosr 034ex13
dr. Johnthe night dripper gris-gris 1968, UK. Orig. Laminoidut kan.atlantic 588147oran/violettiex-28
dr. Johnthe night dripper 1971 RE 200?atco 362ex13
dr. Johnin the right place 1973, RE 200?atco 7018ex13
dr.johncity lights 1978 holland printhorizonex-9
dr.johndesitively bonnaroo 1974 usa, pieni cut outatco 7043ex-13
dr.strangely strangekip of the serenes 1969, RE timeless 702ex22
dr.strangely strangeheavy petting 1969 NEW! Re, hienot avattavat kannet!tapestry 248ex28
dr.zthree parts of my soul, reevents 19113vg++22
dragonwycksame 1970, NEW! rewis 017ex18
drake nick 2lpfamily tree , NEW!sbr 5041ex28
dramamelodrama 1972, NEW! Revp 99048ex12
dreamget dreamy (terje rypdahl) RE , NEW! 196? Psych.wohn 005ex18
drnwyngypsies in the mist, re, new!wohn 007ex13
droogsguerrilla love-in 1991 orig. (unplayed)!music maniac 041ex11
druids of stonehengecreation RE new!! 1968sundazed 5331ex16
druids of stonehengecreation RE new!! 1968tapestry 203ex16
drum circus magic theatre 1971, NEW! Re (numbered 101/1000)garden of delights 028ex21
drupisame 1974 orig.? Italosmrl 6122ex-8
dryewatersouthpaw 1974 RE, new!void ex12
dschinn (gold vinyl)!!dschinn 1972, NEW! Relp9669116ex18
dublinersthe dubliners dublin 1989esslp 004ex5
duello madresama, 1973, New! Revm lp 128ex18
duffyjust in case youre interested, new! 1972, rearc 958ex13
dug dug`s"lost in my world "", re 1991 print!, repro?"mezcal 2ex8
dug dug`s"lost in my world "", re, new! 1971"lion 649ex12
duindam janthoughts 1978, new! Reguess 123ex6
dungenskit i allt 2010, new!sub-076ex15
dungen tio bitar, (like new!!)xmlp-sub19ex18
dungen , maxisätt att se 2008, NEW! sub 29ex11
earth and firereality fills fantasy bluebirdex-5
earth operagreat american eagle, new! Re elektra 74038ex12
earth operasame, usaELEKTRA 74016EX--18
earthen vesselhard rock, new! Reguerssen 108ex13
east of edensnafu 1970 NEW! REtimeless 715ex16
east of edencomp.( Profile )teldecex-6
east of edeneast of eden 1971 UK. (kansi vg+)harvest 792ex-50
east of eden 2lpthingsnova 6.28367ex-13
east side kidstiger and the lamb 1968 usa orig.uni 73032vg7
eberhard schoenervideo magic 1978 germanyharvest 45234ex-9
eclipsesame 1976, canada (kansi pieni ringwear)cbs 90340ex--12
ecologia del delito (kauhuleffamusa)stelvio ciprani 1971, NEW! Re, numbered 120/500cnst 707ex16
eddy zoltanspelemannen 1974 orig. (kansi/cover :ringwear!!)vg+talent 4004ex-12
edgar allan poegenerazioni(storia di sempre)1974 RE,new!kansas ex14
edgar broughton bandsing brother sing, 1970 NEW! Retimeless 721ex23
edgar broughton band"oora 1972 RE, NEW! Hienot ""muovi kannet"" !"timeless 734ex30
edgar broughton bandsame 1971, NEW! Retimeless 714ex18
edgar broughton bandwasa wasa 1969 REemi 038-04083ex-13
edgar broughton bandwasa wasa 1969 New! REtime 699ex18
edip akbayramsame, 1974, NEW! rephs 019ex12
edwards handstranded 1970 Re, NEW! (prod.george martin)lightingtree 006ex11
eiliffgirlrls1972, NEW! Relhc 152ex12
ekseption00.04ex libris 6859032ex-7
el shalom (kraut rock)!frost 1976 NEW! Re missing vinyl 040ex15
el vampiromusic carrion ,gustavo cesar, new! Remjj 306lpex14
elastic bandexpansions on life 1970, NEW! re decca nova 6ex14
electric frankensteinwhat we worry? REakarma 399ex15
electric indiandull house 1971, RE (pien kolhu yläkulmassa)philips 6305107ex18
electric lucifercreated by bruce haack, re, new!columbia 9991ex11
electric monster rock show 2 lpamon duul2,krokodil,can,fantasy,floating bridge,big bertha, etc.liberty 83423/4vg++7
electric prunesmas in f minor, usa orig.? (kansi cover vg+)reprise 6275vg++18
electric prunesunderground, re, new!reprise 6262ex12
electric prunesmass in f minor, re, new!reprise 62675ex12
electric prunes (colored vinyl)underground, re, new!reprise 6262ex13
electric toiletin the hands of karma 1970, RE 2002akarma 199ex18
elephantsama, 1975 (promotional dj copy tarra kan.)cut outbt 89508ex-12
elephant candythe fun and games, usa uni 73042vg(+)6
eli radishi didnt raise my boy to be a soldier usa capitol 244vg+6
eliwagari volvens vev, NEW! 2016mn 1015ex12
ellesmereles chateaux de la loire, NEW! Reamslp 119ex12
ellie pop (colored vinyl)!first album RE, new!! mainstream 6115ex9
ellisonsama re , NEW!void 2900ex11
elojeff lynnes elo, alone in the universe 2015, NEW! columbia ex14
eloytime to turn 1982 REemi fameex-13
eloymetromania 1984emi dmm 1469451ex-16
eloysilent cries and mighty echoes (club edition)harvest38778-7ex-16
eloyeloy, 1971, New! Re (like original cover!)missing vinyl 038ex22
eloy 2lplive, 1978 germany (kansi vg+)harvestex---15
elppictures at an exhibition, usacotillion 66666ex---9
elpworks volume 2, usa 1977 pieni cut outatlantic 19147ex-9
elpsame eka lp 1970, germany pink island, (kansi vg+++)pink island 6339026ex---14
elpsame eka lp 1970, germany pink island, (kansi alareuna teippiä vg-)pink island 6339026vg+++10
elptarkus, 1971 avat.kannet UK. Kansi pientä kulumaa…island 9155ex-15
elptarkus, 1971 avat.kannet UK.manticore 43504ex-11
elplove beach 1978, usa cut outatlanticex-6
elptrilogy, UK. 1972island 9186ex--13
elptrilogy, UK. 1972island 9186vg+++11
elpbrain salad surgery, germany hienot avat.kannet vg+manticore 87302ex--13
elp 2lpworks volume 1. 1977 germany (kansi vg+)ariola 28614ex-12
elp 2lpworks volume 1. 1977 usaatlantic 7000ex-8
elp 2lp (steven wilson mixed version)tarkus 1971, original & s.wilson mixaus)! NEW! 2012music on vinyl 591ex15
elysesama, re, New!sody 032ex14
emeraudegeoffrey, NEW! Re mellotron 009ex13
emergencyentrance 1972 NEW! Relhc 184ex14
emergencyfirst album 1971 NEW! Relhc 182ex14
emtidisame RE new! 1970wah wah 034ex18
emtidisaat RE, new! 1972 wah wah 037ex22
endintrospection 1969, redecca 5015ex18
endintrospection 1969, REtapestry 208ex15
eneideuomini umili, popoli liberi1972, RE NEW!amslp 59ex18
englandthe last of the jubblies silver edion 1977, RE 2016gren tree 159-1ex15
enidin the region of the summer stars, usa 1976 (kansi vg++)buc 52002ex--11
enidin the region of the summer stars 1984, UK. Kansi vg+enid 7ex-12
ennio morriconegot mit uns soundtrack RE , NEW!red 151-1ex8
epsilonepsilon 1971, NEW! Rebacillus 9862012ex18
ergosummexico 1971, NEW!, re rpc 01ex18
ericayou used to think 1968,New! REgret 1099ex14
erkin koray (red vinyl)illa ki , NEW! Reemre 520ex15
erkin koray 2lparap saci, re, new!phs 008ex21
eroczwei, 1976 (kannen lakka/laminaatti hiena irronnut)brain 60.007ex-15
errobigure lekukotasuna 1977 re, NEW!guess 010ex11
ertlifrelics from the past 1974-75, NEW!sommor 032ex12
ertlif 2lpertlif…plus 1972 NEW! Resommor 031ex18
esperanza spalding 2lpradio music society, 2012heads upex22
estus (pre ramones)estus 1973, NEW! Rehifly 8032ex9
et cetera 2 lpsame, New! Re longhair 1067ex18
eternitysame 1981, NEW! Regkl 002ex13
evensong same 1973, NEW! Rebmrl 2002ex18
evolsame, 1970, re, new!gearfab 255ex18
exodussupernova (kansi vg+)muza sx 2108ex---8
explosion ,davida bright tomorrow, new!, readlp 1059ex7
eyes of bluecrossroads of time 1968, NEW! Rewah wah 173ex14
"fabrizio de andre (""folk"")"vol.3 1970 italy (blue/red label)smrl 6237ex-5
fabrizio de andre (red vinyl)volume 1. 1967, NEW! RE 2009sony musicex9
fair weatherlet your mind roll on,new! REdyna 034ex11
fairportgottle o`geer 1976 usailps 9389ex-9
fairport conventionlive at broughton castle, moat on the ledge 1982, cut out hole.spl 1052ex-6
fairport conventionfull house 1970 , usa avat.kan. Cut outam 4265ex-9
fairport conventionbabbacombe lee 1971 UK., av.kan. + vihko + sanapussi! (kansi vg)ilps 9176vg+++18
fairport conventiontipplers tales UK. Rebgo 72ex-6
fairport conventionunhalfbricking 1969, re holland(ilps 9102) 88163 xatex--11
fairport conventionangel delight 1971 UK. pink rim island 9162ex--18
fairport convention 2lphistory of 1972 UK. + vihko + pahvi sinetti + nauha!island icd 1-4ex-18
fairport convention 2lphistory of 1972 italyisland 28499ex-9
fantasiasame 1975, NEW! Re 2016mellotron 014ex18
fantasia (lim.ed. 100print orange vinyl)same 1975, NEW! Re 2016mellotron 014ex30
fantasypaint a picture Re new!! 1973tapestry 228ex16
fantasy (black vinyl)paint a picturesi-wan srml 0032ex36
fantasy (clear vinyl)paint a picture (numbered 500-017)si-wan srml 0032ex-26
fantasy (color vinyl) 500 print!)paint a picture, New! resi-wanex28
fapardoklysame RE, NEW!!guess 48ex11
far east family bandtenkujin, NEW!, reashlp3046ex24
far east family bandthe cave down to the earth, NEW! Reashlp 3023ex22
far east family band (far out)nipponjin, 1975 NEW! Re ashlp 3009ex23
far east family band (far out)nipponjin, 1975 germany (kansi/cover vg++)space vertigo 6370850vg20
faraway folkseasonal man, re, New! ra records 6029ex18
farmyard 2lplooking for a place, RE like new! 1991 + liitteet! (1970 & 1971 two originals)little wing 4016/17ex45
farout (color vinyl)further out 1979, NEW! Re 2016svart sre 038ex11
faust 2lp71 minutes , 2010rer vf 1ex18
faust (clear vinyl, like original)faust 1971, NEW! Relr 138ex21
fear itselfsame 1968 RE , NEW!wis 004ex13
feltsama 1970, NEW! Reakarma 127ex21
femine complexlivin love 1969 re, NEW! (girl group) good!gear fab 207ex13
fernando pachecohimalaia 1986, brazilfs lp 002ex22
ferris same, new! RE, Finland 1971, (dave lindholm) 500 numbered copies!shadocks 161ex33
ferris wheelsupernatural girl 1974, NEW! Rek240574ex12
fever treefor sale, orig. Usa, Unplayed,soittamaton!ampex 10113ex25
fever treefor sale, orig. usaampex 10113ex-17
fever treesame, usa mca 551vg12
fever treelive 1969, new! Resundazed 5378ex15
fever treecreation, re, new! 1969nr 231ex16
fieldssame, NEW! Repilot 6002ex15
fieldssame 1973, holland cbs 53264 vihreä etikettiex18
finchvita dominica 1976, NEW! Revp99.038ex13
finchglory of the inner force 1975, usa cut outatco ex-13
finchley boys everlasting tributes, New! Re + insert`sanazitisi arlpfc 7045ex28
firecould you undestand me 1973, NEW! re??ex15
"fire (""magic shoemaker band"")"en el nom del pare RE ,new! 196?guess 38ex15
fire (red vinyl)!magic shoemaker, re , new! 1970tapestry 262ex21
fireballettwo,too.. 1976 +liitepassport 98016ex-9
firefay (voc.allison o`donnel:mellow candle)anointed queen 2015 (lim.ed.199 numbered copies)golden pavilion 1024ex16
first + aidnostradamus 1976, NEW! Rehifly 8022ex9
first revelation of danny&lindasama RE rfr-001ex-14
fit & limo 2lpasglp 32ex-22
five day week straw people 2lpsame, NEW! Re ( bonus lp the attack)akarma 218/2ex22
flaming besstanz der götter, 1979 germanyf 666761ex--15
flashout of our hands1973 UK. (kansi vg+)sovereign 7260ex--9
flashin the can 1973, UK. sovereign 7255ex--22
flied eggdr.siegels fried egg shooting machine,re, New!ashlp 3043ex18
flied egggood bye, new! Re bamlp 7006ex15
floating operasama, 1971 usa orig.embryo 730ex-18
flockdinosaur swamps1970, UK. Orig.cbs 64055ex--18
floh de colognefliebbandbabys beat show, re, (1.puolen alussa naksuva naarmu 1min.)ohr"ex-"""5
floh de cologneprima freiheit 1978 + iso juliste! Orig.pläne g-9-0239ex--15
flower traveling bandmade in japan,re, new!ashlp 3047ex24
flower travellin bandanywhere , re, new!mjj 330ex20
flower travellin band with joethe timesw, re, new! 1971-74ahslp 3052ex22
fluddsama 1971 wb2578ex-9
flute & voicedrachenlieder, NEW! 1974/75wah wah lps 147ex18
flytedawn dancer 1979 NEW!si-wan 3018ex18
flytedawn dancer 1979 si-wan 3018ex15
focushamburger concerto, , usa 1974atcoex-9
focusat the rainbow 1973, reemi 24939ex-9
focusmoving waves 1971, RE 2009missing vinyl 023ex12
folguefolgue,1975 NEW! Rephilips 6317025ex13
folk festival middletown 1969-70only 100 made this is no:91, eri esittäjiä…sa 265vg3
folk och rackarerackarspel 1978ytf-50241ex-3
folkdove (second edition 111 copies)same, NEW! Re1112nd006ex13
"folklords + 7"""realese th sunshine, re, new!lion lp 104ex18
fon klementsame 1974, NEW!, re wah wah 132ex12
fon klementi feel lonely in my town 1973, NEW!, re vwah wah 131ex12
foodforever is a dream 1969 re, NEW!breeder 304ex18
ford theatre time changes usa orig. 196? Pieni cut out holeabcs 681ex-9
fords imaginary infernosummer breeze and magic trees RE, NEW!fii 008ex12
fords imaginary infernomeet the children of make-believe RE new!xcalmgo403ex12
forestfull circle RE ,NEW!timeles 709ex14
forestfull circle REzap 3ex-14
forestconcert, 1972, re, new!mjj 340ex12
forestsame 1969, NEW! Retimeless 096ex18
forestfull circlesi-wan srml 6007ex23
fortune tellerinner-city scream 1968, NEW! Reanazitisi 70-29fex14
foxthe fox sake vol 1, usa, hienot avattavat kannet!cr 1336ex-24
fractionmoon blood, NEW! Re aukko kansi!akarma 074ex22
frank fosters living color (Edward Vesala)twelve shades of black 1979, NEW! ORIGINAL LP!leo records 007ex12
franklin 2lpfranklin 1 & 2 life circle,RE,new!jla-00.0401ex18
fredricphases and faces 1968, RE forte records 80461ex18
freebornepeak impressions, re, new!monitor 607ex16
freedomtrough the years 1971, NEW! Resommor 015ex15
freedomsame 1970 usa orig. Pieni cut out reikä.abcs 708ex-30
freedom"same 1970 UK. Orig. (kansi ex--) soi ""vg+/vg"""probe spba 6252vg45
fresh aira breath of…new! Reswddl 730ex15
fresh aire 2fresh aire 2 by mannheim steamroller 1977ag 359ex-5
fresh eard,b,m+t 1970philips 6308029vg+5
friar tuckand his psychedelic guitar, re, New!folp 2038ex12
