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viimeksi päivitetty 16 07 2019
abbathe name of a game/i wonder (kansi vg+)polar 1234 psex-3
abbagimme gimme gimme/the king has lost his crown 1979 (kansi ex----)polar 1256 psvg(+)2
abbathe name of the game/i wonder , swedenpolar 1234 psex-5
abbasummer night city/medley…polar 1239 psex-5
abba (yugoslavia print)waterloo/watch out 1974s-53757 psex-6
albert westtell laura i love her (hyvä versio)!/a long time a go 1973cbs 1679ex--4
amii stewartlight my fire/bring it back to mehansaex-1
andy williamslove story/something 1970cbs 7020vg+++3
andy williamslast tango in paris/ill never be thje same 1973cbs 1366 psex--3
animalstake it easy/im grying , Finland print!columbia dyc 1187ex--5
animalsthe house of the rising sun/talkin bout you 1964 UK.columbia DB 7301vg+5
anita bryant epthe blessing of love/six boys and seven girls/paper roses/mixed emotionslondon 5096vg+3
anka paul epvolym 1. Finland print! Only cover vg++ vain kansi! Jambalaya,sing,sing, + 2.karusell ksep 3122vg++8
anka paul epyou are my destiny/crazy love/when i stop loving you + 1. Finland print! 1958karusell ksep 3110 psvg-4
anka paul ep (pelkkä kansi)!volym 1. Finland print! Only cover vg++ vain kansi!karusell ksep 3122vg++3
annabel lambriders on the storm/no cure 1983ams 9706 psvg++1
anne marie davidje suis lènfant soleil/just like loving you 1979sonet 7969 ps ex---5
antoinetaxi/ ill grande amore 1970 vogue 11010 psex--3
ars novazoroaster/pavan for my lady 1968, usaelekra 45627ex--3
astronautsim you astronaut/commander incredible stiff 145 psex-4
axisela ela / living in riviera 121414 psvg1
b.j.arnau & paul mccartneylive and let die/in on night 1973 rca 16335 psvg1
bachelors epwhispering/ramona/i believe/i wouldt trade you for the world, UK.decca mono dfe 8595 psvg+6
bad comapanyrun with back/do right by your wooman 1976island 6263ex--3
bad combanygone gone gone/take the time 1979swansongex-1
bad combanygone gone gone swan songvg(+)1
bad companyno smoke with out fire/love atatlanticex-1
banana boyscome into my life/what will your mamma say 1969mca 5022vg(+)4
barry mannwho put the bomp/love true love, swedenkarusell 245vg(+)2
barry mcguireeve of destruction/what exactlys the matter with me (kansi vg)rca 9646 psvg+++5
bay city rollersgive a little love/shell be crying over youbell vg++1
beac boyssurfin safari/409, swedencapitol f 4777vg2
beatlesill follow the sun/i dont want to spoil the party 1965 sweden printparlophone 5981vg+6
beatlesboys/twist and shout, germany print! (beatles cover)odeon 22581 psvg+15
beatleshelp/im down, denmark print!1965 (kansi/cover vg+)parlophone r 5305 psex--30
beatlesi call your name/long tall sally, germany print! (green odeon etiketti)odeon 22745 (beatles pussi)!vg7
beatlesdizzy miss lizzy/yesterday, finland printparlophone 686vg++7
beatlesmichelle/girl, finland printparlophone 696vg5
beatlesmichelle/girl, finland printparlophone 696vg++7
beatlesall my loving/i saw her standing there, finland print!parlphone 659vg5
beatlesdont let me down/get back 1969 apple 5772vg+5
beatlesrockn roll music/eight days a week ( Finland print)! etiketissä kirjoitustaparlophone 678vg++5
beatles all you need is love/baby, youre a rich man, sweden print! 1967 (kansi ex-)parlophone r 5620 psex---37
beatles all you need is love/baby, youre a rich man, sweden print! 1967 (kansi vg++)parlophone r 5620 psvg+28
beatles & chubby checker epmy bonnie/the saints/twist it up/kansas city jukebox jsep 5531 psvg(+)15
beatles epmichelle/drive my car/girl/run for your life, sweden print! 1966 (kansi ex-)parlophone geos 245 psvg60
beatles ep (extras from the film)i should have known better/if i fell/tell me why/and i love her, UK. 1964 monoparlphone gep 8920vg++30
bergström brittsläck inte månen/säj ja till livet sc 1046 psex---1
björn ulvaeus (abba)raring (honey) / vill du ha en vän? 1968, sweden (kanteen kirj.nimi)polar pos 1056 psex---4
"black widow BOX 5 x 7"""come to the sabbat,singles collection, new!!earmark 41053ex25
blondieheart of glass/rifle range 1977 sweden print!chrysalis 6285007 psex--7
blue cheergypsy ball/just a little bit 1968 usaphilips 40541ex----4
blue diamondssave the last dance for me/have i told fontanavg+2
blue diamonds 2 sinkkua!save tye last dance for me/have i told you..+ ramona/all of mefontanavg&vg+4
blue diamonds epramona/all of me/aways/down by the riverside, sweden printfontana 463208 te psvg+6
blue ridge rangers feat.j.fogertyjambalaya/workin on a building, germanybellaphon 18147 psvg(+)5
bob luman epoh, lonesome me + 3 germanywb 1396vg+2
bob seger & the silver bullet bandshame on the moon/house behind a housecapitol psex--2
bobby pickett and the crypt-krickers monster mash/monsters mash party 1962london hlu 10320vg++6
bond graham&rory o`dodoghuefarewell aunty jack promo!!!polydor 15100vg+1
boney m.rivers of babylon/brown girl in the ringhansa vg+1
boney m.rasputin/painter manhansa psex-3
boney m.rivers of babylon/brown girl in the ring (kirj.kannessa)hansa 11999 psex--2
