Kenting Tai Situpa:



Samye Ling, Scotland 1988



Beginning prayers


As a part of Prajnaparamita sutra Buddha Sakyamuni expressed that everything is empty because everything functions through interdependent origination. That simply means there is everything effectively just as interdependent origination. There is nothing more than interdependent origination. According to Mahayana sutra these two sides of one thing: there is nothing but there is everything, it is the most fundamental connection between a sentient being who effects everything and who is effected by everything and an enlightened being who is beyond that. Co-existence between something which is called "subject", something which is called "object" – and effect each other.


Great bodhisattva Manjushri is the manifestation of the wisdom of the Buddha – not only the Sakyamuni Buddha but all the buddhas whose intelligence made prince Siddharta to attain enlightenment – Manjushri represents that, as well as he represents a great bodhisattva whose activity is the manifestation of wisdom. He manifested in the most auspicious geographical manifestation of planet earth, the 5-pointed mountain. This auspicious place even now, after so much lets say political changes, preserves its authenticity, and is the host of almost 1000 temples and monasteries, quite a few of which still survives right now.


When the bodhisattva Manjushri manifested there, his main teaching was the interdependent manifestation. And a large area of that particular teaching is astrology. I really don't have the exact word in English but we might call it geomancy, the key of the universal energy. This teaching was taught by Manjushri in many sutras. Many aspects of the teaching were given there. The lineage of this teaching continued all the way through in Chinese Mahayana buddhism as well as Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism. This particular teaching, which is quite closely associated and connected with astrology, this is brought to Tibet through China and also the essence of this teaching, certain aspect is brought from India to Tibet as well.


In the natural process of a person's inner development the outer physical cause and condition is extremely important. Everything that happens out there effects everything that happens in here. Therefore the kind of environment that you physically involve is extremely effective for how smooth and productive and fast your inner development will be. This is something we can understand directly. How outside things effect inside. This is one particular very fixed and clearly and thoroughly taught subject to correct any external disharmony and to create proper environment. Not only in its appearance but in its function. To create a proper environment.


This is a very vast subject. We can get some general knowledge. I think in countries like Europe the ancient art of building might have something about this. I'm quite certain when I see old buildings. Some buildings that are not too old such as Vatican, when I saw it, definitely there is tremendous geomancy perfection. And also catholic worldwide activity and its success on certain areas and its unsucces on certain areas somehow from the geomancy point of view you can see through catholic church designs and the design of Vatican which plays very important role, I think. I'm being slightly presumptuous and I'm getting carried away slightly because this is not my real subject of accomplishment. I'm not accomplished in any subject, you all know that, and in this subject I'm not really an expert, this is my hobby with all the respect for such a profound and important subject. I couldn't help this subject becoming my hobby. I like it very much. It's fascinating and many things go together with this.


When from the geomancy point of view you look at a house where you have never been and you are just driving by and you stop, just by looking a house you can tell what's going on there and what went on there roughly. The good experts can say so much but roughly a person can say something about it and also describe what kind of facial expression would be the production of that energy. If the person lives in that house more than 6 months how that person will look, not exactly the bone but how that person will look – will he be a jolly fellow or will he be a sour person or extremely angry or confused or calm, what kind of person that house will produce. All this is relative truth of course. We are not talking about ultimate truth, this is relative truth... at one stage I reached to the edge, I almost became relatively obsessed by geomancy. Always everything you get somehow interpreted through geomancy point of view and that was absolutely unnecessary. I was able to somehow pull myself back but still this is my hobby.


Generally geomancy links – let us call it geomancy in English – I don't know but I heard lots of people call it geomancy – this will link 108 generations, that means 108 families for each family connected, it's like a spider web middle of which is you. Eight generations before you effect you and eight generations from you as relatives like cousins etc., eight present generations from you, they effect you and you effect them. And eight generations below you, your children, grandchildren etc., you effect them. They don't effect you because you will be gone by then. But you effect them. It makes connection for 108 generations, including you 109 generations. It's like a mala (rosary). One mala has 108 beads and there is a master bead. So let you be the master bead. Your responsibility becomes greater. You might build a place or you might own a place which effects you but you are going to effect eight generations from you by owning  that place and by doing something there.