friendsfragile 1972 RE , (B/5 pieni prässivika , särinää)acme 1043ex6
frijid pinksame 1970 UK. Kansi vg+++++deram 1062ex--55
frijid pinksame 1970 UK. (takakansi hieman vauriota) deram 1062ex--40
frizzi comini tonazzimelodia 1979 folk ,UNPLAYEDcgd 20167ex4
front page reviewmystic soldiers 1968 NEW! Re guess 134ex9
fry marki lived in trees, new!gp 1014ex15
fuchiasame, re, NEW! mjj 355ex18
fugsit crawled into my hand,honest av.kan. Re 1968edsel 181ex-9
fugstenderness junction 1968, RE 1989 (kansi vg++)edsel 298ex-9
fuhrs & fröhlingstrings 1979brain 0060.223ex-15
fuhrs & fröhlingdiary 1981brain 0060.333ex-11
funguslief ende leid 1975 ( folk)negram 115ex-15
fusion farm"rush job 1971; NEW! Re "shadocks 186ex30
galaxyday without the sun 1976, Reakarma 008ex16
gale garnet&gentle reignan audience with the king of wands re , NEW!columbia 9625ex13
gale garnett&the gentle reigngausalito heliport re, NEW!columbia 9760ex13
gallerythe wind that shakes the barley 1973, NEW!, re guerssen 130ex9
galley beggarheather hymns NEW!rise above 208ex18
gamble folkthinking with usa ccs 1544ex-5
gandalfgandalf 2, new! Re 1968-1971sundaze 5370ex17
gandalf (featuring steve hackett)!gallery of dreamscpl-1276ex14
garcia jerryreflection ,usaround records 565ex-9
garybaldinuda 1972, NEW! Re 3 osaan aukeavat kannet!vmlp 114ex27
garybaldinote perdute, new! 1969-1998amslp 41ex21
gayle mccormick (band called smith)!!same, 1971 UK. Orig. (cover vg+) gatefoldprobe spba 6261ex--13
genesisand then thre were three 1978, UK. avattavat kannet!charisma 4010ex-13
genesisand then thre were three 1978, canada, avattavat kannet!atlantic 19173ex--12
genesistrespass 1970, usanmca 816vg+11
genesistrespass 1970, avat.kannet, hollandcharisma 1020ex--13
genesisfoxtrot, UK. 1972, REchc 38vg+12
genesisfoxtrot, avat.kannet, germanycharisma 6369922ex--14
genesisnursery cryme, germany, avat.kannetphilips 6369916ex-14
genesisnursery cryme, UK. (ropokartonkikannet)charisma cas 1052ex-15
genesiswind and wuthering 1976 holland. (kansi vg+)charisma 9124003ex--12
genesiswind and wuthering 1976 canadaatco 144ex-12
genesisnursery crime, RE germanyvirgin/charisma ex--17
genesislive 1973, re UK.chc 23ex-9
genesisinvisible touch (ropokohokansi)virginex--9
genesisand then thre were three 1978, UK. avattavat kannet Ex------charisma 9124023ex--14
genesislive 1973, re UK.charisma 6499593ex-13
genesis (columbia band)same 1974 RE, new!guess 034ex9
genesis (columbia band)yakta mama 1975 RE,new!guess 035ex9
genesis 2lpthree sides live, norge print!vertigo 6650008ex-16
genesis 2lpthree sides live, usaatlanticex-11
gentle giantgiant for a day (sininen chrysalis)chrysalis 1186ex-15
gentle giantthree friends 1972, NEW! Retapestry 271ex24
gentle giantin a glas house 1973 UK. Orig. (kansi vg+)wwa 002ex-55
gentle giantoctobus 1973, NEW! Retapestry 281ex23
gentle giantacquiring taste 1971 RE, NEW!tapestry 257ex24
gentle giantoctobus 1972, UK. (kansi vg) levyssä pintajälkeä soi vg+space vertigo 6360080vg15
gentle giantoctopus 1972 UK. Orig.spiral vertigo 6360080ex--125
gentle giantgiant for a day! Germany REchrysalis ex--15
gentle giantacquiring the taste, usa space vertigo!vertigo vel 1005vg(+)30
gentle giant 2lpthe offical live playing the fool 1977 UK.chrysalis 1133ex-17
gentle giant 2lpthe offical live playing the fool 1977 usa (kansi vg+)capitol ex-12
gentryssama sun 117ex-7
ghostwhen youre dead-one second,REmlp 001ex18
gianni d`erricoantico teatro da camera 1976, NEW! Re 2009sony 88697473361ex14
giant crabcomes forth, NEW! Reswddl 731ex12
gilabury my heart at wounded knee 1973, new! Re, numbered print!garden of delights 010ex18
gila (colour lp)bury my heart at wounded knee 1973, new! Re unoffical.wb 46234ex9
gilmour david on an island 2006, NEW! Re 2015sony musicex28
ginhousesame, re 198?inferno ex-15
gipsy lovesame orig. Germany (kansi vg+)basf 2021115-0ex- 25
glass family 2lpelectric band 196? NEW! Remwr 1ex22
glass harpsame1970 usa (kannet vg)decca 75261vg+9
glass prismpoe through 1969rca 4201ex-14
gleemenoltre…lontano, lontano NEW!black widow 164ex18
gleemensame 1970 RE, new! cgdex18
gli alluminogeniscolopendra 1972 NEW! Re 2008vmlp 121ex21
gnidrologin spite of harrys toe-nail, new! Relost century 71030ex21
golden dawnpower plant, re, new!ia 4ex14
golemorion awakes 1976 NEW! Rement 006ex18
gongcamembert electrique , REget back 610ex-16
gongyou , REget back 621ex-16
gongangels egg 1973, UK. Re 1976??virgin 2007ex-21
gong, pierre moerlens sama 1979 usaarista 4219ex-6
gong, pierre moerlens downwind 1079arista 201138ex-8
good morning (numbered 42/50) ep?sister rain, NEW!kommun 2ex22
goodness and mercysama, usamgm 4730ex-9
grace slick & great societysomebody to love usa harmony kh 30391ex-14
grace slick & the great society 2lpsame collectors item from san francisco scene , usacolumbia 30459ex-16
graciousthis is gracious!! RE 199? Repro.ti 004ex18
gracious!samesi-wan srml 0033ex28
graham bondholy magick, usa (cut out hole) Soittamaton!mercury 61327ex-25
graham bondholy magick, usa (cut out hole)mercury 61327ex-15
graham bond organisationlive at klooks kleek,New! RE 1964get 609ex11
graham bond organizationthe sound of 65, REsweet dandelion ex12
grailsame , RE, NEW!timeless 720ex15
grandfatherdear mr time, NEW!, 1970 remayfair 011ex13
granicussame,1973, re, new!rca 321ex18
grateful deadaoxomoxoa 1969 UK. (second print? )wb46027ex-30
grateful deadworkingmans dead, germany orig. wb 1869ex--22
grateful deadamerican beauty 1970 germany orig.wb 1893ex--30
grateful dead 2lpsame 1971 usa orig. wb 1935vg+28
grateful dead 2lpthe best of the…1967-1977, 2015 (kerran soitettu)rhino 549112ex18
gravy traina ballad of a peaceful man 1970, NEW! Reakarma 266ex24
greasy bearis adrian there? 1970, NEW! Revr 008ex14
greensladespyglass guest 1974 UK. wb 56055ex-18
greensladespyglass guest 1974 usamercury 1015vg+++9
greensladespyglass guest 1974 holland space vertigo 6370111ex-18
grey mouse trip, NEW! Rewatt 4ex18
greylock mansion 1969 NEW! Relysergic sound dist.031578ex16
grobschinittillegal, 1980brainex-6
grobschinttrockpommels land,1977, germany + liite!brain 60.041ex30
grobschinttrockpommels land,1977, germany + liite!brain 60.041vg+++20
grobschnittsolar music live av.kan. 1978brain 0060.139ex---18
grobschnittmerry-go-round 1979brain ex-12
grobschnittsonnetanz 1985 livebrain 827734ex-16
grobschnittsame,eka lp, re, new! (mp 3 downloading)brain/back to blackex18
grobschnitt 2lpsama rock on brainbrain 0080044ex-14
groove club vol 2. 2lpcambodia rock spectacular, new! Pop/psych.lion 112ex12
groundhogsthank christ for the bomb, NEW! Reakarma 040ex21
groundhogs"hogwash 1972, UK. Orig.! (triple"" gatefold cover!)"uag 29419ex-35
groundhogscrosscut saw 1976 usa cut outua 603ex-16
group 1850paradise now 1969, re, new!pseudonym 99044ex22
group 1850agemos trip to mother earth, re, new!missing vinyl 035ex22
group imagea mouth in the clouds, re, new!folp 2041ex15
grup estel (maxi 4 biisiä)nadal 1973,re, new!guerssen 091ex9
grupa 220nasi dani, new!, re 1968lpsyv 753ex11
grupo amigospaloma mensajera RE, new!! guess 032ex6
gryphontreason, 1977 UK. Orig.harvest 4063ex-22
gryphontreason 1977, UK.harvest 4063ex--18
gualbertosame RE 1970 NEW!wah wah 016ex16
gurnemanzno ray of noice , re, new!missing vinyl 030ex15
gurnemanzspielmanskinder1975, re, new!missing vinyl 029ex15
gwydionsongs for the old religion,new! Relr 3ex18
h.m.s.bounty & merrel frankhauserthings 1968 RE,NEW!!guess 49ex12
h.p. lovegraft 2, orig. Usa cut outphilips 600-279ex-18
h.p. lovegraft 2, new! Resubway hplv 69ex12
h.p.lovecrafth.p.lovecraft, re, new! hplv 68ex16
h.wolf,n.hennings,m.hartyamantaka 1983cel 003ex-5
habibiyya 2lpif man but knew Re,new!1972sunbeam 5043ex18
hackett steveplease dont touch 1978 usachrysalisex-7
haikara (black vinyl)geafar 1973, NEW! Re 2016svart 441ex25
haikara (pink vinyl)geafar 1973, NEW! Re 2016svart 441ex28
hairy chaptercant get through 1971, NEW! Rebacillus 9642911ex21
halloweenpart one 1988si-wan 3007ex18
hamish imlachall round entertainer 1973trans atlantic 31ex-8
hammel, pavol & marian vargazelena posta 1972 NEW! Re 2017opus 910191-1ex16
hammill petera black box, germanymercuryex-15
hammill petera black box, hollandmercuryex-13
handdream to ride RE, NEW!gp1029ex21
hannibalsame, re, new!philips 6369003ex21
happeningspiece of mind 1969 orig.usa (etukan.palat irrotettu, mutta kaikki tallella)!jubilee 8028ex-8
happy the mansama 1977 usa cut outarista 4120ex-8
hapshash and the coloured coatfeaturing the human host and the heavy metal kids 1967, REakarma 204 (red vinyl)ex18
hapshash and the coloured coatwestern flier 1968, RE repro -90 luv.print.imperial 12430ex-12
hapshash and the coloured coatwestern flier 1968, usa orig. imperial 12430ex-22
harbingersecond coming (dave bixby) RE, NEW! (Free mp 3 download code)guess 059ex9
harsh realityheaven and hell 1969, RE 199? Reprocombel SBL 7891ex16
haslam annieannie in wonderland, 1977, usa cut outsire 6046ex--10
haslam annieannie in wonderland, 1977 usasire 6046vg+5
hawklordssame 1978charisma 10ex--9
hawkwindanthology volume 3 samurai 040ex-9
hawkwindsame, eka lp, resunset 50374ex-11
hawkwindquark strangeness and charm 1977,germanyvirgin 206955-270ex-18
hawkwindzones 1983, UK.sharp 014ex14
hawkwindchoose your masques 1982 UK.rca 6055ex-15
hawkwinddoremi fasol latido, 1972 RE UK. (1.puolen alussa muutama naksu)ua liberty 29364ex-11
hawkwindin search of space 1971, refame 3192ex-11
hawkwinddoremi fasol latido, germany (pikkasen lämpö vauriota ei kuulu soittaessa)ua 29364vg+9
hawkwinddoremi fasol latido. Germany orig. (kansi vg+)ua g 29364vg+++25
"hawkwind 10"""independent days 1984 (kansi vg+)flicknife x sharp 019ex-8
hawkwind 2lplive chronicles 1986gwr ex-13
hawkwind 2lpshot down in the night, New! Winter tour 1979 UK.vinyl lovers 900816ex15
hawkwind 2lpspace ritual, usa julistekansi cut out (kansi vg+)levyt vg+++ soivat lähes ex-ua-la 120-h2vg+++40
hawkwind 2lp (red vinyl)text of festival hawkwind live 1970-2, REletvo23ex15
hawkwind 2lp (ei orig. Oranssi sisäpusseja.)space ritual, UK. Orig. julistekansi (kansi vg+++) pieni käyryys levyissäuad 60038vg+28
hawkwind 2lp (lim.ed.grey vinyl)distant horizons 2015 NEW! Reletv 304ex15
hawkwind 2lp + 2 cd, coloured vinylonwards, NEW! + juliste!back on black rcv184ex15
hawkwind 2lp, coloured vinylastounding sounds,amazing music, NEW! Reletv 293ex15
hawkwind, maxi needle gun + 2flst 032ex-8
hawkwind, 2 lp blue vinylchronicle of the black sword , NEW! Reletv 292ex15
haymarket riot live `67, re , New!red lounge7ex15
haymarket squaremagic lantern, 1968, New! Reguess 125ex13
haystacks balboasame NEW! Rewod 2ex16
head over heelssame 1971 NEW! Reaurora 5013ex16
head over heelssame 1971 NEW! Reakarma 211ex22
head shophead shop 1969, NEW! Rewis-014ex18
head shopsama re , NEW!epic 26476ex16
headsheads up RE, NEW!liberty 7581ex9
heads hands & feetold soldiers never die, 1973 usa (kansi vg++)atco 7025ex-15
heads hands & feetsama 1971 RE, NEW!prog temple 8029ex18
heat exchangereminiscence 1972, NEW!osr 060ex19
heaven & earthrefugee, re, new! 1973lion 114ex22
heavy cruiser (neil merryweather)lucky dog, new! Reom 71055ex19
heikki sarmanto big bandeverything is it, 1972, Re, new! (kannen kulma saanut pienen kolhun)porter 021ex18
Hell`s belles (lex baxter)original soundtrack 1969, NEW! Residewalk 5919ex17
helpsame 1970 NEW!, reSunday 0108ex20
helpsecond coming, NEW! Re 1971soundvision 01014ex20
helpful soul first album RE, NEW!ps 5223ex20
hendrickson road housesame 1970, new! Retenth planet 061ex16
henry cowunrest 1974 UK. Orig.virgin 2011ex-38
henry treeelectric holy man RE,NEW!mainstream 6129ex15
herdman priscillawater lily 1976 folk philo 1014ex-5
herohero, new! Reams 57ex20
"heron + 7"""heron, 1970, new! Re mapa 001ex27
heron 2lphalf as nice & twice the price 1971, new! Remapa 002ex32
heyoka 2lpthe spirit of revelation 197?, NEW! Resrlp 0304ex24
highwayhighway…1971 NEW! Remellotron 012ex13
hillage steveL 1976atlantic tai virginex-8
hiro yanagidamilk time 1970 NEW! Rearlp 506ex18
hobohobo, re, new!1974lsy-61174ex16
hokus pokussame 1972, usa cut outromar 2002ex-21
holy ghost reception committee songs for liturgical worship 1968 re, NEW!p-04425ex14
holy modal roundersindian war whoop RE , Red vinyl!! NEW!get back 91009ex14
holy modal rounders (red vinyl)indian war whoop 1967, re get back 91009ex11
homestead & wolfeour times, NEW! Re 1975anazitisi 70-16ex24
honest john sailor 1975 new! Re lion 160ex13
hookfootcommunication, 1972 UK.djm 428ex--18
hookfootgood times a comin, 1972 UK.djlpa 422ex-18
"horde + 7"""press buttons firmly, 1967 New! Rebreak 032/033ex11
hot kniveshot knives, NEW! Re gkl 001ex14
houston fearlesssame, usa orig. (toisella puolella hieman jälkiä,pari aivan pientä naksua)imperial 12421ex-14
howe katherine"""harry"" 1975, usa"rca 5091ex-6
howe stevebeginnings av.kan. 1975atlantic ex-9
hugh hoppermonster band 1974 franceiri 5003ex-18
human beastvolume one RE, repro! 1990?charro slk 16672ex-12
human zoosame,new! Re accent 5055ex16
hungerstrictcy from hunger 1968, re, new!vinyl lovers 900823ex18