bonnie tylermore than lover/love tangle 1977rca 5008 ps ex-3
bowie davidfame 90 gass mix &rap versio emi vg+1
bowie davidthe laughing gnome/the gospel according to tony day 1967 UK. re deram 123ex---7
bowie davidscary monsters/because youre young 1980 germany (kansi vg)rca 9654 psex-6
bowie davidlife on mars/the man who sold the world 1973 germanyrca 16339 psvg++11
bowie david (rare)!hallo spaceboy (remix) /the hearts filthy lesson (b. puol.alussa muutamia napsuja!)bmg/rca 21353847jb"""ex-"""8
brian hylandwalk a lonely mile/warmed over kisses, finland print karusell kff 420ex--3
brian hylandsealed with a kiss/summer job, finland print!karusell kff 401ex--3
brian hyland eppaper doll/i dont know why/ a youre adorable/dot bikini 1960 swedenkep 4040 psvg+4
brian poole & tremeloesdo you love me/why you cant love me decca f11.739vg+3
brother fourgreenfields/greenleaves of summertphilips 322710vg1
brown james/devoking of soul/theme from doctor detroit backstreetex-1
btoshes a devil/dow to the linemercury 73724ex-2
btoshes a devil/down on the linemercury 73724vg(+)1
buffalo springfieldmerry go round/un-mundoatco 6572ex--7
buffalo springfielda childs claim to fame/rock & roll woman (sweden)atlantic 70.237vg2
byrdsmr.tambourine man/love that never dies, promotion only! 1990 hollandcbs pro 621 psex-5
c.c.s.tap turns on the water/save the world 1971 (kansi vg hieman värityskynää)columbia. Psvg+1
camel driversSunday morning 6 o`clock/give it a try 1968buddah 61ex-1
canned heat lets work together/im her man (toisen puolen etiketti vaurioitunut)liberty 56151vg2
canned heat epon the road again/wooly bully/going up the country/lets work together 1976ua rem 407 psex-9
caramba (kova hitti)!hubba hubba zoot zoot/donna maya 1981trash 1ex-3
carl barokbump the bach/for you ana magdalena 1976polydorvg1
carmen jones epdats love,dis flower,you talk jus like my maw + 2, UK. Print (cover ex-)hmv 8177 psvg1
caterina valenteel mosquito/malaguena polydor 22494vg+1
celine dionne partez pas sans moi (eurovision 1988) carrere mega psex-2
cento campanedet magiske tegnet 1972rca 1396 psex-1
chad stuart & jeremy clyde epyesterdays gone/lemon tree/like i love you today/early in the morningember 4543 psvg+3
charlie daniels bandsouth gonna do it/new yourk city,king size rosewood bedka 598vg+1
chersunny/shes not better than meliberty 12038 psex--4
cherliving in a houise divided/one honest man1972mca 6023 psvg+4
cherryl crowtomorrow never dies/the bookamvg+1
chilos skiffle group epdown by the riverside/freigh train + 2, sweden 1958knäppupp 30 psex-15
chipmunkschristmas with the..:jingle bells/rudolph thered noses + 2 usa 1962liberty 1016 psex--1
chris andrewsyesterday man/too bad you dont want me 1965 UK.decca 12236vg++4
chris reathe road to hell/he should know better 1989wea psex-4
christiansideal world/say it istsoislandex-1
christieyellow river/down the missisippi line 1970, finland printcbs 4911 ps kansi vgvg+3
christie/love affairiron horse/every now and thencbs 7747 psvg+3
christy moorethe voyage/joxer..wea 416 psvg-1
chubby checkersurf party/twist it up, finland print karusell cff 13ex--4
chubby checkerlets limbo some more/twenty miles, finland print!karusell cff 2 psex--4
chubby checkerlimbo rock/popeye, finland print!karusell kff 432ex--4
cilla blackthe right one is left/dont answer me , Finland print!parlophone 700ex--4
clear lightblack roses/shes ready to be free , usaelektra 45622ex-5
cliff richardcongratulations/high`n dry 1968columbiaex--1
cliff richard no. 1 hit england!we dont talk anymore/count me out 1979 germanyemi psex-4
cliff richard & the shadowsim the only one/whatch what you do with my baby, Finland print!columbia dyc 1166vg+4
cliff richard & the shadows (yellow vinyl)were is my heart/please dont tease, norway print!columbia DB 4479vg+4
cliff richard and the shadowsi could easily fall/im in love with you,sweden 1964columbia 7420 psvg++7
cliff richard and the shadowsthe next time/bachelor boy, Finland print!columbia 45-dyc 1124ex-4
cliff richard and the shadowsthe young ones/we say yeah , Finland print!columbia dyc 1079ex---4
cliff richard and the shadows epwonderfull life,on the beach,home + 2 1964 UK.columbia 8376 psex-7
cliff richard and the shadows eptravellin light/dynamite/i gotta know/here comes summer, norway print (kansi vg)columbia segk 1054 psvg5
clodagh rodgersjack in the box (eurovision 1971) someone to love merca 74-16066 psex-2
coldplayspeed of sound/things i dont understandparlophone psex-2
connie francis epoh oui jen ai reve/dance shön/quand je te regarde/decidement mgm 63613 ps franceex--5
conway twittyill try/its only make believemgm 12677ex-2
country four (dr.zhivago)themanånstans nångång/när du komamigo 101 psvg(+)1
cousins (blue vinyl)kili watch/fuegopalette 40.047vg1
crazy elephantgimme gimme good lovin/dark part of my mind (plays good)soi hyvin.ben 763g+++1
crazy world of arthur browni put a spell on you/nightmaretrack 2582vg++1
crazy world of arthur browni put a spell on you/nightmaretrack 2582ex----3