So, when you do, build, own something, then you have a responsibility for creating better or worse conditions for the future generations. And right now you effect everyone who is involved with you, nine generations. So counting from your father and mother seven generations. Counting from your grandfather and grandmother six generations. Counting from your great grandfather and great grandmother five generations. That way in the past eight generations, it grows like a tree. From you, your immediate relatives like your brother, sister, cousins, then your nephews, from there eight. And from you your son, your grandson, all of that goes down. So, how far the physical connection is, that less the effect will be. How close the physical connection is, that much the effect will be. That's very much like the concept of samsara. It goes in a circle and everyone is connected and everyone’s involvement effects everyone else.


With this understanding when we try to learn about geomancy there are two levels. Outer and inner geomancy. I think that's the right term. I'm not used to teach this in this manner and never attended any geomancy teaching in English, so it's very difficult for me to have confidence in words that I'm using but somehow can't be too wrong. The outer and inner geomancy. Inner geomancy teachers don't teach easily. It's secret because if a person knows precisely inner geomancy and this person is not good person, if he is bad person and he got a chance to play his geomancy weapon on his enemy, he can kill someone quite easily or cause lots of problem for someone and I don't think there is legal protection for that. You can't sue someone saying: This person made a bad geomancy for me. Therefore we don't teach inner geomancy unless the teacher is very very sure the student will never ever do something like that. It's like doctors, the medical doctors have to be very good persons. Otherwise by knowing the secret of body people can do horrible things, can give the wrong medicine and kill someone, that's pretty bad. So the same way the inner geomancy is usually not taught.


The outer geomancy is taught quite easily. It is not so advanced geomancy but it's just like the common sense of energy. It´s like grammar of energy. How the energy which you can't see, how it travels and how it effects things, therefore instead of blindly building a shelter you know how to build it right, so you can make a good beneficial happy effective environment for yourself or for someone. This is the kind of role that the outer geomancy plays. Inner geomancy is very advanced and a combination of outer and inner geomancy. That is how a knowledgeable master will choose a spot to build right building for right purpose. But unfortunately that knowledge is not available openly. It is very secret.


When geomancy is taught the teacher will give the responsibility to the pupils saying that you are never teaching this to somebody who you are not 100% confident. It is like a vow. But I prepared something about the inner geomancy. It's like in English explaining how does A look. It is a triangle, something which cuts in the middle, so its not quite a triangle. Only that much I will show you so you to get some idea about it, but I can't teach. I'm not an expert but I also can't teach what I know.


Now outer geomancy. First of all, just like with anything, we have to know what we want. To apply our geomancy we have to know what we want. If we want to have a home where the family will be small and comfortable and everybody gets along, and not so many people come, if you want lots of peace and tranquillity, then that's what you want. Then you should look geomancy according to that. If you want a home where lots of people come and you become favourite for lots of people, then you have to sacrifice calmness and quietness. Two things wouldn't work you see. So if you want that you can choose the right spot that way and you can build that way. And if you wanted to be famous – just famous you know – who would want to be just famous but some people might, so then, if that is what they want, then they can choose the right spot for it and they can build according to that. And if you want to be wealthy, just to have a lot of money, then you can choose place that way and you can build that way.


And if you want to build a temple, you know building a temple is most difficult geomancy because temple wants so many things. Want to be quiet and tranquil at the same time want good income, at the same time want lots of people to come, at the same time don't want conflict, I mean everything on earth the temple wants that. So temple geomancy is quite difficult one. You have to get everything right, not only one thing. And family wants many children, future generation. The place can be spotted that way and built according to that. So it depends what you want. To apply geomancy first of all you must know what you want to build your house for. After that you build a house for what you want your life to be. That is important. When you have that straight then you can apply geomancy knowledge. Otherwise you might be geomancy master, expert in geomancy, but you can't do anything because today you might want something – you build your house that way, after one month you change your mind.  So you are in big trouble. All your money is gone and you can't break the whole house down and then build it again. You can't afford that.


Somebody did that, not exactly but quite close to that. Who did that? -The Chinese emperor did that. The Forbidden City is built according to geomancy. In the Forbidden City there is an audience hall where the emperor gives audience, it is huge courtyard which can host thousands and thousands of people and in the centre there is the audience hall, round and movable, therefore in the particular time of the year for particular purpose the emperor’s throne will be moved and faced in particular direction and part of the audience room will be opened as a door. So there is the right energy, the right flow that enters. Even emperor's tea is from the right geomancy. He drinks the tea which is grown in a particular season on a particular slope that faces a particular direction which is harmonious to his birth date, his birth chart. Everything is very sophisticated.