hungerstrictly, repsycho records 14ex28
hunka munkadedicato a giovanna g. RE (SI-WAN!!!)si-wan 6090ex28
hölderlinhölderlins traum, 1972, Rezyx ex21
hölderlinhölderlins traum, 1972, NEW! Re wah wah 038ex25
hölderlin 2lplive traumstadt 1977, germanyint 155.602ex--28
i califfifiore di metallo 1973 RE,NEW!!vm lp 122ex20
i cugini di campagnasama 1977 italoolp 115ex-6
i drivesama 1972, blue vinyl. REmetronome 15.420ex16
i gigantiterra in bocca, lim.ed.clear red vinyl, NEW! Re vmlp 013ex23
i leonila foresta RE, new!1971sony ex28
i numialpha ralpha boulevard 1971, NEW! Reamslp 142ex23
i poohopera prima av.kan. 1971 Re 1981prisma 25025ex-20
i poohun po del nostro tempo migliore 1975 NEW! Revmlp 162ex20
"i pooh + 7"""memorie, new! Revpa 8083ex24
i teoremisame, 1971, re, new!amslp 045ex24
ia-batistechichoneras cat 1975, New! REwah wah 75ex16
ian matthewsif you saw thro my eyes, usa (pieni cut out reikä) hieman ringweariaspiral vertigo 1002ex-5
ibissun subreme 1974 NEW! Revmlp 081ex22
ibis ? ( Nico*, Gianni*, Frank*, Maurizio* )canti di innocenza,canti dèsperienza 1973, RE, NEW!cetra wmlp 094ex22
icarusthe marvel world of icarus 1970, re, new!adlp 1082ex17
icecrosssame 1973, NEW!, rerockadrome 052-v-1ex18
icelandic folk songsdruju palli 1973sg 064ex--14
iconoclastareminiscencias 1989, mexicophoenix 388ex35
iconoclastasiete anos 1988, mexico discos rosenbach?ex20
iconoclastasoliloquio 1987, mexicodr-007ex25
iconoclasta"same ""rock progressivo"" 1983 mexico"phoenix 387ex30
iconoclastaen busca de sentido 1989, mexicophoenix 415ex20
ictus centazzo,battistin & feruglio 1974 NEW! Rewah wah 146ex18
ifsama 1970 New! Reakarma 388ex22
ihre kinderwervohl 1971, NEW! Resireena 4033ex22
il giardino dei semplicisama1975 Great pop, NEW!cbs 81170ex8
il mucchio (orange vinyl)same 1970, NEW! Revmlp 186ex24
il reale impero britannicofilm by perche si uccidono, RE, New!ams lp 13ex16
il sistema + CD!early tapes 1969 -71 NEW! Regdrlp 1701ex24
il teatro delle ombrequarant anni controluce consorzio acqua potabile, NEW! 2014?dnft 05ex22
il tempio delle clessidre alie natura 2013, NEW!black widow 160ex14
illegal state of mindnothings really important orig. (unplayed)tragedy ten mt-096ex21
illusiontogether (as a way of life) usa (kansi vg)steed 37005vg+12
illusion (jane relf)out of mist islandex-15
illusion (jane relf)out of the mist 1977 REisland 9489ex-10
impala syndromesame re 1973 re , NEW!wah wah 003ex16
incredible hogvolume 1. 1973 NEW! Rehifly sound 8009ex12
incredible string bandsama 1966 RE , NEW!sundazed 5127ex20
incredible string bandwee tam, 1968 UK. Reelektra 42021ex-17
incredible string bandchanging horses av.kan.1969 usa (butterfly etiketti)elektra 74057ex-22
incredible string bandthe big huge, usa 1969 orig. Red elektra!elektra 74037vg+24
incredible string bandbe glad for the song has no ending 1970 UK.island 9140ex-22
incredible string bandthe big huge, re, new!4men beards 210ex18
incredible string bandwee tam, re, new!4men beards 209ex18
incredible string bandchanging horses av.kan.1969 usa orig.elektra 74057ex-24
inner dialoguesama RE , NEW!rgf 001ex12
innocencesama, usakamasutra 8059ex-12
inscir transit expressmissa est, re, new!1978mlp 004ex15
insect trustsama, Reskao 109ex-14
inter calactic touring bandsama,1977 annie haslam,rod argent,dave cousins etc. + vihko, cut out usapassport 9823ex-12
ironbridgesame, 1973 NEW! Rehifly 8010ex11
istvan a kiraly 2 lprock opera 1983 av.kan. hungaroton13973-74ex-6
its a beautiful daychoice quality stuff/anytime, usacolumbia 30734ex--12
its a beautiful daymarrying maiden 1970 UK. Orig. Kansi vg+cbs 64065vg+9
its a beautiful daysame 1969 UK. Orig. cbs 63722vg+25
its all meatsame 1970, new! Regtr 136ex18
itziarsama 1979 re, NEW!guess 011ex12
ivorysama, 1968, re, new!osr-005ex15
j.d.blackfootthe ultimate prophecy, re, NEW!mercury sr 61288ex18
j.d.blackfootthe ultimate prophecy, usa orig. Cut out.mercury sr 61288ex-60
j.d.blackfootthe song of crazy horse ( lp hieman käyrä)fantasy 9468vg++15
J.K.Sancient dreams (1969-1972) 137/200, 2004 NEW!royal foulup rf-001ex15
J.K.Sancient echoes (1969-1974) lim.ed. 300 print. NEW!rf-002ex15
J.K.Sancient future (1969-1974) lim.ed. 250 print. NEW!rf-003ex15
j:son lindh björnatlantis 1983sonet 2729ex-5
jack london & the sparrowssame 1965, NEW! Reswddl 723ex8
jackie deshannonto be free, usa avattavat kannet, cut out 1968, orig. Pieni ringwearimperial 12453ex--9
jacksvacant world, re, new!sweet dandelion 721ex11
jade warriorsama , eka lp, RE NEW!akarma 391ex24
jade warriorreflections,1971-73, UK.butt 001ex-25
jade warrior 2lpsame 1994 New!tpm 03221ex17
jake holmesa letter to katherine december RE , NEW!radioactive 104ex14
james cotton blues bandpure cotton 1968, germany orig.verve fvs 9512ex----18
janefire,water,earth & fire , germany, (kannen laminointi hieman irti)brain 1084ex----18
janefire,water,earth & fire , germany, brain 1084vg+12
janefire,water,earth & fire , germanybrain 1084ex-23
janesign no 9, germanybrainex-15
janebetween heaven and hell 1977brain 60.055ex-21
janebeautiful lady 1986sky 111ex-7
jane lady, 1975 germany (vihreä brain etiketti)brain 1066vg+27
jane lady, 1975 germanybrain 1066ex-29
jane 2lpat home live, germany brain 80.001-2vg+++15
jane 2lplive at home 1976 germanybrain 80.001-2ex---22
janey & dennis same 1970 reprise 6414ex-9
janis iansame 1967, re verve 2485212ex-8
janis ianpresent company, usa (kansi pieni ringwear)capitol 683ex8
jansson & sjöbergflying high 1983 prog/folkharmonica 2ex-8
january tymefirst from memphis NEW! Reakarma 30ex21
jarkamorque o berenice 1972, New! Rewah wah 74ex12
"jarka + 7"" single"ortodoxia , 1971 New! Rewah wah 73ex13
jarvis street revuemr.oil man 1971 NEW! Relion 145ex17
jarvis street revuesingles and more, NEW!lion lp 151ex17
jayne mansfield (pink vinyl)!in las vegas RE , NEW!tp 262ex9
jean pascal boffojeux de nains 1986, francemusea fgbg 2001ex-13
jean pascal bofforituel 1988, francemusea fgbg 2016ex-13
jeannie c. rileyharper valley P.T.A. Orig. Usaplantation plp 1ex-15
jefferson airplanecrown of creation, rerca ex-18
jefferson airplanevolunteers 1970 , re germany + kanneton long john silver lp sisäkuvapussi on!rca 13867ex-10
jefferson airplanevolunteers 1970 av.kannet, UK.rca 8076ex---18
jefferson airplane 2lpflight log 1966-1976 usacrunt 1255ex-18
jefferson airplane 2lpflight log 1966-1976 usacrunt 1255vg+13
jefferson starshipred octobus, 1975 , RE, UK.rca 5069ex-8
jefferson starshipred octobus, 1975 usagruntex-11
"jefferson starship + 7"""gold, usagrunt ex-9
jeremy & the satyrssame , usa orig.reprise 6282ex-12
jessica bailiffsama kranko 54ex7
jethro tullwar child, RE france printchrysalisex-11
jethro tullbenefit, 1970, re UK. ( 197? painos)chrysalis 1043ex-13
jethro tullbenefit, 1970 RE 2013chrysalisex14
jethro tullbenefit, 1970, sweden printsonet 3004ex----14
jethro tullheavy horses 1978chrysalisex-13
jethro tullstand up, UK. re av.kannet + pop up nukke!chrysalis 1042ex-28
jethro tullstand up, re germany print av.kannet + pop up nukke!chrysalis 6307519ex---28
jethro tullthick as a brick, re chrysalis 1003ex-16
jethro tullsongs from the wood 1977, usa cut outchr 1132ex-12
jethro tullcrest of a knave 1987 UK.chs 41590ex-14
jethro tullrock island 1989 UK.chr 1708ex-13
jethro tullheavy horses 1978, italychrysalisex-12
jethro tullheavy horses 1978, rechrysalisex--14
jethro tullstand up 1970 sweden, paperinukke pop up!sonet 3003vg(+)15
jethro tullthis was, germany, avattavat kannet, rechrysalis 202656-320ex---16
jethro tulla passion play + vihko! Avattavat kannet , usa 1973chrysalis 0598ex--28
jethro tullaqualung, avattavat kannet, sweden orig. 1971 sonet 3007vg+25
jethro tullaqualung, avattavat kannet, sweden orig. 1971 (naksujakin levyssä)sonet 3007vg18
jethro tullaqualung, avattavat kannet, germanychrysalis 202659ex-14
jethro tullaqualung, canada print avat.kannet.chs 41044ex-15
jethro tullM.U.- the best of jethro tull 1976 UK.chrysalis 1078ex-8
jethro tullthick as a brick, korea print!ycpl-071/chr 1003vg+12
jethro tullthis was 1968 sweden print orig. Pink island!!pink island 9085ex--50
jethro tullbroadsword and the beast, REchrysalisex-12
jethro tull stormwatch 1979, germanychrysalis 6307670ex-13
jethro tull stormwatch 1979chrysalis ex---12
"jethro tull 12"" MAXI"thick as a brick, 2 versiota 1985 germanyplp 8ex--8
jethro tull 2lpliving in the past, sweden print + vihko.(kannet vg)sonet 3012ex---17
jethro tull 2lpliving in the past, usa (paksut pahvikannet+vihko)chrysalis 1035ex-28
jethro tull 2lpliving in the past, usa (paksut pahvikannet+vihko)chrysalis 1035vg++21
jex thothjex thoth 2009, new!i hate ihr 040ex21
jimmy campbellhalf baked, usa (pieni cut out hole) 1971spiral vertigo vel-1000ex-6
jodoguts,1971, new!, resubway 1008ex14
jody grindone step on, NEW! Reakarma 058ex25
joe & bingdaybreak 1971, NEW! Remapache 0008ex14
joe byrd and the field hippiesamerican metaphysical circus 1969, NEW! Re unoffical.ms 7317ex15
joe egan (white vinyl)! Limited.out of now here, NEW! Resireena 4034ex16
john & beverley martynthe road to ruin 1970 UK. (kansi vg+)island 9133vg+++17
john and beverley martynthe road to ruin, re 1970island 9133ex--20
john bassman groupfilthy sky , new! Remissing vinyl 019ex11
john berberianoud artistry RE,NEW!! mainstream 6047ex15
john berberianexpressions east RE,NEW!!mainstream 6023ex12
john fred and his playboy bandpermanently stated orig.??paula 2201ex-5
john howardkid in a big world 1975, NEW! Reyatc 41ex13
john howardthe hidden beaty 1973-1979, NEW! Reyatc 42ex13
john kirkpatrick and sue harrisshereds and patches 1977 UK.topic 355ex--5
john renbourn & stefan grossman 2lplive…in concert 1984shanachie 95001ex-8
john williamscavatina 1971 hifly cube 201ex-5
john williamsguitar recital 1, UK. 1972decca/ace of diamonds 328ex-5
john williamschanges, germany (kansi vg++)cube 2326005ex-5
john williams 2lpthe guitar music of…1980telly 3ex--5
jonas einargypsy queen,new! Relr 4ex15
jordi sabatesocells del mes enlla 1975 re , NEW!guess 012ex12
josefussame, NEW! Remainstream 6127ex20
josefusdead man, NEW! Reakarma 235ex25
josefusdead man, re , UK.texman 1001ex25
joy of cookingcastles 1972 usa capitol 11050ex-9
joy of cookingsame 1971, UK.capitole-st 661ex-12
jozef skrzek (SBB & break out)jozefina 1981wifon 037ex10
jsd bandtravelling days 1973wbex-5
jud`s gallery 2lp1972/1974, New! Relonghair 201/2ex32
judee sillsame 1971, RE 2017music on vinyl 1800ex16
judy dybletalking with strangers, like new! (Second print, different cover)tonefloatex18
judy dyble & andy lewissummer dancing 2017, NEW!acid jazz416ex18
juicy lucysama 1969, RE 2017 (kerran soitettu)music on vinyl 1904ex23
julie driscoll &brian auger & trinitysame, mm.road to cairo,season on the witch,indian rope man,wheels of firepolydor spelp 41 UK.ex-16
julie driscoll&brian augerlondon 1964-1967charly 30019ex-8
julie driscoll,brian auger&trinity 2lpstreetnoise, germany (soi vg+ ex-)polydor 184218 & 219vg+/ex-38
julius victorfrom the nest 1969 re , NEW!dodo ddr 517ex14
julyjuly, re, new! 1968guess 080ex21
jumbodna 1972 RE , NEW!vm lp 082 philipsex22
jumbojumbo 1972 NEW! Rebtf 167ex22
jumpin jukebox12 rockin band from japan!!!!! Re , NEW!dionysus 123352ex8
junglethe 1969 demo album, new!red lounge 091ex12
just othersamalgam, NEW! Re guess 078ex12
k.s.chitra with ilaiyaraaja 2lpsame, new! fkr 051ex16
kadavarsame 2012 NEW!tcm 005- tpe 143ex16
kaleidoscopeincredible! edsel 292ex-13
kaleidoscoperampe rampeedsel 138ex-18
kaleidoscopesame REepic 26467ex-15
kaleidoscopebernice 1970 re , NEW!epic 26508ex15
kaleidoscopetangerine dream, re, new! sunbeam 5086ex18
kaleidoscopefaintly blowing, re, new!sunbeam 5087ex18
kaleidoscope (usa)sama re still sealed!! Avaamaton!epic bn26467ex15
kali bahlucosmic rememberance 1967 NEW! Remn 1016ex14
kama lokakama loka, NEW! kommun 2ex27
kannibal komixkannibal komix 1968 NEW! Remrsss 548ex16
kano y los bulldogssame, re, new!popp 010ex8
kansasmasque 1975 usa kirshner ex--13
kansas 2lptwo for the show 1978kir ex--16
"kansas city jammers + 7"""got good (if you get it) RE , NEW!void 41ex16
karat-city-puhdysdie schönsten rock-balladen 1973-1982amiga 856010ex--9
karovas milkshakein the shade of the purple sun, NEW! Regroo 052ex15
katmandusame RE,NEW!mainstream 6131ex15
kay hoffmanfloret silva 1977-78, NEW!sommor 029ex12
kebnekaise (bändin paras lp, psych.)resa mot okant mål 1971, 2.painos?second print?silence 4605ex-35
keef hartley bandhalfbreed 1969, NEW! ReSunday 0102ex25
keef hartley bandthe time is near…1970 UK. Orig. + vihko! 1970deram sml 1071ex--75
keef hartley bandthe time is near…1970 NEW! Re 2016rabbit hall 003ex18
keef hartley bandseventy second brave, NEW1 rerabbit hall 006ex18
kelompok kampunganmencari tuhan 1977, new! Restrawberry rain 007ex12
ketil b. jornstad 2lpaniara 1983, norge (kansi vg++)klp 55002/3ex--12
kevin ayersbananamour,1973 UK. (kansi vg++)harvest 807ex---18
kevin ayersdiamond jack and the queen of pain charly 30224ex-12
kevin ayers joy of a toy,New! RE 1969tapestry 255ex18
kevin ayers the confessions of dr dream and other stories 1974 usa, soittamaton!island 9263ex23