danny & the juniorsat the hop/rock & roll is here to stay 1957, REabc 4123ex---2
danyel gerardbutterfly/le petit…1971cbs 5420 psex--1
dario campeotto (granprix 1961)angelique/du er min..sonet 8102 psex--3
dario campeotto (granprix 1964)shangri-la/du ska nok bli go engangsonet 8207 psvg+++3
davevanina/mille et une vies 1974cbs psex-1
dave clark fiveall the time/bits and pieces, finland printcolumbia dyc-1167vg+3
dave clark fivedo you love me/glad are over, finland printcolumbia dyc 1156vg+3
dave edmundsalmost Saturday night/youll never get me up 1981 UK.swan 19424 psex--2
dave edmundsboys talk/singin the blues 1980swan 19422 psex-3
dave stewart & barbara gaskinthe locomotion/make me promises 1986broken 8 psex-1
debbie harrybackfired/military rap 1981chs 2526 psex-2
del shannonthe wamboo/little town flirt, swedenbigtop 1003vg3
delta rhytm boysrauncy ropey/two of usrca 709vg-1
digno garciabrigitte bardot/mi casita de papelpaöette 40087vg1
dinah shore ep vol.1wabash blues/blues in the night/the birth of the blues/i got it bad… usarca epa-405 psvg++5
doc & prohibitionsuperman/nothing is changed 1973sonet 9568 psex-1
dolly partontie our love promo rca 14297ex1
donovan atlantis/to susan on the west coast waitingepioc 10434vg++2
doorsbreak trough/ love street, reekr 121 psex-6
downs hugh(narrated)first man on the moon july,1969mgm px 101vg-1
duane eddysaint and sinners/deep in the heart of texas, germanyrca 7999ex---2
dusty springfield once upon a time/i only want to be with youphilipsvg+1
eartha kitt epjonny/lets do it/c`est si bon/uska dara rca epa 9588 psvg++11
eazy rydertriumph bonneville 650 noise! Motorbikin/citylightsgrad. 1 psex-3
eddie fishersunny/the fool on the hillrca 47-9430vg1
eire apparent (prod.jimi hendrix)!let me stay/yes,i need someone buddah 67ex--3
emmanuelle 2.lamour daimer/emmanulle 2 1975 france print!wip 861008 ps ex--2
enigmasadenes part 1… 1990virgin psex-1
equalssoftly softly/ lonely rita (takakannesta puuttuu pala ja kansi on eri painoksesta!)president 109vg(+)1
eric burdon & animalsa girl named sandoz/when i was young mgm 1340vg+3
eric delaney bandmanhattan spiritual/down home, Finland print!parlophone 45-dpy 641vg+1
everly brothers ep 33 rpm. (1983)bird dog/problems/bye bye love/til i kissed you/wake up little suzie/all i have to do..scoop 5000 psex-5
fabianhound dog man/friendly world (kansi vg-)sonet t-8047 psvg++3
fabian ephound dog man/friendly world/got the feeling/come on and get me, sweden printsonet 6018 psvg+6
fabian ep (punainen vinyyli)rockin hot ep: kansas city/tonque died + 2sonet 6040vg+3
fabian, the fabulous epking of love,tomorrow + 2 (red vinyl)!sonet 6026vg++3
ferry brianre-make re model7you got my.. 1975island 6234ex-1
flying lizards summertime blues/all guitars 1978virgin 230vg++1
flying lizards tv/tube 1979virgin 67006 psex-1
fortunesfreedom come freedom go/theres a man 1971capitolex--3
four aces ep (kansi lähes EX-)the world outside/yore mine/roses of rio/i wish ia may, i wish i might, Finland print!rhytm BME 9447 psvg(+)5
four saintsdays of wine and roses/wendywb 5335ex-1
francis goyamustalainen/tumma yöbbs 107ex1
frankie avalon ep (red vinyl sweden)ballad of the alomo/tennesee babe/green leaves of summer/heres to the ladiessonet 6029 psvg (+)5
frankie lainerawhide/shine, swedenphilipsvg(+)2
freddie and the dreamers epif you gotta make a fool somebody/feel so blue/the viper/im tellin you nowcolumbia 8275 UK.printex-3
freddy cannonoppornity/buzz buzz a-diddle-it, norway printtop rank 1058vg+3
freedom of choicefat man/doctor tomwand 11223ex--1
frijid pinksing a song for freedom/end of the lineparrot 349ex--2
gaylordsscrivimi/ma ma ma mariemercury 71.337g 1
gene vincentbe-bop-a-lula/the king of fools, sweden print!capitol 15264vg(+)4
generation xyour generation/day by day 1977chrysalis 2165 psex--7
genesisland of confusion/feeding the fire 1986 UK:virgin gens 3 psex--4
gensper chi (without you) /piccolo grande amore 1972philips 6025056 psex-1
george baker selectionmademoiselle/im on my way 1972 holland printng 289ex---1
georgiablack and blue heart/say good byecrossfire 103vg++1
georgie famethe ballad of bonnie and clyde/beware of the dog , finland print!cbs 3124ex-2
gilbert o sullivansave it/alone again (naturally) 1972mam 66ex---1
gillagentlemen callers not allowed/say yes 1977hansa psex2
gillabend me shape me/the river sings 1978hansa psex-4
godfathersim lost and then im found/still alone 1990epic gft 5 psex-1
graham bonneti`m a lover/dont tell me to go 1981, finland print! (tois.puol.kan.hieman kirjoit.)philips 60000765 psex--2
greyhoundblack and white/sand in your shoes 1971trojan 7820vg(+)1
hank mizell (orig.1957 recordding)jungle rock/animal rock 1976philips 6015575 psvg++3
hanna aroniviva espana spanish version and deutche version 1972polydor 2041301 psvg(+)1
hardin timsimple song of freedom/question of birthcolumbia 44920vg1
harrison georgemy sweet lord/isnt it a pity UK.apple 2995vg2