But we must know: no geomancy can be permanent because it's like a clock, it moves. The longest geomancy maintaining the energy is 360 years. Shortest geomancy can be just one minute or even shorter but then shorter than that we can't talk about, it drives us crazy. Every five minutes we have to change everything. This is combination of the ancient Chinese knowledge and the teaching of the Manjushri bodhisattva and the teaching of Buddha all put together. This knowledge is very highly respected and very seriously practiced in China even now. Tibetans also practice this but Chinese much more.


When you learn about particulars of external geomancy first of all: direction. This is a direction chart. This is a very simple one, it has 24 directions. Each covers 15 degrees. The directions are south, east, north and west. Each of these four is divided into four: the south and southwest, west and northwest, north and northeast, it makes eight. Three times that makes 24 directions. 360 degrees. Every major four directions gets 90 degrees space and every sub branch and major direction gets 45 degrees for each. That is total circle of 360 degrees divided by 24, each direction gets 15. Three times 15 for each major and minor direction.


That's the basic chart. What I have here only is the numbers and the particular directions, that's all. What I miss here is the 360 degree’s year cycle. I did not put here the eight major diagrams, eight major spots or the 12 years circle. I did not put here all the major elements like metal, fire, earth, water, wood, all of those major elements. I put here just the directions and the particular degrees that each direction gets. Each direction, 15 degrees is most effective, 45 degrees is so and so, 90 degrees is vague and 360 is total but somehow each direction is very effective 15 degrees. 15 degrees slight, this much, that much doesn't make much difference if it is within 15 degrees.


Now when you have that straight you have to look for the place. For the place you have to look up, look down, look straight. You can see a place by looking up, looking down as you can, high as you can and straight in the middle. Nowadays it's very easy. You can get a topographical map of a country first and then you say - this is very presumptuous but if you have the finance ready, if you have money to buy a home and you know what kind of home you want, for what, you just want a home, then you don't think about geomancy. First have a home and live there and see what happens. That's what everybody does, they don't bother. In one way they are quite wise because then if there is a problem they fight with it. But when you have geomancy knowledge then that attitude changes. So you can avoid the problem by choosing the right place. You don't have to gamble. Somehow you can choose the right place.


If you have topographical map of a particular area where you are allowed to buy a home and you can afford the home, then you look and find the right direction and right mountain and right slope, maybe choose 15 of them. And then you call your local estate agency, and you talk to them asking if there is any home in that area. They might wonder but it doesn't matter. Then if you find 3 or 4 homes then you go there. I say this because I'm trying to make sense. Then you can use it practically. Otherwise you might have this knowledge and still you can't do anything.


So when you go there, OK, now you have the place. You stand in the place and you look as high as you can. You see whether you can see anything or not. When you look the highest spot, maybe you can see the top of the mountain, maybe not. You look the lowest place you can. You may see just your feet or you might see a slope that goes quite far away. Then you stand still and see, turn around, what can you see is same height as your eye. To know what is the highest point of that place is important. When you have that straight in daylight, then you keep that in mind. Then you go to that place at night, during the darkest night you go there. Then you see, you look around and you see in the distance how does the horizon effect you. Is it like a plate, round, or is it triangle or is it square or is it half circle or what. You find out. That you can do in the night easily. In the daytime quite confusing. In the night very easy. You can even lay on your back and look.


When you have that part straight then you look at the water: what is your nearest water. Water means stream, spring, river, lake, of course ocean. All of that is water and you think about that, you check that. Nowadays we have one extra, that is main water pipe. In a city, in town, there is a big water pipe and everybody's water is tapped into it. So where is that. I´m talking about on surface water. I'm not talking about underground water. How does the surface water move in your location? Which way does the water move? Even sewage system is also water. When you find out which way the water moves, then you find out which water moves for 24 hours, which water moves 12 hours. If there is a reservoir, that will be not always moving the same speed. It will be closed and it will be opened. If your property is near a power station then there will be lots of water activity but that will be increased and decreased for certain period of the day.