kevin ayers-john cale-eno-nicojune 1,1974 usa (soittamaton)!! UNPLAYED!island 9291ex18
killing floorsame , NEW! Reakarma 212ex20
killing floorout of uranus 1970 NEW! Reakarma 232ex23
kin ping meh3. 1973 RE, NEW!connect 0202ex18
king crimsonlizard, 1970 usa, re collectors edition egkc 3ex-28
king crimsonislands, usa 1972atlantic 7212vg++35
king crimsonlizard, 1970 usa, atlantic 8278ex-38
king crimsonstarless and bible black 1974 Canada print. (kansi ex--)polydor egkc 7vg+20
king crimsonred 1974 sweden print! Orig.island 9308ex-45
king georgediscovery peace of mind, new! Reshadocks 136ex18
kingdomsame NEW! Reakarma 031ex22
kingston wall BOX, NEW! III Tri-Logy (Complete Edition) Translucent pyramid edition limited to 333svart 392ex90
kingston wall 2lp (sand color )same 2014, NEW! (released 1992 only cd)svart 339ex45
kingston wall 2lp (black vinyl 1000 print)III, tri-logy, NEW! 2015svart 392ex45
kingston wall 2lp (pink vinyl )III, tri-logy, NEW! 2015svart 392ex55
kingston wall 2lp (red vinyl )II, NEW! 2014svart 346ex60
kissing spelllos pajaros 1970, NEW! Reessex mm01ex18
kit & cocoin time 1985 azimuth 1004ex18
kit watkinsframes of mind 1982azimuth 1002ex18
koalasame RE , NEW!skao 176ex19
koivistoinen eerofor children 1970, NEW! Re (2006) still sealed!sähkö jazzpuu 11ex25
koloc bonniesame , 1973, usa , quadraphonic 4 chanel lp!!ovation 1429ex-6
komatsioulis, sotirissan ton anemo (like the wind) NEW! REbsr 003ex18
kontra bandnorth star 1983 folkelp 5016ex-6
kornetfrittfall 1977manifest 11vg+7
kosmos (folk/prog)polku 2007 avat.kannet,gatefold, New! SOLD OUT!kosmos 002exxxxx
kosmos (folk/prog)tarinoita voimasta 2005, New! SOLD OUT!kosmos 001exxxxx
kosmos (folk/psyc.)vieraan taivaan alla 2009, New! kosmos 003ex15
kosmos (folk/psyc.)salattu maailma 2013, New! Gatefold, avattavat kannet.kosmos 004ex15
kourosh yaghmaei 3lp + vihko!back fron the brink 2011, usa. Psychedelic Rock From Iran: 1973-1979) now-again na 5066ex-40
krafwerk 2lp, english version! 1991the mix, germany print!klingklang 1c164-7966711ex-45
kristylkristyl, new!, reguees 065ex16
kryptästhesie 2lpshaken at the sun orig. (unplayed)!!!menhir km 108ex22
la bamboche (folk)quite paris, orig. -197?hexagone 883012vg+9
la bamboche (folk)jeu a monter sans colle, orig. -197?hexagone 883005vg5
la curva di lesmo feat.jenny sorrenti…same, NEW! amslp 99ex18
la dusseldorfviva, re, new!4men beards 167ex21
la mosca (the fly) npk2same 1970, reguerssen 023ex14
la seconda genesitutto deve finire, NEW! Reakarma 1031ex25
lacewing (colored vinyl!)sama, New! remainstream 6132ex14
lady june`slinguistic leprosy 1974, NEW! Remento 17ex21
lagger blues machinesane, re, New!vag 002ex18
laikegfangen i det senaste 2014, NEW!dm 004ex16
lalo schifrinrock requiem 1971, usa (etukansi ringwear)verve v6-8801ex--8
lamb antoniaeasy to love her, 1978 usa (folk)my records 00031ex-22
laser (red vinyl)vita sul planeta 1973, new! Reamslp 53ex22
latte e mielepassio secundum mattheum, RE akarma 1041ex-22
latte e mielepassio secundum matthaeum the complete work 2013, NEW!black widow 165ex21
latte e mieleaguile e scoiattoli 1976 NEW! reakarma 1000ex25
latte e miele (black vinyl)passio secundum mattheumsi-wan srml 0001ex35
latte e miele (color vinyl) 500 print!)papillon, New! Resi-wanex28
latte e miele (red vinyl)papillon 1973, NEW! Revmlp 168ex23
lau naukuutarha 2004, Unplayed! Soittamaton!locust 66 ex40
lavateras are going home, 1973 RE, NEW!brain 1031ex18
le ormel`aurora, new! Reams 30ex22
le orme (yellow vinyl)piccola rapsodia dell`ape 1980 NEW! Revm 195ex23
le orme , clear vinylcollage 1971, NEW! Revmlp 173ex24
le particelleazimut 1, 1970 NEW! Revmlp 163ex22
le systeme crapoutchicksame, 1974, new! Rewah wah 98ex19
leaf houndgrowers of mushroom 1971 + juliste! NEW! Reakarma 256ex27
lees john (barcley james harvest) a major fancy 1977 UK.harvest 2018ex-8
left banketoo, NEW!, re 1968sundazed 5376ex18
left banke too ,1967 RE New!sam 27067ex13
legendthe legend, re, new!mjj 313ex15
legend from the fjords, New! reanm 009ex15
legend moonshine 1971 vertigo, RE 1990repertoire RR 2062-LXex-65
legend (clear vinyl)same 1971 vertigo , RE 1990repertoire RR 2061-LXex-80
leigh ashfordkinfolk 1971 usarca 4520ex-16
leigh stephensand a coast of thousands reakarma 094ex16
leigh stephensand a cast of thousands, holland print!philips 6369912ex-16
leone di lernia"e la sua ""new rock band ""italo 1976"ar 3028ex-14
leonerovero,1977 New!re (harvest)amslp 22ex19
les fleur de lysreflection RE new!tpm-02319ex16
les fleur de lysreflections, REtpm 02319ex-12
les rallizes denudes 2lpcable hogue,(mizutani takashi) NEW!, reashlp3045ex18
levande music med grus i dojjansame 1973 folk swedensonet 2549ex-5
levinson paultwice upon a rhyme, NEW!, re (limited 250 copies)sos 001ex11
lifelife after death, RE 2013prog temple 8001ex18
light of darknesssame , NEW! Re lhc 139ex22
light yearreveal the fantastic, re, new! 1974gtr 135-1ex18
lightdreamsislands in space 1981, NEW! Regkl 005ex18
lighthousecan you feel it 1973, usapolydor 5056ex-12
lighthousesama 1969 orig.rca 4173ex-14
lighthousesunny days, usa 1972 cut out ring wearevolution 3016ex-14
limonadasama, new!, relionlp 108ex14
linbus 4mandalas 1971 RE , New!wah wah 053ex19
lincoln st.exitdrive it!, re, new!mainstream 6126ex16
linda hoylepiece of me, NEW! Reakarma 220ex23
lindisfarnelive , germany printcharisma 6499592ex--6
lindisfarnehappy daze 1974, usa cut outelektra 1018ex---7
lindisfarnefog on the tyne 1971 germany (nimikirjaimet kannessa)philipsex--6
lindisfarned ingly dell, germany + liite!charisma 6369921vg+7
lindy stevenspure devotion 1972 saksa painosmca 5165ex-8
linnenzworchghopft wie gschpronga 1979z 184ex-12
liquid smokesame 1969, NEW! Reom 71056ex15
lisa o piu (comus)when this was the future 2009, like new! Kerran soitettu.sub 33ex16
listeningsama, 197?, NEW! Reakarma 050ex24
litter$ 100 fine 1970? NEW! Reghas 5017ex15
little boy bluesin the woodland of weir ? + 9 bonus! NEW! Re 1965-71gm213cc4ex16
little free rocknirvanating sounds 1969, NEW! Resommor 22ex20
living endpow RE , NEW!??ex12
loadstonesama RE , NEW!epic 35004ex18
logan dwightsame NEW! Reakarma 1014ex25
logosfiresides and guitars 1974, NEW!, re osr-025ex12
long john baldry&the hoochie coochielong john blues 1965, NEW! Reswddl 716ex15
looking for europe 5 lp wooden box!the neofolk compendium (300 print)+poster+book 2013. NEW!INDEX 020ex150
lord sitarsame 1968?? RE , new!silo ex14
los blue capsparaguay 1969-1972, NEW!groovie 16ex6
los brincosmundo demonio y carnesi-wan 3014ex30
los canarios 2lpcicios + vihkosi-wan 1003ex30
"los checkmates 10"""same RE , NEW!eh 030ex7
los mack`s kaleidoscope men RE ( kansi vg+)mezcal lp 3ex15
lost and foundeverybodys here RE,new!get 538ex18
loudest whisperchildren of the lir 1974, RE 2006sunbeam 5030ex18
love affairnew day 1970 UK. Orig.cbs 64109ex---18
love graftwe love you1975 usa, cut outmercury 1031vg++6
love is blue (sexy cover)!(petards&spots&101strings) 3 sitar biisiä, freak out! 1968?europa 307vg++9
love live life + onelove will make a better you 1971, reashlp 3031ex18
lowest common denominatorthe s.s. sessions 1986-1995,psychedelia (selfmade cover)! Käsin maal. kansi!philty rex rec 001ex-45
luciano bassovoci 1976, new!, reams 04ex18
"luciferian light orchestra + 7"""same, NEW!svart 012ex16
luke gibsonanother perfect day 1971, NEW! Remapache 009ex13
lux ohr e-music gruppe & hisko detriajenseits der mauer des schlafes/violence 2015, NEW!svart 417ex5
macalla mna na h eireann 1984cef 110ex-9
mad riversame, RE 2008sundazed 5243ex18
maddy prior & june tabor, silly sistersno more to the dance 1988topic 450ex-4
made in germanysame 1971 NEW! Relong hair 144ex18
made in sweden"live!at the ""golden circle""1970 sweden orig.!"sonet 2506vg+35
made in swedenmade in england 1970 sweden orig. Soi hyvinsonet 2512vg25
madrigalsama, usasss 18ex-9
mae mckennaeverything that touches me, 1976 UK.transatlantic 321ex-7
magicenclosed, new!1969 reosr 15ex13
magic mixturethis is re, NEW!dif 5212ex14
magic mixture 2lpthis is re, NEW!sunbeam 5059ex18
magic mushroom band , maxipictures in my mind +2, two insert!!! (minigrip woodchip)!! 1991 unplayed!magick eye T1ex28
magical power makosuper record, new! Reashlp 3039ex13
magma 2lplive, 1975, re 1988decal 31ex-28
magna cartasame 1968?, NEW! Rewohn 008ex-18
magna cartaseasons, re korea print!si-wan srml 0023ex-25
magna cartalord of the ages 1973 UK.space vertigo 6360093ex-16
magyar 2lp (black vinyl)uusiin maisemiin, new! Resvart 240ex18
mahjunsama 1973, NEW! Reffl 022ex15
majic shipmajic ship 1970, New! Reguess 116ex9
makem tommysongs of 1961 re folktrad.rec. 1044ex-5
malady (suomi proge)!!1. lp 2015, NEW!svart 403ex16
maldoonsama, 1973 UK.purple tps 3502vg++12
malicornealmanach, 1979antagon 3222ex-15
mammutsame 1971, NEW! RElonghair 77ex17
mandala bandsama 1975chrysalis ex-18
mandragora with phil thornton"while the green man sleeps, 1993"""mystic scones rune 15ex-8
mandrake memorialsame RE , NEW!poppy pys-40002ex15
mandy morton sea of storms 1980 + kuvasisäpussi! (kansi/cover vg++++++)polydor 2382101ex-45
mandy morton and sprigunsmagic lady, NEW! Re 1978akarma 324ex21
manfred mann`s earth bandglorified magnified 1972, RE germanybronze 28855ex-13
manfred manns earth bandsolar fire 1973, UK.bronze ilps 9265vg++11
manfred manns earth bandwatch 1978 sweden printbronzeex-11
manticores breath (color vinyl)death breath,2011,NEW! hienot kovat kannet ja hyvää hard/psych.musiikkia!missing vinyl 003ex85
maranatamaranata 1 RE , NEW!vampisoul 056ex9
margareta söderberg/arbete&fritid/pojkarna..käringtand 1976ytf 50130ex--12
mari boine persenjaskatvuoda manna 1985hcr 1001vg+15
maria roanetcantem nadal -70l. Folkventadorn 33ex-5
marianiperpetuum mobile1970, NEW! Reakarma 140ex12
mark levinepilgrim progress 1968 RE new!!dynamic 361ex9
mark-almondto the heart 1976 usaabc 945ex-9
markleya group, NEW! , re ( kultti lp)!!sglp 3002ex19
marsupilamimarsupilami,1970, re, new!adlp 1079ex22
martyn johnphilentropy, 1986 UK.dojo 26ex-9
mary butterforthsame, NEW! Recfs 2092ex24
mary mccaslingoodnight everybody , usa orig.barnaby z1235002vg++6
marzthe dream is over 1973, france print!bellaphon7002ex-11
master apprenticesmasterpiece 1970, NEW! Re tapestry 215ex19
master apprenticeschoice cuts 1971, NEW! Re (TUOLI KANSI)lprlp 0806-1ex19
masters apprenticeshands of time 1966-72, australiaraven 01ex-18
masters apprenticesa toast to panama red 1972, NEW! Re ,red vinyl!lucky pigs 817ex18
masters apprenticesnickelodeon 1971, RElucky pigs 0807-1ex13
matia bazarsemplicita av.kan. 1978 re, NEW!si-wan 6012ex8
maurizio piccoligiu per queste strade 1977 italocetra 59ex-9
mauro pelosi (color vinyl) NEW!la stagione per morire (numbered edition print 500) new! Resi-wan srml 25ex18
maxophonesame 1976, english version! Usa cut outpausa records 7002ex-24
may blitzthe 2nd of may 1971, NEW! Reakarma 265ex24
mazearmageddon 1968( mono mix) RE , NEW!br 138ex18
mccann`smccanned, 1972 UK.polydor 2489053vg++4
mcchurch soundroomdelusion, NEW! Reowlp 014ex12
mccully workshopinc. New! REmissing vinyl 014ex9
mcdonald and giles (king crimson)same 1970,New! REtime 704ex18
mckaya new light shines, new! Re guerssen 117ex9
megatonmegaton, 1970, re, new!adlp 1081ex15
meic stevens 2lprain in the leaves:the ep`s volume 1 new!!sunbeam 5021ex18
mellow candleswaddling songs 1972, NEW! Re tapestry 206ex24
mellow candleswaddling songssi-wan srml 0021ex28
men of lakesame (traveller)musea 2037ex-16
merkin music from merkin manor, new! 1973, reosr 13ex16
merrell frankhauserreturn to Mu (red vinyl)!! NEW!lance 4002ex13
messagefrom books and dreams 1973, NEW! Rebacillus 9860612ex23
messagemessage 1975 NEW! Relong hair 192ex23
messagesynapse 1976 NEW! Relong hair 193ex23
messaggio 73una ragione per vivere NEW! Reamslp 132 ex18
metamorfosissama 1985lpp-048ex-14
metro (p.godwin & d.browne)same 1976 uk. Orig. Av.kan.transatlantic 340ex-8
michael franksborn with the moon in virgo,1973 re, new!vinyl lovers 900861ex12
michael oostensame RE 1974 , NEW!gfc 411ex12
michael pinder (moody blues)the promise 1976 UK.threshold 18ex-7
michaelangeloone voice many RE, new! folp 2048ex12
michelesaturn rings 1969, Re 2006 (59/1000)fallout 2003ex20
middletown music festival 1969-70limited 91/100, usa , lani herrmann,don and leata smith,michael cooney, ym.essay sa 265vg(+)5
midnight circussame 1972 + 3 bonus! New! Re longhair 119ex28
midnight sunsame, 1971 re, new! (Cover: Roger Dean!!!)soundvision 01011ex16
midwinterthe waters of sweet sorrow 1973, NEW! Remfm 17ex22
might of coincidence (black vinyl)the birth of, re, new!mellotron 003ex15
might of coincidence (colour vinyl)the birth of, re, new! Limited only 100 print!!!mellotron 003ex21
miguel cantiloy grupo sur 1975 Re, argentina NEW!guerssen 28ex7
miguel rios (color vinyl) 500 print!)la huerta atomica, New! Resi-wanex18
mij (jim holmberg)yodeling astrologer 1969, New! Rejpr 7105ex15
mike battschizophonia av.kan. 1977 epic 82001ex-8
mike hart and comradesbasher,chalky,pongo and me, 1972 UK.dandelion/polydor 2310211ex-18
milenio IIIalianca dos tempos ato i tawan 1990, brazilroc forever 449.042ex-24