harvey mandelcristo redentor/bradleys barnphilips 40566ex--2
helena renee ep 1982love me tender/you only live twice/autum leaves/johnny guitar (hieman kirj.kann.)scandia 500 ps ex11
hep starscadillac/mashed potatoesolga so 09 psex---5
hep starsmalaika/its nice to be back , germany print!! Kansi vg(+)olga so 38 psex---3
hep starssunny girl/hawaii, swedenolga so 21 psvg(+)4
hermans hermitsthe end of the world/im henery the eight i am, finland printcolumbia 1242ex-5
holliesthe baby/oh granniehansa 12017 psex-1
holliesdear eloise/when your lights turned on 1967parlophone sd 6021ex--3
holliesi cant let go/running through the night, finland printparlophone 695vg(+)4
honeycombshave i the a right/please dont pretend again , finland print!pye 15664ex--2
hotlegsneanderthal man/you didnt like….1970fontana 6007.019vg+2
hotlegs / pipkinsneanderthal man/gimme dat ding 1970, REstarline 6210ex-5
hyland brian epsealed with a kiss + 3 (kansi pieni pala pois)! Vgkarusell 3268 psex-3
ian dury sex & drugs & rock & roll / razzle in my pocket 1977stiff buy 17 stiff pussiex--17
ian dury & the kilburnssex & drugs & rock & roll /two steep mils/ englands glory 1977 stiff freebie 1ex-50
iggy popliving on the edge of the night/the passengervirgin 112988 psvg++4
jackie lomaxsour milk sea/the eagle laughs at you 1968apple 3vg1
jackpotsing my love song/honelee honola 1976, germany kansi vgemi 25375 psvg+++1
jackson brownesomebodys baby/crow on the cradle 1982 asylum psex-1
james darren (red vinyl)her royal majesty/if i could only tell youcol pix cp 15022ex---2
james gilreath (blue vinyl)little band of gold/ill walk with yousonet T- 7559ex--1
jan burgers and his new orleans synlalaika/when youre smilingsonet T 7522vg+1
jan rohde & the adventurersat the jenka show/the mercy beat, sonet 6502vg+1
jane birkinjke t`aime… moi non plus/jane B 1969fontana 260196 vg1
jane birkin/serge gainsbourgje tàime moi non plus/jane b, Sweden printfontana 260196 psex-5
jenkins, jordan and timmonsvcliffs edge/princess sweden printmetronome mep 9057 psvg+2
jet harris & tony meehandiamonds/footstomp 1963 UK:decca 11563vg+4
jethro tullteacher/witch promise 1970sonet t-7792ex--5
jewel akensthe birds and the bees/tic tac toe 1965london hln 9954ex-4
jimmie rodgers epsings cospel songs vol.2 …sweden print!roulette 1007 psvg1
jimmy dean / johnnie raylittle boy lost/ill make you mine philips 322635vg+5
jo burg hawkorang otang/dark side of the mooncharisma 6073322 psex-3
joe dassinle moustique/la complainte de l`heure de pointe 1973cbs 1299ex---1
joey dee & the starlightersshout/ya ya , red vinyl! Sweden print.roulette 21152 psex---4
joey dee & the starlightersshout/ya ya , red vinyl! Sweden print. (takakan.ed.om.nimik.)roulette 21152 psex---3
john calei keep a close watch/close watch 1975/1982ze island 113ex---2
john lennon (juliste kansi)!borrowed time/your hands (yoku ono) 1984 germanypospg 701 psex--5
johnny hallydayhold back the sun/shake the hand of a fool, holland printphilips 304000ex---4
johnny prestonup in the air/charming billy , finland printmercury 71691x45vg+3
jorgen ingmann epcherokee/high noon/anna/pinetops boogie woogie metronome 1791vg(+)4
karl alfred (blue vinyl)the popeye man/the pop-eyes , swedensonet 7562 psvg+1
kate bushbabooshka/ran tan waltz 1980, sweden (kansi vg)emi 07321 psex--5
kim wildekids in america/tuning in tuning on 1981rak 64249 ps ex--2
king curtis & the kingpinsthis is soul/the dock the bayatco 6562ex-2
kingston triogreenback dollar/the new frontier, Finland print!capitol f 4898ex---1
kinkswonder boy/pretty polly, UK.pye 17468vg+2
kinksgods children/moments 1971pye 8001vg++2
kissshandi/shes so european 1980casablanca 6000436 psex-8
la belle epoqueblack is black/miss broadway 1976emi 18221 psex-1
larry finnegan/defenders/suzie/j.rohde eplucinda/jenka kiss/the birds and the bees/look at him (rare)!jukebox jsep 5541 psex--3
lars berghagenjennie jennie/ett brev till digphilips psvg++1
lascelles kendrewthe box (a poem) 1973 promo!!!ua 9261 psex-1
legendary stardust cowboywhos knocking at my door/ paralyzedmercury 72862ex-2
lena valaitisjohnny blue/jeder…ariola psvg+++1
lenne & the lee kings (blue vinyl)stop the music/always and ever ( 1.painos! Stop the music on B puolella!!!)gazell 158 vg(+)3
lenne & the lee kings (red vinyl)always and ever/stop the music (taitaa olla 1.painos kun stop the m. on B puolella!)gazell 158 psex--13
les chats sauvagesoh boy!!!/twist a saint-trobez, sweden printhmv X 8628vg+++2
leviathanill get lost out there/why must i be like you 1974 promo!!mach 12104ex-1
leyton johncupboard love/land of love (sweden print) cover vg+ kan. musakaupan teippi)hmv pop 1122 psvg++3
lille gerhardgubben i månnen/kärlekens bud karusell kff 366 psvg1
lille gerhard epklappa händer/vi har en hönsfarm / sing broteher sing + 1 kansi ex-karusell 3260 psvg1
lille gerhard eppetter och frida/tre små fiskar + 2 kansi ex-karusell 3236 psvg+1
lindblom anitavintervän/en dans på rosor 1971cbs 4986 psvg(+)1
lindblom anitaballaden om den blå baskern/begagnade rutfontana 271256 psvg+1