milkwoodtapestry 1969 RE excalibur 404ex17
millard and dyce"open"" 1973 NEW! Re"void 59ex18
millenniumbegin 196?, RE NEW!columbia 9663ex19
miller andersonbright city 1971, RE NEW!mv 042ex17
minami masatothe tropics, re, new!mjj 334ex14
mind garageagain, usa 1970 av.kan.rca 4319vg21
mind! + cdstunde null, new!no 1001ex15
mint tattoosame NEW! Reakarma 015ex21
minx (cyrkle)minx RE 1970, NEW!ams 12007ex17
mirkwoodsame 1973, NEW! Re picchu 3ex16
misty hush revivalyour heart is broken 1972, re, new!guerssen 097ex12
mobsama1975private stock 2005ex9
modulo 1000nao fale com paredes, NEW!, re, repro?crp 112ex16
mogul trashsame 1970, NEW! Regbr 52101ex15
molochsame, new! remjj 310ex12
mongrelettessame (purple lp) NEW! fod020dpex15
monoclesthe highre elevation 1965-68 garage-psych! NEW!out-sider 031ex15
monumentfirst monument, re, new!black widow ex15
monumentfirst monument, re, new! 1971guerssen 081ex9
monument (avantgarde)japan!sadie sads,auto-mod,g-smith,madame edwarda,sp28-5128ex12
moon peopleland of love los astronauts re, NEW!speed 103ex12
moondogsame, new! Re4 men beardsex14
moonlight (prog.finland!)the edge 1978, NEW! Re 2016shadoks 189ex33
mopsexit, re, new!ashlp 3050ex12
morkathere was a time…RE, NEW (orange vinyl 110 kpl) !!arlp 70-12ex55
"mormos + 7"""great wall of china, New! Re 1971lps 123ex13
"mormos + 7"""the magic spell of mothers wrath 1972, NEW! Rewah wah 133ex15
morning dewat last, new! Reroulette 42049ex18
morning glorytwo suns worth 196? Orig.usa! Kannessa ed.omistajan nimi) drillhole.fontana 67573ex--18
morris onsame 1972 orig. UK.island help 5ex--15
mose allisonwestern man 1971atlantic 1584ex-7
mosley bobsame 1972 usareprise 2068ex-8
mother gongfairytales 1979, RE 2004, new!charlyex12
mother tongueopen in obscurity 1988touch to 10ex-15
mothssame1970, NEW! Reguerssen 137ex11
mount rushmorehigh on, re, new! 1969lucky pigs 813ex12
mount rushmoremount rushmore `69, re, new!lucky pigs 812ex12
mountain ash band (second ed.111 cop.)the hermit NEW! Re1112nd001ex18
mouselady killer,1973 New! Resommo 11ex18
mouse lady killer, re ( this is 1990 alun painos), repro??ex23
mouse and the trapsthe eternity years 1965-68, re, new!higlp 4ex14
moving gellatine platessame, REcbs 64399 aktex15
mr.fox1970 RE New!get back 590ex18
muthe first album, NEW, regrail302ex12
munson alangood morning world NEW! RE guess 041ex6
murpleio somo murple, re, new!amslp 44ex18
"mushroom lp + 7"" "" 5 track ep!"""early one morning…, re, new!acme 1078ex24
musica dispersasame 1971, NEW! Redm 527701ex18
mutantestudo foi feito pelo, REsom livrevg++8
n.s.u.turn on ,or turn me down 1969 Re, NEW!earmark 42074ex13
nahuatlsame, new! , re nht 010ex12
narnia (second edition 111 copies)aslan is not tame lion 1974? NEW! Re1112nd-005ex14
national galleryperforming musical int.paint paul klee, psyc.pop great!! + liite,insertphilips 600-266vg+++15
national galleryperforming musical int.paint paul klee, psyc.pop great!! + liite,insertphilips 600-266ex---20
national galleryperforming musical int.paint paul klee, psyc.pop great!! + liite,insertphilips 600-266ex30
navasotarootin, 1972 new! Resounvision 3513ex9
necromandusnecrothology 1973 NEW! Re 138/300 print.aalp 108ex29
necronomicontips zum selbstmord, NEW! Re unoffical (kansi ex---)60634 ex11
nektar 2lpthru the ears 1978, usavisa rec imp 9001ex-13
nemesissame RE new! 1976-78ikaros 05ex13
nemesissame RE new!nemstex11
nemrudjourney of the shaman, new!r45r 0003-1ex15
nemrudritual, NEW! re ranbow 1589ex15
neon pearl same 1967-68, NEW! Readlp1032ex18
neutral spiritssame 1972, New!, revoid 47ex15
new trollssenza orario senza bandiera RE,NEW!!!cetra lpx 3ex18
new trollsut 1972, RE, NEW!cetra wmlp 138ex22
new trolls concerto grosso per i hdm-ep 001/szpr-107ex30
new trolls (black vinyl)concerto grosso per i vmlp 129ex23
new trolls (lim.ed. solid red vinyl)concerto grosso per i vmlp 129ex22
nevada jukebox60.000.000 buffalo 1972 usaatco 384ex---8
next morningsame, 1971, new!, reanm 010ex16
nice enought to eatking crimson,jethro tull,free,quintensence,nick drake, etc. UK.pink island iwps-6ex-9
nick carriethe nightmare of j.b.stanislas RE soittamaton!wah wah 31ex12
"nick castro & the young elders 10"""a day without disaster 2007 NEW! (only 200 print)!asp 25ex8
"nick castro & the young elders 2lp + 7"""come into our house 2006 NEW!daffodelic 601ex28
nick mason (pink floyd)fictitious sportsemi ex-6
nico 2lpfemme fatale, re, new!vinyl lovers 900960ex12
niemenvol. 1. (kansi vg+)muza sxl 0895ex--7
niemenstrange is this world 1972, UK.cbs 64896ex--18
nimbus obus 1974 NEW! Re 2016 + 2 bonus!shadocks 181ex35
nine days wondersame 1971, NEW! Regargoex23
nirvanathe story of simon simopath, re Greece print!island vg 71442ex-28
nirvanathe story of simon simopath, NEW! Re (repro)B116015ex11
nirvanalocal anaesthetic 1971, RE 1990 luvun repro (kan.pieni kolhu oikea alakulma)vertigo 6360031ex-18
nite peoplep.m. 1970 NEW! Re sommor 10ex15
nitzingerone foot in history 1972, REakarma 172ex15
nordnorsk visegruppehei losti 1979mai 7909ex--15
nostradamosnostradamos 1972 NEW! Re (kreikka bandi)zodiac 3556 mlkex18
nostradamusaquarium 1971/74, NEW!shadocks 171ex27
notes from the undergroundsama re akarma 032ex18
novanova 1 Re, NEW!radioactive 63ex22
novalisbanished bridge 1973brain 1029vg(+)25
novalisbrandung 1977brain 60.094ex--13
novalisflossenengel 1979ahorn vg++8
novellsthat did it! 1968, new! Reswddl 728ex15
nucleussame 1966?? RE,NEW!!mainstream 6120ex18
nuova erale e il tempocontempo 5058ex-26
nutshellflyaway 1977, (symphony prog.)myrrh 1056ex-6
nylnyl 1976, NEW! Re gpmusic ex21
o boyle, maeveall my sins, 2010, new!akh 363ex11
o.p.m.camalgamation 1970, NEW! Re wah wah 128ex15
o.p.m.cproduct of pisces and capricorn 1971, NEW! Re wah wah 130ex15
oberona midsummers night dream 1971, NEW! Resommor 18ex15
octobus syng (black vinyl)birds of morning are never late nasoni 070ex-18
octobus syng (black vinyl)beyond the karmadelic coldness, there`s the lovedelic warmthnasoni 030ex18
odisseaodissea 1973 New! Revm lp 016ex17
of perceptionso join mr.dreams 1991 psyke lizard nation 001ex10
officana meccanicala follia del mimo di fuoco, NEW! Reamslp 98ex18
oisinbealoideas 1980 irelandtara 2011ex---6
okkositar & electronics, NEW! re bar 336ex18
oliverslost dove sessions 1969?, new!, rebreak 028ex14
omega"""omega"" 1974 usa"passport 98007ex---16
omegasame bellaphon 2521ex-16
omega (alumiinipeltikannet!!!)"elo, hungary (kannet ""kolhiintuneet"")"pepita 17447vg+++12
on the seventh day…same 1, usa mercury 61248ex-13
open mindopen mind, NEW!, resunbeam 5019ex18
open mindsame, Resunbeam 5019ex16
orang-utanorang-utan 1971 NEW! Resommor 014ex20
oratoriumsame 1972 NEW! Retrlp 9063ex18
ordorika ruperhautsi da anphora, new! REelk 4003ex12
orient expresssama RE, NEW!mainstream 6117ex13
orphan more orphan than not 1974london 645ex-9
orschakowski wolfgang + bonus cd!zippo zetterlink in the poor sun 1971 NEW! Relps 151ex18
os lobosmiragem ,RE New!mandrax 802ex15
osage tribearrow head 1972, re, new!vmlp 37ex18
osannalandscape of life , RE, NEW!fonit lpx 32ex18
osirissame 1982, NEW! REphs 028ex16
ougenweidefryheit 1978, orig. polydor 2437576ex-15
ougenweidefryheit 1978, orig. (kannessa aivan pieni tarran poistojälki)polydor 2437576ex-9
ougenweidenoch aber ist april 1981polydorex-9
out of darkness (white vinyl)anthology 1968-72, RE, NEW!ppp 031ex16
oxfords flying up through the sky, new! Re (pieni jälki yhdessä biisissä,pari naksua)mv 024ex6
paatossilence of another kind, new! 2006mellopa 3ex16
paatosV, New! 2012gvr 010ex16
paatosbreathing, NEW! 2012gvr 008ex16
paese dei balocci 2sama,1972, New! Revmlp 125ex18
"palace flophouse + single! 7"""bontebrug 1979 folkdls 30ex-13
palmer brucethe cycle is complete 1969, new! Re verve 3086ex12
palmer johnshorelines, new!, revoid 53ex12
pamela pollandsame 1972 re , NEW!columbia 31116ex8
pansame 1970 NEW! Re shadocks 177ex33
pansame, 1970, re, new!slps 518ex18
panvalhalla 1970, re, new!sonet 1518ex18
panama limitedindian summer 1970, NEW! retimeless 713ex21
pandamoniumunreleased album 1969? RE , NEW!radioactive 070ex14
panna freddauno, new, re, 1971vm 118ex22
paper gardenthe paper garden 1968 NEW! Re sundazed 5462ex18
paradise squarenever though id see the day 1974, NEW! Resommor 20ex16
paride e gli stereo 4nauffrago in citta 1971 NEW! Reakarma 0999ex21
paroni paakkunainenplastic maailma, NEW!, re mayfair 015ex18
paroni paakkunainen (black vinyl)plastic maailma, NEW!, re 2016svart 405ex21
paroni paakkunainen (red vinyl)plastic maailma, NEW!, re 2016svart 405ex22
parson red headsretrospektive 2004-2014 + cd, NEW!yatc 09ex13
parzivallegend 1971, germany orig.telefunken sle 14635-pex--60
parzivalbarock 1973, NEW! Resireena 4012ex22
parzivallegend 1971, NEW! Resireena 4007ex22
passporthand made 1973atlantic 62575ex-15
pat kilroylight of day RE new!!fallout 2013ex16
paternostersame 1972 NEW! Reow 004-1ex18
patrick moraz (yes)i, 1976atlanticex-5
"patron saints + 7""""fohhoh bohob RE new!! 1969 + vihko+7"""time-lag 039ex30
pattohold your fire 1971, NEW! Re hienot erikoiset kannet!akarma 190ex27
patty waterscollege tour 1966,new! REget 1055ex9
paul brett sage same, usa cut outjanus 3026ex--17
paul butterfieldnorth south, 1980, cut outbearsvilleex-7
paul kantner & grace slicksunfighter + vihko, 1971 usa , cut out, kansi cover pieni ring wear!grunt 1002vg5
paul kantner & grace slicksunfighter + vihko, 1971 usa , cut out, kansi cover pieni ring wear!grunt 1002ex-15
paul martinit happened 1967 NEW! Reoutsider osr 048ex16
paul parrishthe forest of my mind 1968, NEW! Remapache 10ex21
pavlos dogpampered menial 1975 av.kannet usacolumbia 33562ex-12
peace and lovesuber banda-tj-mexico 1971 denver 3001ex-16
peace,bread & land bandspirito-politico folk rock 1969-78 RE new!!rd recordsex13
peanut butter conspiracythe great conspiracy 1968, NEW! Re unofficalcolumbia ex9
pearls before swineone nation underground,red vinyl! New! REget 91008ex17
pearls before swinebalaklava, red vinyl!!new! REget back 91010ex17
pearls before swinethese things too, usa orig.reprise 6364ex-30
peeling of tangerinesame 1971 re (unplayed)!!stephen spst-001ex18
peeling of tangerinesama 1971 re akarma 137ex18
pell mellmarburg, new! Re, 1972lhc 104ex21
peltier tommy with judee sillchariot of astral light 1969-74 , NEW!mapa 011ex18
pentanglehistory book, UK.transatlantic tra sam 23ex--26
pentanglecruel sister , usa av.kannet. (kannet vg++)reprise 6430ex-28
"penthouse 5. + 7"""its all my own bizarre dream, NEW!break-a-way records 047ex12
pentwatersame 1977, NEW!, re glp 1021ex18
perc meets the hidden gentlemanthis maid of delphi 1990strange ways 7ex12
"periferia del mondo + 7"""in ogni luogo in ogni tempo 1999? akarma 3001ex16
periferia del mondo 2 lpun milione di voci 2002akarma 3002/2ex16
permanent clear lightbeyond these things, NEW! Splatter vinyl 300 print. 2015 prog/psyc.suomig.o.d.records 003ex13
perrin, chuck & marybrother & sister 1968, NEW! Remapache 0006ex16
perry leopoldexperiment in metaphysics , new!, re 1973guess 096ex18
perry leopoldchristian lucifer 1973 NEW! Repsi 001-2ex16
pete dello & friendsinto your ears 1971 NEW! Regot ginda lost 007ex20
pete seeger and chorusthe original talking union, usa orig.? tai wanha painos! 1955 + liite!folkways fhj 5285ex--25
peter paul and mary 2lpin concert , usa orig.wb 1555ex-8
petit de cal eril, elvol i dol, new!br 033ex12
pfm 2lp English + 2 cd Italy & English.emotional tattoos NEW!88985473131 sony musicex25
phantoms divine comedypart 1, 1974, NEW! ReSunday 0109ex21
phil sawyerchildhoods end 1971, NEW! Re guerssen 027ex11
phoenixmugur de fluier 1974, NEW! Reo-music 71064ex13
phoenixcei ce ne-au dat nume 1972, NEW! Renem 1003ex13
phoenixtranssylvania phoenix 1981 NEW! Rebac 2600900ex16
phulpsame 196?, usa orig.? cut out verve 5054ex-22
phulpsame 1968, NEW! Reakarma 147ex18
pia raugsaga 1979metronome 623vg+4
picadilly linehuge world of emily small 1967 Re , NEW!light flash 004ex16
picchio dal pozzosama 1976, NEW! Regf pdp 1ex23
pig rider 2lpthe robinson scratch theory NEW!guess 145ex13
pillsbury susansame, 1973 usa orig. Cut outsfs 804vg+++12
pink floyddark side of the moon, UK. 1973harvest 804vg10
pink floydmeddle av.kan. UK. 1971harvest 795vg+++23
pink floydmeddle av.kan. Sweden 1971 (kansi ex-------)harvestex-23
pink floydmasters of rock 1974, holland emi columbia 5c054.04299ex-17
pink floydatom heart mother 1970, germany printharvest shze 297ex---23
pink floydthe final cut 1983 holland printemiex-17
pink floyda saucerful of secrets, germany printcolumbia 1c072-04190ex-30
pink floyda momentary lapse of reason 1987, RE 2016 (kerran soitettu)pfrlp 13ex18
pink floyda momentary lapse of reason 1987, hollandemi ex--18
pink floyda momentary lapse of reasons, orig. Canada 1987columbia 40599ex--18
pink floydobscured by clouds, UK. Orig.? (pyöreäkulmaiset kannet)harvest 4020ex---33
pink floydatom heart mother UK. Wanha painos!harvest 781ex---30
pink floyd (marmored pink vinyl)one of these days live at paris theatre, london october 12, 1971swinging pig 034ex-50
pink floyd (+ 1 kpl huonokuntoinen juliste)dark side of the moon, RE germany avattavat kannet!harvest 064-05249ex-17
pink floyd (picture lp)wish you were here 1975, re kuva lp! 1995?sony 30 AP 1875-01ex18
pink floyd 2lpwall 1979, RE 2016pink floyd records?ex20
pink floyd 2lpummagumma, usaharvest ex---22
pink floyd 2lpummagumma, canadaharvest ex-20
pink floyd 2lpa nice pair, usa, orig.kuva sisäpussit!harvest 11257ex-25
pink floyd 4 lp boxi + kirjapulse, re 2018, uudenveroinen!pfrlp 17ex65
pirana pirana II, 1972 RE (kuin uusi)akarma 368ex18
plainsong (ian matthews)in search of amelia earhart, re 1972vinyl lovers 901202ex-9
plainsong (ian matthews)in search of amelia earhart,NEW!, re 1972vinyl lovers 901202ex13
planxtyafter the break 1979tara 3001vg++5
planxtycold blow and the rainy night 1974 UK.polydor 2383-301ex-9
pohjola pekka (black vinyl)visitation NEW! Re 2015svart 324ex18
pondplanetenwind, (like tangerine dream)amiga 856049ex-8
poogy talespoogy tales 1973 ,israel orig. pop /psyc.ban 14376vg+9
pop five music incorporateda peca, NEW!, rels 01ex9
pop masinakiselina 1973 RE , NEW!atlantide 03ex12
popol vuhtantric songs, usa. (kansi vg+++)celestial harmonies 006ex-25
popol vuhdas hohelied salomos 1975, NEW! rewah wah 157ex26
popol vuhaguirre 1975, NEW! Rewah wah 158ex26
popol vuhletzte tage, letzte nächte 1976, NEW! Rewah wah 159ex26
popol vuhcoeur de verre 1977, Rewah wah 160 ex22
popol vuhcoeur de verre 1977, NEW! Rewah wah 160 FRex26
popol vuh hosianna mantra, Rething progressiveex---16
"popol vuh + 7"""hosianna mantra, new! Rewah wah lps 118ex26
popol vuh (clear vinyl)herz aus glass 1977, NEW! Rewah wah 160 DEex32
popol vuh 2lp, red vinyl!nosferatu 1978, NEW! Rewah wah 161ex45
popp andrele coeur en fete, new!, re 1972wah wah 008ex11
pretty thingscross talk 1980 usawb 3466ex-7
pretty thingsget the picture? 1965, REfontana 6438214ex18
prints of darknesszindabad 1970?, new! Reravi 001ex18
prju a palliicelandic folk songs,1973 very rare islanti folk!sg-064ex-18
processionsame, 1969 (cut out pieni reikä) (kansi/cover vähän ringwear) lp kuin uusi!mercury smash 67122ex15
processionsame, 1969smash srs 67122ex21
procol harumlive 1972, UK.chrysalis 1004ex-13
procol harumprocols ninth 1975 , UK. (takannessa nimitarra)chrysalisex-11
procol harumsomething magic 1977, sweden printchr 1130ex--14
procol harumexotic birds and fruit, sweden print. 1974chrysalis 1058vg+7
procol harumgrand hotel,. UK. 1973 + vihko!chrysalis 1037ex--15
procol harumexotic birds and fruit 1974 UK. Orig.chrysalis 1058ex-18
protectionsame 1987touch t33.6ex-12
providenceever sence the dawn 1972, NEW! Rehifly 8003ex12
public foot the romansame 1969, NEW! Rehifly 8034ex12
punaisen kuningatteren periaatekaksi suuntaa, NEW! 2015svart 358ex18
pusey josephin my ladys chamber 1977 ,RE New!mandrax 801ex12
pussy crushtormenting the emotionally frail 1994 lim.ed. 95/500la-di-da 039ex6
puzzlehimalaya 1981 NEW! Remellotron 013ex16
pyranhasame, NEW! Re flowmotion 002ex21
pythagorasafter the silence a symphonic poem 1982wea 58465vg++16
pärson sound, 3 lp box1967-1968, orig. Box 2010 print.sub-073-lp-boxex-70
q 65revolution 1966, REdecca 644675ex-13
q 65afganistan, re, new!vp 99024ex13
quantum jumpbarracuda, 1977trix 3ex-14
quantum jumpbarracuda, 1977int 161.351ex--18
quartetloaded 1980 orig. (unplayed)! Soittamaton! (edward vesala)leo 010ex35
quarteto 1111onde quando como porque cantamos pessoas vivas RE, new! 1974guess 062ex21
quasarthe loreli folk prog. 1989gud 2ex10
quatrain 2lpquatrain 1969, new! Re sundazed 5250ex31
question mark and the mysteriansmore action, unnoffical.munster mr 216/2001ex12
quicksilver messengerwhat about me 1970 UK. Orig. (kannessa pieni tarranpoistojälki)capitol 630vg+++25
quicksilver messengershady groce 1969 UK. Orig.capitol 391vg++25
quicksilver messenger servicequicksilver 1971 UK. Orig.capitol E-SW 819ex-28
quicksilver messenger serviceshady grove 1970, re (avattavat kannet)edsel 208ex-12
quicksilver messenger servicewahat about me av.kan. Usa capitol 630vg+12
quicksilver messenger servicewahat about me av.kan. Usa capitol 630ex-15
quicksilver messenger servicejust for love av.kan usa capitol 498vg++13
quintessenceself 1972 , germanyrca 10374vg++13
rabindaall i se is you av.kan.1973 usatacoma d-1036vg+8
raccomandata ricevuta ritomoil pittore volante, NEW! 2009vinyl magic amslp 25ex28
rainbow band 2lp (denmark band)same 1971, NEW! Re 2017shadocks 190ex42
rainbow presstheres a war on 1968 NEW!, reout-sider 030ex12
rainmansame, new! Re, 1971vp 99019ex18
ralf nowylucifers dream 1973, NEW! Rewah wah 166ex15
ramasesglass top coffin, canada orig. Avattavat kannet 1975vertigo 6360115ex--45
ramases space hymns, re 1971 netherlands print. ( kansi vg+)space vertigo 9199134ex--25
ramases (poster cover)!!!space hymns, re, new!mexican summer 038ex40
raminghi, Iil lungo cammino dei raminghi + bonus 197? , NEW! Revmlp 102ex18
randy burnsof love and war, new! Re 1966get back 1022ex8
rapunzel (mainio kraut kokoelma)!emtidi,wallenstein,hölderlin,bröselmaschine,rufus zuphal, witthuser&westrupppilz 2029116-2ex--40
rare birdepic forest 1972, usa (kansi ringwear) 4 napsua.polydor 5530vg+8
rascals 2lpfreedom suite + 3 hienoa kuvaa!! Usa ,cut outatlantic 901ex-16
raug piahej lille drom 1978metronome 618ex-4
raw materialsame, 1971, new!, resoundvision 01010ex11
raw materialsame, ( re 2001)wah wah 007ex18
ravenwho do you see NEW! Recorded 1976 but never released until now!golden pavilion 1020ex21
raversbad bad world, new!re 1969lps 095ex15
ray pierletime and money 1980, NEW! Reosr 038ex13
raymond froggattvoice and writing of 1968 uk.av.kan. Orig.polydor 583044ex-13
razmatazfor the first time av.kan. Usa ua 5564ex11
rebelsmeet the rebels, re, new!psr 003ex11
recreationsame 1970 NEW! Relprlp 0820-1ex18
red chair fadewaycuriouser and curiouser 1991 orig. (unplayed)!!tangerine mm 10ex45
red crayolathe parable of arable land, RE 2003?ia -lp 2ex13
renaissancenovella av.kan.1977 (kansi vg+)sire 7526ex-10
renaissancesame 1969 UK. Avattavat kannet. (kansi pientä kulumaa)island 9114 ex--15
renaissancesame 1969, re, germany av.kannet!island 87609ex--13
renaissancesame 1978 comp.korea painos!della hsr 9038vg++10
renaissanceprologue 1972 avattavat kannet UK. (kan.pieni tarran poisto jälki)sovereign 7253ex---13
renaissanceillusion UK. Reisland help 27ex-13
renaissance 2lplive carnegie hall 1976, usasire ex-13
renbourn johnsir john alot of 1968, rell-0084ex-11
revivalsama, usa 1972 (jälkiä jotka eivät kuulu soitettaessa)kamasutra 2047ex-9
revolucion psicofasica en bolivia same, 1969-1975, re,new! Psych/pop/beat/underground, bolivia!!condor 002ex11
riccardo cocciantel`alba 1975 orig.italorca 1167ex-7
riccardo zappachatka 1978 folk/prog. Italodivergo 5335521ex-7
richard & linda thompsonpour down like silver 1975island 9348ex--9
richard thompsonsmall town romance 1984, usahannibal 1316ex-11
richard thompson 2lpa collection of unreleased and rare material 1967-1976carthage 4413ex-15
rick grech (family,traffic,blind faith)last five years , usarso 876ex-5
rick saucedo 2lpheaven was blue 1978 NEW!, reguess139ex12
ricordi d`infanziaio uomo, 1973, NEW! Revmlp 143ex18
riechmannwunderbar, 1978sky 017vg++5
riechmann & streetmarksama, 1979sky 030vg+5
rigoni/schoenherz 2lpvictor 1975 orig. Vihko + liitebacillus 8501ex-24
rigoni/schoenherz 2lpvictor 1975 re orange (bellaphon)vg+16
rino gaetanoingresso libero 1974, NEW! Resony musicex17
risa pottershalf woman half child 1970, usa cut outnational general 2004ex---13
riti, magie nere e segrete orge nel trecentoreverberi, gian franco, 1971 occult film music! NEW! 663/666 print.cnst 705ex25
riversonriverson NEW! Remayfair 019ex13
robert calverthype 1982, re 1989 see for miles 278vg+++9
robert frippexposure 1979 usa, cut outpolydor 6201ex--16
robin scottwoman from the warm grass, New!sunbeam 5009ex13
robin williamson & his merry bandamerican stonehenge, usa 1978flying fishex-7
rockin horseyes it is , re, new!sing 038ex13
roedeliusauf leisen sohlen 1984 UNPLAYEDsky 094ex13
roger & wendy sama, 1971, RE new!horny 71-rw-1ex13
roger morrisfirst album 1971, re , new!vinyl lovers 900786ex13
roger powellcosmic furnace 1973 usaatlantic 7251ex-16
ronnie vonsame RE , NEW!rvlp 0132ex13
ronnie vona misteriosa luta do reino de…RE , NEW!rvlp 0133ex13
ronnie vona maquina voadora RE, NEW!rvlp 134ex13
ronnie vonsama 1967, orig. Brazil (soi ex-)polydor lpng 44.005vg++25
rontheosame, 1976, re, new!wah wah 110ex17
roompre-flight 1970, NEW! Reakarma 375ex22
rosalie sorrelsmoments of happiness 1977philo 1033vg+4
rosemalt sound alf cranner & alfred janson 1967?nordisc 2475005ex-16
rosys bar & grill (folk)same 1979 , usa bc 1326ex---6
rotary connectionpeace, usa orig.cadet 318ex-12
rotary connectionbest of (minnie ripperton) ??vg++8
rousseausguare the circle 1988, first print. Germanyrp 10865ex13
rovescio della medagliacontamination 1975, NEW! Resony musicex24
rovescio della medagliala bibbia 1971 NEW! Re (rimasterzzato a 192 khz)sony 88985365511ex32
ruben and the jetsfor real 1973 usamercury 659ex-12
rufus zuphallphallobst NEW!, relonghair 147ex24
rumplestiltskinblack magcian 1972 NEW! Resoundvision 03525ex17
running mansame 1972 RE, NEW!vinyl lovers 900464ex16
running streambutterfly trip, re, NEW!bottle 007ex19
rävjunkuppsala stadshotell brinner 1977, NEW! Reshadocks 185ex33
rävjunkuppsala stadshotell brinner igen, NEW! Reshadoks 188ex33
s.t.mikaelmind of fire 2007, NEW!xmlp sub 22ex23
s.t.mikaelmind of fire 2007xmlp sub 22ex17
sabattiswarning in the sky 1970 NEW! Reoutsider 037ex18
sabbath assembly (gold vinyl)!ye are gods + booklet! NEW! + Patch!flame 74 / svartex14
sacred mushroom same 1969 RE , NEW!akarma 99198ex18
sadiesnorthern passages 2017yep 2493ex16
sagasame , NEW! Re , ruotsi proge!anm 005ex16
sagittariusthe blue marble 1969, RE New!sundazed 5231ex19
sagrado coracao da terraflecha 1987 orig. Brazilarteciencia 992605-1ex-18
saint justsaint just, new!, reamslp 21ex16
saint just (blue vinyl)la casa del lago1974, NEW! Revmlp 183ex23
saint stevensame RE , NEW! 1969ecllp 1031ex9
saint stevensame 1969, NEW! Retapestry 159ex14
sainte anthonys fyresame, new!, re041-v-1ex17
salamander (juliste kansi)!!the ten commandments, NEW! Re 1971guess 083ex22
salloom sinclair & the mother bearsama usa orig. Psyc.cadet 316vg+++5
sallyangie children of the sun NEW! RE, (mike & sally oldfield)earmark 42082ex16
samadhisamadhi, new! Re 1973vmlp 124ex17
samuel prodysama 1972, RE avattavat kannet, (repro?)nemo 1001ex9
sandgolem, new! Re, repro??ex11
sandstonecan you mend a silver thread? New! Re misssing vinyl 021ex18
sandy dennysandy 1972 UK. Orig.island 9207vg10
sangiulianotake off 1978 RE , NEW!si-wan 1006ex15
sangiulianotake off (still sealed,avaamaton)!!si-wan srml 1006ex21
sangster johnonce around the sun, new! Reroundtable ex9
sapphire thinkersfrom within re , NEW!hobbit 5003ex15
sargofaguscycle of life, new! (Black vinyl only 200 print!) + bookletsvartex22
sargofaguscycle of life, new! (clear vinyl 500 print! ) + bookletsvartex16
sarofeen and smokesame, new! Reswddl 729ex12
savage gracesama 1970 reprise 6399vg+13
savage rosetravelin 1969 germany (kansi vg-) levy vg(+) soi hyvinpolydor 184316vg(+)9
savage rosei`m satisfied 1971, germanykarusell 2499010ex-18
savage rosedodens triumf 1972, (kansi vg)polydor 2380016ex--13
savanna triomore folk songs from island, 1971sg-035ex-15
scalethesummitV, NEW!10218lpex12
scapa flowuuteen aikaan, NEW! Re 2014 (kompass kolp 22)viima 101ex18
schade og trillesjov i danmark, 1969, orig.sonet slps 1601vg++9
schadelno 1, germany, (soi vg/ex-)uas 291141vgex-5
schoener eberhardevents av.kan. harvest 45879ex-8
schulze klausblack dance, UK. 1974, avattavat kannet vanha painosvirgin oved 23ex-15
schulze klausdig it 1980, italymetronome smir 3500ex-15
schulze klaustrancefer,1981 italyinnovative com. Ks 80014ex-15
schulze klausmindphaser , germanybrain 0060.423ex-10
schulze klausdune 1979, germanybrain 0060.225ex-10
schulze klausbodylove 1977, korea print!brain SEL-RG 1175ex-15
schulze klausbodylove 1977, UK.island 9510ex-15
schulze klausmoondawn 1976, avattavat kannet germany brain 1088ex-15
schulze klauspicture music 1973, franceisadora isa 9007ex-18
schulze klaus 2lp"""X"" 1978, germany + vihko + on tour tarra takakannessa!"brain 0080.023ex-20
schulze klaus 2lprock on brain 1978, germanybrain 0080.046ex-15
scott fagansouth atlantic blues 1968 usa cut out (kansi vg+)atco sd 33-267ex--28
scott walkerscott 1967, New! Remusic on vinyl 716ex21
scott walkerscott 1967, New! Re4 men beardsex21
scott walkerscott 2, NEW!, reback to black 3728847ex21
scott walkertil the band comes in 1970 NEW!, reback to black 3732364ex16
scott walkertil the band comes in 1970 UK. (kansi vg+) rare!philips 6308035vg+30
scott walkerII, UK. Mono! + liite! 1968philips bl 7840vg…vg+25
search partymontgomery chapel 1968 NEW! Relion 120ex18
sebastianhead roach RE, NEW!void 37ex13
sebastianblod lykke 1974harvest 38109ex-12
second comingsama, usamrercury sr 61299ex-6
second handreality RE , repro?essex 1006ex12
second handreality, 1968 UK. 2.print!! (kansi/cover vg)!polydor 583045ex-55