lindblom anitaja,det var då/då drömmer jag 1968cbs 3360 psex-1
little gerhardpeter och frida/tre små fiskar, swedenkarusell 351vg+1
little gerhard eppeter och frida/den siste mohikanen/kär i din bild/tre små fiskar, swedenkarusell 3236 psex---3
little gerhard ep (vihreä etiketti)!!!wake up little suzie/lotta lovin/no wedding today/what you done to me 1958karusell ksep 3089 psvg+5
little gerhard ep: buona sera 1958buona sera/peggy sue/i know where im goin/should we tell him (cover ex--)karusell 3117 psvg1
little gerhard ep: buona sera 1958buona sera/peggy sue/i know where im goin/should we tell him (cover ex--)karusell 3117 psvg+2
little gerhard ep: buona sera 1958buona sera/peggy sue/i know where im goin/should we tell him (cover ex--)karusell 3117 psg+1
little richard epooh! My soul/hey-hey-hey/good golly miss molly/all around the world london 5021vg2
little richard epvolume 3. 1957? Re 1963 UK.london reo.1103 psvg+4
little tonycuore matto /ridera 1967sonet t- 7693 psex--4
lollipopslittle bad boy/dont matter what you do, sweden printkarusell 603vg3
lollipopsnaked when you come/little cat lostpolydor 59724ex-5
lollipopsswing and sway/i cant live without you lovin 1967 sweden print!polydor 59737 psvg++6
lorne greneringo/bonanza, germany rca 8444 vg+++3
lorne greneringo/bonanza, germany (kansi cover vg)rca 8444 psex--7
lorne grenethe man/pop goes the hammerrca 8490ex-3
los bravosmake it last/bring a little lovingparrot 3020vg1
los brincoscry/flamenco 1964novola 2vg1
los mismosmaria isabel/esta cosa,negra negra, 1972? belter07.603 psex-1
lynn andersonrose garden/nothing between us 1971 finlandcbs 5360ex---2
lynott philipkings call/ode to a black man 1980vertigo 6059288 psex--3
mamas & papasgot a feelin/Monday Mondayrca 9698vg+3
manfred manndo wah diddy diddy/what you gonna do (finland print)hmv pop 1320ex---3
manfred manndo wah diddy diddy/what you gonna do 1964 UK.hmv pop 1320vg+2
manfred manns earth bandchicago/california 1977bronze 48vg+2
mannin folk eplaxey wheel/whiskey in the jar + 2 UK.kelly kep 1 psex-1
marlene dietrichlili marlene/du,du liegst mir im herzen, holland wanha printcbs ca 281.185 psex-5
marlene dietrich eplili marleen + 3 , sweden printhmv 280 psvg++2
mary jane (green vinyl)! (psych.folk)she moved thro the fair,the snows,logan love (33 rpm)september sgs 16 psex3
mats olinsan francisco/lek med mej 1967polar 1037ex--3
maudsforever gone/soul drippinmercury 72832ex-1
maudssergeant sunshine/only love can save you nowmercury 72877vg1
maudssoul drippin/foreever gonemercury 72832ex-1
mc coysjesse brady/resurrectionmercury 72843ex-1
McCartney pauloh woman oh why/another day 1971 UK.apple 5889vg+1
mccrae georgekiss me part 1 & 2tkr 6005 psex-1
melaniebitter bad/do you belivenra 4210vg1
men at workoverkill/till the money..1983cbs psex-1
men at workwho can it be now/anyone for tenniscbs 1611 psex-1
michael coxstand up/in april, sweden print 1963hmv pop 1065vg3
michael hendersonwide receiver part 1/part 2buddah 6.12951vg+++1
minatabu/fiesta brasilianapolydor 24900 psex--5
mitchell joniyou turn me on im a radio/urge for goingasylum 11010vg+1
mitchell jonifree man in paris/peoples partiesasylum 11041vg(+)1
monica forsbergfår jag skänka dig min sång/para para zum bum bum sweden 1971mercury 6062020 psvg+1
monica zetterlundnär min vän…/sakta vi gå genom stan 1962philips 350202vg3
monica zetterlundsvaret är kärleken/gröna små äpplen 1969metronome j 27.005 psvg+6
monkeesim a believer/steppin stone rca 66-1002 psex--5
monkeestake a giant step/last train to clarksvillerca 66-1001 psex--5
mungo jerryin the summertime/mighty man 1970pye 2502vg1
mungo jerrylady rose/little louis (kansi vg, pari tarraa)pye psex-1
mungo jerryin the summertime/mighty man 1970 UK. (kannessa hieman tussia)pye 2502 psex-3
mungo jerryin the summertime/mighty man 1970 UK. pye 2502vg+2
mungo jerry epin the summertime/mighty man/dust pneumonia blues 1970 dawn dnx. 2502vg2
nancy adamsits a strawberry day/ypsilanti philips 40557ex-1
napoleon XIV 1966theyre coming to take me away ha-haaa!/sama päinvastoin… (kansi vg(+) germany.wb 5831 psex-25
napoleon XIV 1966theyre coming to take me away ha-haaa!/sama päinvastoin… (kansi vg) germany.wb 5831 psvg+13
nazarethcarry out feelings/lift the lid 1976vertigo 6078234ex---4
nazarethlove hurts/down 1974vertigovg+4
nazarethshanghaid in shanhai/cats eye apple pie 1974vertigovg++4
nazarethyoure the violin/lorettavertigovg++4
nazarethmy white bicycle/too bad too sad 1974vertigovg++4
nazarethmy white bicycle/too bad too sad 1974vertigo 6078215 psex-7
neighborhoodbig yellow taxi/you could be born againbigtree 102vg1
new survivorspickle protest/but i know (psychedelia)scepter 12227ex-2
nick mason + rick fenn + d.gilmourlie for a lie/and the address 1985harvest 2007387 psex-2
nicole croisille/p.barouhfestival de gannes.une femme c.lelouch filmep 1035 psvg+1
night hawkeye of tigertandanvg1
oldfield mikeportsmouth/speak 1976virgin 163ex--1
oldfield mikemoonlight shadow/rite of man 1983 (kansi vg(+)virgin 586 psex---3
oldfield mikewilliam tell overture/argiers 1976virgin 167ex--1
osibisabum to bum/sunshine day 1975bronze 20ex-1
pat boone epoa closer walk with thee/paece in the walley/hell undestrand/steel awaylondon re-d1095 psvg+5
pat boone ep april lovetheres a gold mine in the sky/remenber youre mine + 2 UK.london red 1118 psex--1
pat boone ep latest and greatestalabam,the exodus song + 2, UK. (ed.om.nimikir.takakan.)london mono re-d 1281 psex-1
pat boone ep latest and greatest 2.just let me dream/big cold wind + 2 , UK. (ed.om.nimikir.takakan.)london mono re-d 1335 psex-1
per myrberg epja-da/ jessica/ lite lat /stockholm blues 1962metronome mep 9091 psex---3
peter griffinbeware of love/ive lost my way 1981electrola 46389ex--1
peter griffindevils reception/step by step 1980electrola 46249ex--1
peter, paul & marygone the rainbow/if i had a hammerwb 5296vg++1
phantomssailors x-mas/ole dole doff roulette 1965 psvg-3
pilotjanuary/never give up 1975emivg++1
ping ping ep (green vinyl)sucu sucu/maria della montane/caramba cha cha/prefiero el mambosonet 6035vg+2
poppopcorn makerspopcorn/toad in the holeriviera psex-1
propagandaheaven give me words/count zerovirgin 1245 psex--1
purple reignthis old mango-rilla 4594vg++1
queenbody language/life is real 1982 (kannessa hieman kirjoitusta ja teipin palanen)elektra 47452 psex--3
queenkiller queen/flick of the wrist 1974emi 2229ex-3
queen flexi!radio gaga,hard life,i want to.. Ym.emi 1984 psvg+1
rainbowcant happen here/jealous lover 1981polydor 251 psex-5
raphael ep (eurovision)hablemos del amor, 1967 spainhispa vox 17-394 psex-1
rare birdsympathy/devils high concern 1970philips 6077900 psex-5
rattlesshop fifteen/yellow shoepaste, germany (kansi vg)1116 wwex----1
ray charlesat the club/hide nor hairabc paramount 10314vg++2
ray charles and betty carterbaby its gold outside/well to be together againabc paramount 10298ex-2
redbonewitchqueen of new orleans/chant 13th hourepic 7351ex-2
resonanceo.k.chicago/yellow trainphilips 6015131vg+1
ricky nelsonfools rush in/down home, 1963 UK.brunswick 05895ex--5
ricky nelsonthats all she wrote/for you, UK.brunswick 05900vg++3
ricky nelsonteen age idol/ive got my eyes on you, denmark print!california c 386 psex--16
ricky nelsonthats all/im love again, denmark print!california c 401 psex--16
ricky nelsonits up to you/i need you, denmark print! (kansi cover vg)california c 397 psex--16
ricky nelsoneverlovin/a wonder like you, denmark print! (kansi cover vg+)california c 369 psex--16
ricky nelsonpoor loser/theres not a minute, denmark print!california c 381 psex--16
ricky nelsonits late/never be anyone else but youcalifornia c 313vg+2
ricky nelson epyoung world/summertime/oh yeh im in love + 1. sweden print!california cep 338 psvg++23
ricky wildei am an astronaut/the hertfordshire rock 1972 uk 18 psex---1
robert johncant stop loving you/thirteen timescolumbia 4-44697ex-2
rod mckuenoliver twist/celebrity twistspiral m-14vg2
roger james cookeblack paper roses/i gotta dream 1970columbiavg-1
rolling hits medley ...1981 mercury psex-1
rolling stonesnot fade away/little by little, germany (kansi vg)decca dl 25133 psvg+++12
rolling stonesits all over now/good times bad times 1964, UK. (decca tehdaspussi)decca f.11934vg+9
rolling stones (singles collection series)its all over now/i want to be lovedstone 2 psvg1
rolling stones (singles collection series)street fighting man/out of timestone 11 psex---2
rolling stones ep 1965got live if you want it ,UK.painos!! (soi hyvin)!decca 7502 (no cover)g+2
ronnie carrollring-a- ding girl/the girls in their summer dresses 1962philips 1222vg+3
rosemary clooney epmambo italiano/this ole house/a bunch of bananas/the little shoemaker philips 429033 BE, psvg1
roxy musicthe same old scene/lower 1980roxy 1ex-1
royal guardsmensnoopy vs.the red baron/i neede d youstateside 574ex--1
rubettessugar baby love/juke box jive 1974polydor psex--3
ruden stefansofia dansar go-go / vår skönä värld 1972gazell 266 psex-1
rugbys"you,i""/stay with me "amazon #1 (711-567)vg1
sam and the shamwooly bully/aint gonna move( Finland print)mgm 10033ex---4
sandie shawmonsiur dupont/dejate ya hispavox 478 psvg++5
santanagypsy woman/goodness and mercycbs 6560277 psex-1
satelitestears/kalinkadecca 44373g++1
scorpionsbelieve in love/love on the run (tarra kannessa)emi psex--1
scorpionspassion rules the game/every minute every day 1988harvest psvg+1
searcherssweets for my sweet/its all been a dream 1963 UK.7n 15533ex--2
searcherssugar and spice/saints and searchers 1963 UK.7n 15566ex---2
searchersneedles and pins/Saturday night out, UK.pye 15594vg(+)2
searchers epbumble bee/magic potion/if i gould find someone/everythink you do UK.pye 24218ex-2
seger bobkatmandu/black nightcapitol 4116vg(+)1
selecter/ganstersthe selecter/ the special aka 1979 orig.?2 tone records ex-4
shadowfax promoshadowdance/new electric india 1983am psex-1
shadowfax promoword from the village/big song 1984am psex-1