second hand reality RE, new!sunbeam 5031ex15
second lifesame 1971, remetronome 15409ex-16
secret talesl`antico regnoblack widow 169ex15
sectionsama + liite+juliste 1972wb 2661ex8
sedayeh del 2lpvarious, NEW! Iran phs-010ex22
sedmina2.dejande 1982, NEW! Re (yugoslavia folk/prog/psyc)mellotron 007ex15
sedminamelita & veno dolenc 1980, NEW! Re (yugoslavia folk/prog./psyc)mellotron 006ex15
seedsa web of sound,New! Reget back629ex9
seedsraw & alive, merlin music box, 1969 , (1979 print)pickwick 3692ex-9
seedsa web of sound 1967, REcrescendoex9
seedsfuture, RE 2005get back 644ex9
seedssame, RE 2003 (includes hit pushin too hard)get back 628ex9
seeds,picture disc!a web of sound,New! Kuva lp!get 629ex8
sepi kuurannan usvassa 1980, NEW! Re 2015shadocks 176ex30
serena concert in woodstock, usasw 444ex-12
serenity (aukkokansi)!piece of mind 1972, NEW! Rebmrl 2005ex28
serge gainsbourgcomic strip RE new!!mercury/philipsex18
serge gainsbourgdu jazz dans le ravin RE new! philips/mercuryex18
serpent powersame 1967, re, new!swddl 722ex12
session unikuva 1974, NEW! Re shadocks 165ex33
seventh dawnsunrise, new! Re -70guess 074ex14
seventh wavethings to come 1974, usa cut outjanus 7008ex-16
sex (second edition 111 copies)the end of my life 1970, NEW!, re111-09ex23
shadrack chameleonsama 1973 NEW! Reosr 062ex17
shag1969, NEW! Reosr 027ex15
shakti with joh mclaughlinsame 1976, hollandcbs 81388ex-8
shantisame 1971, NEW! Re 2015hifly 8037ex9
shide & acorn under the tree,1971, re 189/500 (tämä on wanha acme re painos)acme ac8006ex27
shin joong hyun & yup junssame, 1974? New! Re lion 123ex18
shinki chenshinki chen & friends, re, new! ashlp 3038ex19
shivas headbandpsychedelic yesterday New,RE!akarma 282ex14
shocking bluescorpios dance, 1970, re, new! + 4 bonus!music on vinyl 118ex18
shoot ( color vinyl)on the frontier 1973, NEW! Resireena 4042ex20
short crossarising 1972, NEW! Re osr-023ex18
shyonce bitten…twice..1983 soittamaton!!!! New!ebony 15ex17
siddarthaweltschmerz, 1975, new! Re garden of delights 013ex24
"sigur ros , 12"" ep"sæglópur 2006emi ex-16
silly wizardso many partings 1980shanachie recex-16
"siloah + 7"""sukram gurk 1972, New! Rewah wah lps 204ex22
"siloah + 7"""same 1970, NEW! Rewah wah lps 203ex22
silver birchsame 1973 NEW! Regm 202cc4ex15
sindelfingen (black vinyl)odgipig 1973, NEW! Reanazitisi 70-39fex26
sir lord baltimorekingdom come (kansi lähes ex-) orig.mercury 61328ex-22
sister rainwild flowers grow 1991 orig. (unplayed)!!vow 021ex10
sister rainshine 1991 orig. (unplayed)!!vow 025ex10
skin alleyskin tight 1973 usa ( kannessa teippiä) vg, cut out.stax 3013ex-21
skip biffertysama 1967 RE, new!tapestry 238ex22
sleepy johnsleepy john 1970, NEW! Re guess 133ex9
slims blues gangthe blues aint strange, orig.sonet 2523ex-15
smacksame, 1968 new! Reshadocks 145ex33
smokeat georges coffee shop, usa orig.uni 73065ex-36
smoke rise 2lpsurvival of st.sloan av.kan. paramount 9000ex-21
snap on face $27heterodyne state hospital 1977 NEW! Reom 71083-1ex13
snowsama 1968 RE , NEW!radioactive 056ex16
soft machinesama eka lp 1968, Re 1987 (hieno aukkokansi)!tapestry 226ex25
soft machinesama eka lp 1968, Re 1987big beat wika 57ex30
soft machinevolume two, REprobe cplp 4505ex20
solsticesilent dance 1984 folk/prog. RE Japani painos!(muutama pieni naksu)shilla records 1115ex-13
son los grillos (female folk)!darkness turns to light 2013, NEW! 045/500monterey 002ex15
sorrenti alanaria, new! , reamslp 19ex12
sorrenti jennysuspiro 1976, new!, reamslp 20ex9
soul survivorstake another look , usa, STILL sealed,avaamaton1atco 277ex12
sound of dissentsama orig. (still sealed)mercury 61203ex12
soupthe album soup 1971 orig.usa (kansi/cover vg+ hieman ringwearia)bts 2007ex-- 15
soutar richardepisodes 1978, NEW! Revoid 55ex12
southern comfortsama usacolumbia 1011ex-9
southwindready to ride av.kan.blue thumb 13ex-9
spectral light & moonshine firefly snakeoil jamboree 2lp???ex-15
speed, glue & shinkieve re, new! phoenix ashlp 3026ex21
speed, glue & shinki 2lpsame 1972, NEW! resub 1011ex25
spettri2973 la nemica dei ricordiblack widow 174ex19
spirogyraold boot wine 1972,New!REtime 701ex21
spirogyrast.radiguns 1972, re, new!akarma 330ex25
spirogyrast radigunds 1972, NEW! Reakarma 330ex33
spocks beard 2lp + cd.beware of darkness 2004, NEW!insideout 88875176421ex20
spocks beard 3lp + 2 cd`ssnow 2004, NEW!insideout 0502191ex25
spontaneous combustionsame 1972 NEW! Retimeless 738ex18
spooky tooth feat.mike harrisonthe last puff, 1970 Germany print pink island!island pink 6339004ex--40
spooky tooth with pierre henry!cerenomy 1969, germanyfontana 6444540vg+++18
sprague peterthe path , usaxanadu 183ex-7
spriguns (color vinyl) 500 print!)revel, New! Resi-wanex28
spriguns (color vinyl) 500 print!)time will pass, New! Resi-wanex28
spring 2lpsame, NEW! Re akarma 213/2ex35
spurof the moment, recslp 1500ex-16
srcmilestones , Re, new!depaja 106ex14
srcs.r.c 1968 NEW! Regbr 52100ex16
stackabove all 1969, NEW! Reosr-022ex18
staff carpenborgs electric coronafantastic party RE ,new! Color vinyl!daily 47102ex15
stained glasscrazy horse roads NEW! REfallout 2034ex18
standartecurses and invocations black widow 015ex25
starkeverything¬hing 1991 rune 6ex7
steamhammerMK 2. 1970 NEW! Reakarma 243ex24
steel millgreen eyed god, re, repro! 199?blps 19105ex-14
steel millgreen eyed god 1975 RE repro 1996essex 1012ex-22
steel riverweighin heavy, (cut out hole)evolution 2018ex--18
steeleye spanall around my hat 1975chrysalis 1091ex-6
steeleye spanstorm force ten 1977chrysalis 1151ex-8
steeleye spanlive at last! 1978chrysalis 6307639ex-5
steeleye spanindividually & collectively, 1972charisma 5vg(+)8
steeleye spanplease to se the king , re (erilainen kansi)crest 005ex-9
steeleye spannow we are six, sweden printchrysalisvg(+)3
steeleye spanhark! The village wait 1970 canada print 1976chrysalis 1120ex-16
"Stephanie Hladowski 10"""the high nest UK. 2008, new! + liite!singing knives 008ex8
stewart alpast present & future, 1973, holland cbs 65726ex-6
still life sama 1971, RE, NEW!akarma 237ex24
stivell alanchemins de terre 1973 francefontana 6325304ex-6
stone angelsame, New! Reacme 8008ex21
stone circussame, re, new! mainstream 6119ex15
stone goal whitesame, re, new! sorrow ct-010ex15
stone the crowslive in montrux 1972, NEW! sireena 4005ex20
stone theatredreamies 1973 RE (väri vinyyli!!!!) (kannessa lievä tarran poisto jälki)dm68481ex12
stone theatredreamies 1973 re , NEW! dm-68481ex16
stormclouds (266/500)numberednightmares in the sky + liitecloud 002ex30
stormy sixun biglietto del tram, new!, re 1975vmlp 096ex21
strangelovesi want candy 1967, RE 1982line ollp 5231 asex15
strawberry path jimmy & hirowhen the raven has come to the earth, new! Re ashlp 3034ex15
strawbsburning for you 1977 usa cut outpolydor oy-1-1604ex-12
strawbshero and heroine 1974 UK. (kanteen kirjoitettu nimi)am 63607ex-15
strawbsjust collection of antiques and curios….orig.UK. Soi läpi!!kansi vg+am 994g7
strawbsjust collection of antiques and curios,live at the queen elisabeth hall, 1970am 4288ex-28
strawbschosts, UK. (kanteen kirjoitte nimi)am 68277ex-15
strawbschosts, usaam 4506ex--15
strawbsgrave new world, avattavat kannet 3 osaset! + vihko UK. Orig. 1972?sonet 1534ex--30
strawbsgrave new world, avattavat kannet! Usa 1972am 4344ex-21
strawbsby choice, UK. Orig. Av. Kannet.amlh 68259ex-13
strawbs varausburning for you 1977 usa (promo)polydor oy-1-1604ex-10
streetmarksky racer 1980 + tarra!sky 050ex-10
streetmarkdry, 1979sky 023vg++10
streetmarksky racer 1980 sky 050ex-7
string driven thingsame 1972, usa , cut outcharisma 1062ex-15
strollerswaiting is…1973 RE soittamaton!wohn 006ex9
studgoodbye live at command,1972, NEW! Rehifly 8033ex12
sturgill simpsona sailors guide to earth 2016atlantic 7567-86682-9ex16
sugar creekplease tell a friend 1969, NEW! Reakarma 151ex22
summer soundsup down , re 173/1000radioactive 078ex15
suntristan a rock opera, NEW! Reshadocks 156ex33
"sun dial + 7"""zen for sale , NEW!hslp 203 ?ex21
sundaysunday, new! Re be! 6-041ex15
sunday funniessame 1971 UK orig. rare earth 3004ex-16
sunforestsame RE , NEW!cat lp 01ex18
superfine dandelionsame RE, new!! Colored vinyl!mainstream 6102ex12
susan carterwonderful deeds and adventures RE , NEW!epic 26510ex13
swallowtailsame 1982 folkrooster 117vg++9
sweet smokedarknes to light 1973, germanyharvest 062-29471ex-75
sweet thursdaysame (nicky hopkins,jon mark,alun davies,harvey burns,brian odgers) usakz 32039ex-12
sweetwatersama 196?, RE NEW!reprise 6313ex19
swirling echoes (greek bands-70)"pemneadi,ixo,crisna,brothers,smile,etc.NEW! + poster + 7"", 198/400"anazitisi 70-2 ex9
symphonic slam (timo laine)sama 1976 hieno kansi loistava psyc.lp!!!!!am 4619ex-18
sånger om anne-marie och andra häxorkjerstin noren och damorkestern 1979amalthea am 8ex--15
t kailsomewhere, sometime, new! Reosr-10ex18
t.p.smokesame, 1971, new! Relucky pigs 0818-1ex15
t21970, re , new!adlp 1060ex22
t21971-72,unreleased studio recordings, NEW!acme 1086ex21
tai phongwindows, 1976 av.kanwb 56264ex-25
tai phongsama, 1975 av.kan.wb 56124ex-25
tai phong (kan.pieni tarranpoistojälki)windows, 1976 av.kan (2.puolen alussa pientä rahinaa muuten ex-)wb 56264ex-10
tamalpais exhangesame 1970, usa + liite ( cut out)atlantic 8263ex-13
tangerine the peeling of 1971, new! Reosr 17ex15
tangerine peelsoft delights 1970, NEW! Rehifly 8036ex15
tangerine zoosama 196?, NEW! Remainstream 6107ex12
tangerine zoooutside looking in 196?, new1 REmainstream 6116ex12
tarantulasama 1969 italy orig. (muutamia naksuja soi hyvin)am sp 4202vg+40
"tasavallan presidentti + 7"" + vihko!"lambert land 1972, NEW! Re, orange vinyl 200 print!svart 250ex40
tea & symphonyan asylum for the musically insane 1969, RE 201?harvest 761ex18
tea companycome and have some tea with tea company re, repro! 199?srs 67105ex13
tear gassame, RE, NEW! (kannen kulma hieman taittunut)timeless 718ex17
teddy neeleysama , usacapitol 2774vg++8
teddy robin&the playboysmagic colours Re , new!ongko 06ex9
temple (kraut)temple 1975-76 NEW! Rekmr 037-2ex22
terencean eye for an ear orig.usadecca 75137ex-13
terencean eye for an ear orig.usa (still sealed)!decca 75137ex19
terpandresame 1978, RE 1988musea fgbg 2018ex21
tharsin hrisama 1974 RE colour , New!arlp 70-1ex20
tharsin hrisama 1974 RE black vinyl , New!arlp 70-1ex17
thats underground (värivinyyli)!cohen,dylan,moby grabe,spirit,chambers broth.etc. cbs spr 23vg(+)8
The Use Of Ashes - White Nights: The Box (LP, Album + CD, Album + LP + CDr + Box, Ltd)ex (NEW)60
the2nd chapter of actswith footnotes 1974 (gospel folk)!!!myrrh 1011ex-5
thee sixpencestep by step, reakarma 034ex11
thee sixpencestep by step, re, New!akarma 034ex15
themthem 1970, NEW! Reswddl 714ex16
these trailssame 1973, re, new!drag city 463ex23
thin lizzyshades of a blue orphanage, new!, re, 1972txs 108ex21
thin lizzy + postersama 1971 RE, new!lita 086ex24
things to comei want out 1967 re soittamaton!!!sundazed 5008ex17
think variety 1973 NEW! Relonghair 181ex21
third railend it ,1990 orig. (unplayed)11caffeine machine 001ex15
third worldamerica the beauti..???usa 1971 rca 4502ex-8
thomas edisuns electric light bulb band"the red day album + 7"" NEW! Re "guess 124ex19
three man army3. re, new!tma-3ex17
three souls in my mindsama,1971 mexico city, New! Retherapheutic rec. 002ex16
thulegraks, New! Re 1997 norgeplp 2006ex26
thunder and rosesking of the black sunrise 1969, new! Re, repro?om 71052ex18
thundermother 2lpno red woman 1970-1971, new! Rekmr 037ex30
thundermugstrikes 1972, NEW! Rehifly 8031ex15
thundertreesame 1970 RE, new! guess 121ex15
thursdays children 1965-69same (1989)voxx 200.052ex10
tibettibet 1979 (recorded 1976) NEW! Resireena 4028ex22
ticketlet sleeping dogs lie 1972, RE (kuin uusi)tapestry 266ex22
tiffany shade (colored vinyl)sama RE,new!mainstream 6105ex15
tiger b smithwere the tiger bunch/plus 1 bonus track, NEW! Relhc 118ex16
tim blakeblakes new jerusalem 1978 france + liite!egg 90288 barclayex-26
tim buckleyblue afternoon, 1969, RE 200?straith 1060ex--14
tim buckleysefronia 1973 usa (kansi ringwear)discreet 2157vg+9
timothy clover the cambridge concept of …a harvard square affair 196?tower 5114ex-15
timothy learyaround you can be anyone this time, 2004get back 423ex18
tin housesame, 1971, re, new!om 71022ex15
tingling mothers circus"same 1968 ""circus of the mind) usa orig. Cut out (kansi ringwear)"musicor 3167ex-38
tisheh o risheh 2lp (iranian pop)various new!, singles compling 1970 lukua, New!phs 005ex21
titus oatesjungle lady 1974, NEW! Reoutsider 045ex16
to besame, 1977brain 60.053ex-16
tobrukcash box , RE , repro? 199?cb 501ex13
toe fattoe fat 1970 New! resv 3500ex19
toe fattwo 1970 New! Resv 3501ex19
tom rapp (pearls before swine)!sunforest 1973 usa (kansi/cover vg-)blue thumb 56ex-6
tom vlasmanwhite room with disintegrating walls 1970, RE New!wah wah 065ex9
tomorrow tomorrow, new! Re, 1968mr-sss 505ex21
tomstone valentinehidden world 1977 aether rec 003ex9
tonguekeep on truckin 1969, New! Reaya 68002ex16
tonton macoutesame 1971 NEW! Reakarma 149ex23
tontos expanding head bandsame , usa, cut out 1975atlantic 181123ex-18
tony banksthe fugitive 1983 charisma tblp 1ex-5
too much (japani bandi)same 1971, NEW! Re arlp 507ex23
tool shedsama, RE , 103/300, repro?19292 ex-14
tormentorshanging round, new! Re void 54ex15
touchstonenew land 1982 folksif 1040ex-14
townes van zandt 2lpdown home 1985 radio broadcast! NEW!letvo95lpex22
toy planet (irmin schmidt can)same 1980 spoon 011ex-16
traffic soundlux RE,new!get back 647ex18
trapezemedusa 1972, NEW! Retapestry 276ex25
trapezoidsama 1985, New! sugar hill 1132ex-12
tree peoplesame ,1979 RE New!guess 45ex13
tree peopleits my story, New, reguess 070ex13
trees live,re, new!mjj 341ex17
trettioåriga krigetefter efter, 2011mello lp 10ex-15
triade1998 la storia di sabazio, New! V REvmlp 105ex20
trianaeun encuentro 1980 (hieno kissakansi vg+)gong ex--12
trillestille folk 1974metronome 15507ex-9
tripsame 1970 NEW! Rearlp 511ex22
triumviratspartacus 1975 germany, kohokansi!harvestex-16
triumviratspartacus 1975 usa, recapitol ex--13
triumviratold loves die hard, germanyemi c 062-29622ex-26
trollanimated music 1968 RE , NEW!radioactive 064ex21
troykatroyka, RE (kerran soitettu)eroe progressivo eplp 005ex18
trubrotsame,1969, new! Reshadocks 125ex35
trucksurprise!surprice! NEW! Re 2004guerssen 019ex18
truthsama 1975 orig.roulette 3014ex-25
truth & janey 2lptopeka jam live 1974, NEW! Rerock/lion 059-v-1ex30
tucky buzzardallright on the night 1973, usa cut outpassport 97001vg+++13
tudor lodgesame, NEW! Re (still sealed)akarma ex22
turidtistlar från tundran 1980, swedenmetronome 15661vg++10
twinkfrom the vaults, New! REget 526ex16
tyburn tallsame, 1972, new! Re , numbered print!garden of delights 011ex18
ultimate spinach same, NEW! Reakarma 119ex24
ultimate spinach 2lpbehold and see, NEW1 reakarma 120/2ex28
underground set (nuova idea)war in the night before 1971, NEW! Re + download card + 6 bonuscnpl 0000804ex25
underground sunshinelet there be light orig. Cut out (vg soi hyvin)intrepid 74003vg12
unfoldinghow to blow your mind and have a freak out party 1967, NEW!, relps 107ex14
unouno 1974, RE, NEW!fonit lpx 26ex18
uriah heep 2lp (lim.ed. red vinyl)spellbinder live 1994 music hall cologne germany, NEW!back on blackrcv182ex22
us 69yesterdays folks RE , NEW!bds 5035ex18
use of ashesice 67, NEW! 2014tonefloat 136ex12
uther pendragon 3 lp boxsan francisco earthquake, NEW! West coast guitar psychedelia 1966-75guess 146ex30
uton echoes in the wonderland 2012 NEW!ikuisuus dnt recordsex5
uton 2lpanno mundi 2014 NEW!cr 003ex5
utopiasame NEW! Reakarma 154ex23
utopia (amon duul 2)same 1973, RE NEW! lhc 175ex18
wahnfried richardplays megatone (klaus shulze) 1984 uusiinteam 20006ex8
wailersat castle 196? NEW! Re 2013suitable 1303ex9
wakefield 2lpthe lost warthog tapes 1970-71, new!osro 16ex22
wakeman rickjourney to the centre of the earth, 1974am 63621vg++6
wakeman rickthe myths and legends of king arthur….1975 UK. + vihkoam64515ex-13
wakeman rickjourney to the centre of the earth, 1974 UK.am 63621ex--9
valhallasame, 1969 NEW! Reom 71043-1ex17
wallensteinmother universe 1972 re , NEW!tplp 1906041ex15
wallensteinno more love 1977rca 30010ex-15
walpurgisqueen of saba, NEW! Rewah wah 052ex18
vampiresvampires underground 1971, NEW!rephs 021ex18
van der graaf generationgoodbluff 1975, re (kansi vg+)charisma chc 13ex-13
van der graaf generatoraerosol grey machine 1969 RE , repro? NEW!mercury sr 61238ex15
van spyk & friendthe acetate 1971 NEW! Re + CDtramp 4ex18
vangelis earth 1973, New! Re (remastered by Vangelis) 2016?vertigoex17
vangelis (film music)sex power, (levyssä pieni viiru joka ei kuulu soittaessa)sllp 2003ex14
vargavintersame 1976 orig.silence 4637ex-18
warhorse 2lpsame 1970, NEW! Reakarma 205/2ex35
warhorse 2lpred sea 1972, NEW! Reakarma 206/2ex35
warlocksama 1972, usamm 102ex---18
warlocksama 1972, usamm 102ex-24
warm dustsame 1971, NEW! Resoundvision 01012ex14
warm dustpeace for our time 1971 NEW! Resoundvision 03505ex14
vashti bunyanlookaftering, new!step 06ex13
water into wine bandhill climbing for beginners, new! Re 1973sglp 3006ex14
waterloofirst battle 1970, re , new!guess 061ex15
watersonsfor pence and spicy ale 1985 folkshanachie 79056ex-6
vaughn meaderthe second coming av.kan. Orig.1971kamasutra 2038ex-4
wavestarmoonwind, usa 1987, cut outsyn 309ex25
we the peoplein the past NEW! Rewohn 009ex14
webi spider 1970 NEW! Re akarma 336ex24
webtheraphosa blondi,new! Retapestry 217ex23
velvet underground 2lponce upon time (roger dean kannet)!!! Germanypolydor 2664438vg++21
venetian powerthe arid land 1971 NEW! Re vmlp 159ex13
werwolfcreation 1982, RE 2016, NEW!lhc 161ex24
werwolf 2lpcreation 1979/1982, re 2004 NEW!amber soundroom aslp 016/017ex50
vesala edwardkullervo 1985 orig. (unplayed)! Soittamaton!leo 017ex15
west coast pop art experimental bandpart one, re, new!reprise 6247ex17
west coast pop art experimental bandvol.2 , re, new!reprise 6270ex17
west coast pop art experimental bandvol.3, a child guide to good & evil, re, new!reprise 6298ex17
west coast pop art experimental bandwhere my daddy, NEW! Resglp 3001ex17
westcoast natural gastwos a pair 1967-68, re, new!rd 22ex13
western justiceexcerpts fron a diary 1975 orig. + vihko!! (booklet)!5c066-25160ex-6
whalefeatherssame 1971, NEW! Reakarma 188ex14
whistler (color vinyl) 500 print!)who wum, New! Resi-wanex28
white lightparable 1974, NEW! Resommor 027ex17
white willow 2lpignis fatuus, 1995 new!plp 2008ex22
wicked lady 2lppsychotic overkill 1972, NEW! Reguess 099ex30
wicked lady 2lpaxeman cometh 1968-1972 NEW! Re guess 098ex30
victims of traditionsame, new! Reagape101ex12
victor perainos`s kingdom come/A.Brownjourney in time 2012, NEW!black widow 157ex17
victoriasecret of the bloom, 1970, usa orig.san francisco 201vg+5
vidna obmana 8 lp box, 1987-2007chasing the odyssee 2011, NEW! (elektronik) 200 print!tone float 53ex60
widsithmaker of song 1972, new! , realithia 9101ex15
wig torturejust say flow 1990 orig. (unplayed)!!big-rehab bgrb 1000ex12
wigwam (pink vinyl) only 100 print!tomstone valentine, NEW! Re (love lp)svart 278ex65
viimakahden kuun sirpit 2009, NEW!viima records 002ex15
viima (UUSI/NEW)!ajatuksia maailman laidalta (2006 only cd) Nyt Vinyyli lp painos 500kpl 2018viima - 001 lpex18
wil malonewil malone 1970, hippie folk! Re, New!btlp 5005ex12
wilkinson tri-cyclesama RE , NEW!epic4016 dateex18
villemonte johnpeople like you, re, new!sebastian speaks 12ex9
windmake believe, usa 196?life 2000ex-8
wind in the willows (debbie harry)same, usa orig. 1968, cut outcapitol rainbow 2956vg++25
windy cornerthe house at windy corner 1973, NEW! Resommor 17ex15
winstonssame, NEW! 2016amslp 118ex18
winter flowers/chapin sisterspicture disc!new!2007 folk!!!mani 001ex12
virgofour seasons 1976, orig.bellaphon bac 2047ex18
visitationssame, like NEW! timelag 037ex18
witches brew supersonicspeedfreaks, NEW!black widow 149ex16
witthuser & westruppbauer plath 1972 RE 2008zyx ohr 70035-1ex20
witthuser & westrupp 2lplive 68-73 km 2/58.004ex--45
witthuser&westrupptrips&traume 1971 re 1999, NEW! (think progressive)tplp 1906043ex19
witthuser&westruppder jesus pilz music vom evangelium 1971 re 1999, NEW! (think progressive)tplp 1812036ex19
witthuser&westrupplieder von vampiren nonnen toten 1970 re 1999, NEW! (think progressive)tplp 1812044ex19
witthuser&westrupp 3 lp:n BOXItrips&traume / der jesuspilz / bauer blathzyx-box 1ex-30
wizard from kansassame remercury 61309ex17
wizard from kansas 2lpsama, NEW! Resumbeam 5092ex26
wolfgang ambrosweiss wie schnee 1980, NEW! Rebellaphon 9664616ex17
wolfgang dauners et ceteraknirsch (feat.jon hiseman&larry coryell) 1972basf 2121432-2ex-50
wolvespiritblue eyes 2017 NEW!cargo records ssr 001-2017ex17
wooden horse2 1972 RE, new!tapestry 253ex15
wooden horsesama 1972 RE, NEW!prog temple 8055ex18
wooden oa handeful of pleasant delites 1969, RE (kuin uusi)akarma 322ex18
woods band (splatter vinyl only111 print)same , NEW! Re 1112nd 002ex18
voyage limpid sound + cd + dlnighly sing songs, New!diskex 1ex14
writing letters to nowhere (various)new!glass web,limit,allison gros,oak apple day,plaster scene,etc.round-a-bout 1001ex9
wyoming (include:indian wardance!!)in prison, orig. (kansi, cover is allmost ex-)bellaphon 19079vg15
xitplight of the redman, usa orig. Avattavat kannet! Cutoutrare earth 5361ex--5
yancy derringeropener 1975, NEW! Re gear fab 410ex14
yankee dollarsame, new! Resub 1007ex15
yays & nayssama, RE, new! ngroo 0020ex15
"yellow + 7"" (black vinyl)"keltakuume 1975, NEW! Re 2016svart 420ex26
yellow autumnchildren of the mist 1977, re, new! mlp 002ex14
yesclose to the edge 1973 spain print, avattavat kannet.atlantic ex--11
yesfragile, usa 1971 + vihko! (kansi kulumaa)hieman jälkeä ei juuri kuulu soitossaatlantic 7211vg+7
yesbig generator, usa 1987 cut outatco ex-8
yesbig generator, canada 1987atco ex-10
yestormato 1978atlanticex--7
yestime and words 1975 + liite (kansi vg(+))atlantic 40085ex---10
yestime and words 1970, usaatlantic 8273ex--13
yestime and words 1970, usaatlantic 8273vg++9
yesalbum, 1971 UK. (kansi vg+)atlantic ex---12
yesalbum, 1971 usa (kansi pieni ringwear)atlantic ex--13
yesthe yes album 1972, UK.atlantic 40136ex--12
yesthe yes album 1972, re (kannessa pieni lakanpoistojälki tarran alta)atlanticex-12
yesrelayer, avat.kannet, UK. 1974atlantic 50096vg+10
yes drama av.kan. atlantic ex-12
yes 2lpsomethings coming bbc rec.1969-1970, NEW!lr 156ex15
yes 3lpyessongs 1973 usa (kannessa hieman ring wear) UK. Print.atlantic k 60045ex-25
yes 3lpyessongs 1973 usa (kannessa ring wear)atlantic sd3-100vg++15
yu grupayu grupa, re, new!1975lsy 63048ex12
zabriskie pointpink floyd,gratefull dead, ym. NEW! Re 1970 + juliste!cbs 70279ex-26
zabriskie pointpink floyd,gratefull dead, ym. NEW! Re 19704m 123ex14
zakarriassama 1971 RE, new!tapestry 252ex18
zamla mammaz manna 2lp (kansi vg(+))för äldre nybegynnare & schlagerns mystic (hieman pintajälkeä toisessa) -77silence vg+…ex--20
zaney janeysama 1997sglp 23ex13
zappa & mothers of invention worst of the mothers, usamgm 4754ex-14
zappa / beefheartbongo fury (kannen reunat teipattu)discreet 2234vg++12
zappa frankjoes garage act.1 av.kan. 1979 zappa recordsex-15
zappa frankjoes garage act.1 av.kan. 1979cbs 86101ex-15
zappa frankapostrophe, usa 1974 (kansi cover ringwear vg+)ds 2175ex-25
zappa frankship arriving too late to save a drowning witch 1982barking pumpkin rec 38066ex---18
zappa frankovernite sensation av.kan. UK.discreetex-18
zappa frankovernite sensation av.kan. Germanydiscreetex---16
zappa frankruben & the jets, 1968 germanyverve 710020vg++25
zappa frankchungas revenge, usa print, avat.kannet! 1970reprise 2030ex-45
zappa frankchungas revenge, germany print, avat.kannet!reprise 2030ex--35
zappa franklumpy gravy 1968 germany.verve v6-8741ex---45
zappa frankapostrophe, usa 1974 (kansi cover ringwear vg+)discreet 2175ex-----15
zappa frankwaka/jawaka…hot rats, usa 1972 orig.bizarre 2094ex---40
zappa frankhot rats, germany print!bizarre 6356ex--35
zappa frankorchestral favorites 1979 usa discreet 2294ex-16
"zappa frank 10""red vinyl!"hows your bird? New!get 525ex13
zappa frank & moon zappa , maxivalley girl, usabarking bumpkinsex-9
zappa frank & mothersgrand wazoo 1972, usa orig.bizarre 2093ex-40
zappa frank & mothersmothers of invention , usa verve v6-574xex-24
zappa frank & mothers fillmore east-june 1971, usareprise 2042ex-17
zappa frank & mothers of invention one size fits all 1975 italy print av.kannet!discreet 59207vg+15
zappa frank & mothers of invention weasels ripped my flesh 1967-1969, re germanyreprise 44019ex-23
zappa frank & mothers of invention 2lpuncle meat , 1969 usareprise/bizarre 2024ex---30
zappa frank & mothers of invention 2lpuncle meat , 1969 germany reprise 2024ex---27
zappa frank & mothers of invention 2lpuncle meat , canada print!reprise 2024ex---18
zappa frank & mothers of invention 2lpfreak out!1966, RE 1974 UK. Gatefold.verve 2683004ex-33
zappa frank 2lpjoes garage acts 2 & 3, hollandcbs 88475ex-20
zappa frank 2lpyou cant do that on stage anymore NEW! Still sealed!barking pumpkin recex18
zappa frank 2lpsheik yerbouti 1979zappa rec.1501ex--21
zappa frank 2lpyou are what you is 1981 UK.emi 5000ex-21
zappa frank 2lptinsel town rebellion 1981 (digitally remastered) UK. (lähes ex-)emi50021vg+++18
zappa frank 2lptinsel town rebellion 1981barking pumpkin recex-22
zappa frank 2lp, bootsifrankie goes to dusseldorf 9/8/1984hollywood rec. 2/008ex-26
zappa frank, maxii dont wanna get drafted, canadazappa recordsex-9
zappa/beefheart/mothersbongo fury 1975 live, usa (kansi vg+)discreet 2234ex---26
zapped (cover ringwear)cooper,buckley,beefheart,judy henske,tim dave,ym. 1970 usa, RARE!bizarre 368ex-12
zaubersame 1978,New! REum 104ex20
zenhair RE soittamaton!!kux 209ex15
zephyrsame, 1969, new! ReSunday 0101ex18
zerfassame, RE, NEW!ashlp 3019ex18
zingalepeace 1977 NEW! Rebg-001ex14
zinibetter than a kick in the teeth 1973 New! REbreeder 266ex16
zipperzipper 1975, NEW! Reperm 050ex18
zoffy (acid mothers temple)zo zo zo zo zoffy!!! syre 006ex-18
zoohard times, good times 1972, NEW! Reom 71066ex16