shadowsfoot tapper/the breeze and icolumbia dyc 1130ex--4
shadowsmary anne/chu-chi , UK. 1965columbia db 7476ex--4
shadowsstars fell on stockholm/wonderfull land 1962 UK.columbia 4790ex--4
shadowsbrazil/national provincialn samba , germanycolumbia c 23071ex-4
shadowsguitar tango/what a lovely tune 1962 UK.columbia 4870ex--4
shadows ep los shadowsgranada + 3 ( kansi cover ex-)!!emi seg 8278 psvg(+)8
shadows of knightshake/from way out to way under team tm 520vg+2
shy ones (blue vinyl)telstar/carry me back, swedenkarusell 438vg3
simon & garfunkeli am a rock/scarborough faircolumbiaex---1
sinatra frank ep a swingin affair!the lonesome road/from this moment on + 2, denmark print, cover is ok.capitol eap 1-803 psvg+1
sir henry & his butlersjohnny be goode/ lets go, sonet T 7183ex---5
sir henry and his butlerslets go/johnny b. goode 1964 (vihreä vinyyli)! Finland print?sonet t-7183 psex-15
slademy friend stan/my town 1973polydorvg++2
sonnylaught at me/tonyatlantic 70.142 psvg++2
sonny & cherliving for you/love dont come, finland printatlantic 70.190vg+4
sonny & cherlittle man/ monday, finland printatlantic 70.182ex---5
sonny & cherplastic man/its the little thingsatco 6486ex--1
sonny & cherbut youre mine/revolution kind , germanyatlanticvg(+)1
sonny & cheri got you babe/its gonna rainatlantic 70.140ex---2
sonny & chersing cest la vie/just youatco 6345ex-1
sonny & cherlittle man/ Monday, finland printatlantic 70.182vg+4
sophia lorens`agapo/che m`e`mparatorca 9127vg+1
sophieune chanson cest une lettre(eurovision 1975) madame a la fauxpolydor psex---1
space operai wanna be a bee/i know i knowbarlayvg-1
spandau bulletempty spaces/fight for ourselves 1989cbs psex-1
spectrumob-la-di,ob-la-da/music soothes the savage breastrca 15098vg1
spencer davis grouptime seller/dont want you no more 1967 uas 67107 psex-5
spike jones epkids the classics, william tell overture + 3 germanyrca 415 psvg++2
spike jones epmurders carmen, the giggle song + more gernayrca 440 psvg+2
spike jones epplays the charleston for dancing, germanyrca 277vg++2
spotnickshava nagila/johnny guitar Finland printkarusell 464vg3
spotnicks (blue vinyl)thundernest/highflying scotsman, sweden prin!karusell 424vg++3
springsteen brucewar/merry christmas babycbsvg++1
springsteen brucewar/merry christmas babycbs 6501937 psex-2
status quoaint complaining/thats allrighvertigo psex-2
status quoaint complaining/thats allrighvertigoex-1
status quoanniversarywatz1/power of rockvertigo psex-2
status quonot at all/gone thru the slipsvertigovg+1
status quonot at all/gone thru the slipsvertigo psex-2
status quonot at all/gone thru the slipsvertigoex-1
status quorunning all over...vertigoex-1
status quostay the night/ol rag blues vertigoex-2
status quowild side of life/all trought the nightvertigovg+2
status quobig man/a mess of bluesvertigoex-2
status quodont drive my car/liesvertigoex-2
status quomystery song/drifting away 1974vertigo 6059146vg++2
steele tommylittle white bull/singing time 1959 decca 11177 psex-3
steele tommyyoung ideas/you were mine 1959 UK.decca 11162ex-2
steele tommyi puts the lightie on/only man on the island decca 9.22.872vg+2
steele tommygive,give,give/tallahassee lassie , UK.decca 11152ex---2
steele tommy epthe tommy steele story no:2 (finland print)decca 6424 psex-4
steele tommy epyoung love + 3 decca 6388 psvg+4
steele tommy epstory no:1, take me back baby/water water/ +2 finland print!decca 6398vg+2
stephanie de sykesborn with a smile on my eyes/womans intuitionsonet 7927 psex-1
stephen stillssit yourself down/we are not helplesatlanticvg 1
stephen stills-manassasdown to road/cuaguanco de veroatlanticex-1
steve miller bandliving in the usa/kow kow calculatorcapitol 3884vg(+)1
stevie wonderyou are the sunshine of my love/Tuesday heartbreak tamla psex--2
stevie wonderi just called to say i love youmotown psex-2
storiesyou told me/im coming home 1972kamasutra 545vg+1
strangerslast exit/dragon-flywea 18406 psex-1
styxyou better ask/you need lovewb10272vg+1
sunbeamswashington square/grand-pa, sweden print!manu 66vg+2
sunbeamsive got a lovely/bunch of coconauts manu 42 psvg++5
sunglowslove me /peanuts(la cacahuata sgs 107vg+1
sunshine companyback on street again/a year of jaine timeimperial 66260vg(+)1
supremesstop! In the name of love/im in love again 1965 sweden printkss 1016vg+2
suzi quatrocan the can/aint ya something honey 1973rak 150vg1
sweathoghallelujah/still on the road columbia 45492vg(+)1
swe-daneswhen your time comes to go/side by sidewb 20.002 psvg1
sweethell raiser/burningrca 16322 psex---2
sweetaction/sweet f.a.rca 2578 psvg++2
sweetthe sx teens/burn the flame 1974 (kansi ex--)rca 5037 psvg++4
sweetblock buster!/ need a lot of lovin rca 1162vg+++3
swinging blue jeansgoody goody miss molly/shaking feeling, Finalnd print!hmv pop 1273vg+3
swinging blue jeansgoody, goody miss molly/shaking feeling, Finland print!hmv pop 1273ex--5
tagesim going out/fuzzy patterns 1967 swedenparlophone 6005 psex--7
tea companyflowers/come and have some tea with me smash 2176ex--3
tee-setma belle amie/the angels comingstrike 81vg1
terence trent d`arbyto know someone deeply is…/loose variations on a dead mans vibe… 1990cbs 6555887 psex-1
teresa brewerstep right up/pretty lookin boycoral 62299vg(+)3
terry jacksif you go away/me and you 1974bell vg+++1
terry jacksseasons in the sun/put the bone in , italy printbell 2008228 psex--2
thim gunnardräng-jans visa/om maskros och tjärdoft 1968?swedisc 1079 psvg+1
thörn carl eriknär morgoner gryr/jag vill dansa med dej 1967scandisc 1075 psvg(+)1
thörn carl eriki en vals med dej/som ett stjärnfall 1968gazell 211 psex-1
tiger b. smithshes aal-right/were the tiger bunch 1974bellaphon 18228 psvg+++3
titanicsultana/sing fool sing 1970cbs 5365vg(+)2
tommy körbergdrömmemen om elin/ detta slaa bli min musik (make me an island)!!sonet 7780 psvg+++2
tommy roe (blue vinyl)sheila/save your kisses, swedenkarusell 406vg2
tommy steelethe only man on the island/i puts the lightie on, Finland print!decca 11041vg+4
tommy steele and the steelmen epon the move/kaw/teenage party/tresure of love, finland print! Cover vg+decca 7087, psvg---5
tommy steele epgive give give/tallahasse lassie/young ideas/you were minedecca sde 7175vg3
tommy steele witj the steelmen epteenage party/treasure of love/+ 2 finland print!decca 7087vg+3
tony christiei did what i did for maria/give me your love again 1971mca 5064ex---2
tony christieamarillo/love is a friend of minemca 5391 psex---1
tony dallara epromantica/(san remo winner 1960) noi/perderti/non sei felice sweden printmep 9009 psex---3
traffic ephole in my shoe/paper sun/ + 2, re 1967/1978island iep 7 psvg+3
tremelousas you are/suddenly you love me 1967cbs 3234ex-3
trio me`bumba (rautalankaa)spel-olles gånglat/sommat i palma 1963, sweden (kansi vg(+)polydor nh 10942 psex---3
troggs wild thing/from home sweden printfontana tf 267570 psex---11
tv-theme - songs epbonanza,perry mason,highway patrol,+1 (kansikuva bonanza miehet!!!!) ex-rca epa 9771 psvg+++4
typhoons/kay pilgrim/peggie allen ephelp/you got you troubles/wooly bully/there but for fortune (rare)!jukebox jsep 5542 psex--3
unit gloriaback in the sun/see that fool (psychedelia)bell 924vg2
uriah heep been hurt/carry on bronze 88ex-2
v combinacionchirpy chirpy cheep cheep/ra-ta-tafonal psex-1
van morrisonorangefield/these are the days 1989polydor psvg+2
vanilla fudgeseason on the witch part 1 & 2. usaatco 6632ex4
vaughan brotherstick tockbrothers 1990epic psex-2
weedonsshimmy shimmy/eden bar twist (etiketti hieman kärsinyt toiselta puolin)ei kantta!sonet T 7185 denmarkvg1
vera lynn epsincerely yours no.1 UK.decca 6042 psvg+1
vergersbarnatro/gud som haver barner kär (cover ex-)fontana 271274 psvg1
who5.15/water 1973, germany, retrack 2094115 psex-5
whodont let go the coat/you 1981polydor who 5 psex-2
vicki lawrencethe night lights went out in georgia/he did with meflashback 82vg+1
vicky (eurovision 67) epl`amour est bleu/le tour du le monde + 2polydor 27305 psvg+1
williams jerryallez allez/twistin patrisiasonet 7531vg1
williams jerryi want to know/let me hold you in my arms 1989sonet 10309 psex-1
williams jerrylolita/dream of yousonet 7540vg++3
williams jerrydarling nelly grey/nobodys darling but mine, blue vinyl!sonet 7524vg1
williams jerry (green vinyl)tutti frutti/ave maria no morrosonet 7624vg+3
williams jerry & the violentsdangerous happines/do it over againsonet 7574vg+2
williams jerry & the violents number one/feelin blue, (black vinyl) sonet 7555 vg+3
williams jerry & the violents number one/feelin blue, (red vinyl) sonet 7555 psex---8
williams jerry & the violents number one/feelin blue, (red vinyl) kantta teipattu reunoista)sonet 7555 psex---5
williams jerry (blue vinyl)its true/free mesonet 7592vg+3
wingsjet/let me roll itapple 5996vg++1
wingshi,hi,hi/cmoon, 1972 swedenapple (wings ps)vg++1
wintzell brunodu och jag-en kärlekshistoria/idag sköt jag ihjäl en okänd man 1970polydor 2053008 psex-1
violentsguitar bolero/walk right insonet 7548g+1
violents (red vinyl)hello josephine/betty come on homesonet 7579 psex--7
violents (red vinyl)ghia/liebestwistsonet 7525g++1
violents (punainen vinyyli!)cindy of cindy/alpen rossonet 7505vg+1
violents (sininen vinyyli!cindy of cindy/alpen rossonet 7505vg++2
wonder stevie epsaturn,ebony eyes,all day succer,easy goin evening 1976tamla 340vg1
wright johnnymusic to cry by/cheaters cant windecca 32216ex--1
yellovicious games/blue nabou 1985vertigo psex-1
yoko onomy man 1982polydor , psex-1
yvonne norrmantack för alla kyssar/värledens rikaste flicka 1966sas 1005 psex---3
yvonne norrmanja min flicka lilla/ en herrs kapstrall record 1005 psvg++3
zappa frankbaby snakes/dancin fool 1979 zappa records z-10vg++4
zappa frankancient arnaments/i dont wanna get drafted cbs 8625ex---4
zappa franki dont wanna get drafted/ancient armaments cbs 8625vg+3
zappa frankbobby brown/baby snakes 1979cbs 7485vg+4
zarah leanderdie rose von nowgorod/emmal kommt die liebe ariola 6002vg++1
zz topdoubleback/planet womanwb ex-2