So you have to check out all of this. A stream, river, how high do they get during the monsoon, how low they get, there will be different effects. You have to find out all of this just by going near the stream and seeing where the grass grows. If the monsoon water comes up very high, there is no grass under that place. That means water usually gets that high. Then you can see also the colours of the rocks that are near the river or stream. You can see how much water increases.


Tape 1 side B

Just checking the water and checking the land. When you have all these things straight – that takes days – you can't just see it in a few hours, it takes days. The next thing is to interpret the land which you have seen, the water movement which you have seen, the land energy – we call it land dragon. Water energy, we call it water dragon. Water dragon never climbs onto land and land dragon never swims in water Land dragon stops wherever it touches water and water dragon flows wherever the water flows, it sits wherever the water sits. So there are two dragons, the land dragon and the water dragon.


How to determine the land dragon? - The land dragon comes down the highest point to the lowest point. And when it comes to the lowest point, when it touches water, it stops there. So land dragon comes down. Water dragon flows head towards where the water is going. If it is a 24 hour stream there is 24 hour water dragon going down the stream. It doesn't mean the dragon would come close, it is a way to express it.


When you have looked at the land dragon and water dragon and its flow, then you check the underground. Underground we can only check. I mean if you are good and sensitive you can check just by walking on it, sitting on it, meditating on it. But that's little bit too much to expect. Therefore we have an instrument. Energy detecting instrument. That is geomancers’ instrument. I didn't bring one. I have two but I didn't bring because I didn't know I'm going to teach geomancy here. The equipment can be made by metal, or with woods and that can detect the energy below.


How you check this is with your body: no matter how good or bad we are - we have energy. There is no alive person who wouldn't have energy. So every alive person has energy. You hold the instrument on your centre energy point and then you have to know where you want to walk. You walk there and there is a special way of walking. Geomancy energy search walk. It's like a kind of discharge in a way. You know the horse makes discharge. It doesn't bump, it goes like a bicycle. So the person has to learn how to walk that way. It looks quite ok.  When you walk that way you are not bouncing, you are not shaking here and there. You are walking very straight like a bicycle. Then your energy detection moves wherever the underground land energy and water energy is. When it is water energy it can be 45 degrees turn. Quite severe. It can be 90 degrees turn sometimes. I never experienced more than that. Some told me there is 180 degrees turn but I never saw that myself. That place must be very energetic. So almost every place has like 50 degrees turn.


When you find your particular place you walk to every direction. East to west north to south, southeast to northwest and northeast to southwest. Every major direction you walk and then you record and you draw that. Then you see there are few ying and yang circles which your energy detects and those are the places which will determine how the land dragon flows. Water dragon you don't have to do, because you can see it. On surface water dragon you don't have to do. The land dragon you can somehow see but still sometimes the underground is different. Sometimes underground there is so much rock, that effects. There is so much soft earth, that effects. Sometimes there are caves underground, that effects. If there is underground water like underground river, that effects tremendously. Sometimes there are underground lakes. All of these different entities underground effect above ground energy, which we can't see. So this equipment checks that out and makes precise pattern of energy flow on that land. And now you know this land and now you know how to use that land for fulfilling your need. If you wanted to build a retreat house then you know how to make that land energy into right condition.


There are particular things that are related to these both energies: above ground and under ground that are like forest. Land can be in a particular shape but if there are trees on one part of the land and not on the other part of the land; that effects. Everything maybe fine, but when the sun shines in a certain angle, the light of the sun which hits the water and comes into your home, it's like a reflection effect of the sun to your house, that also effects. And if your home is near ocean coast, when the waves come in, the current comes in and strays up the water, that happens during certain part of the day, certain part of the year, that effects. We call it water mountain. Water mountain means big wave which hits the side of a cliff and that goes up maybe 10-20 ft and sometimes even more. That is quite important thing to bring to account.


When you check all of this, then the road or any kind of landslide or any kind of mowing of the earth, to grow food you mow the earth, and you put the earth upside down, your neighbour doing that, anything that happens in the distance that you can see from your property, that effects. So you have to somehow see all of that as last checking on your property.


Then also the sound of the water, that's important. Can you or can't you hear the sound of the river. And during heavy monsoon will there be any kind of waterfalls on your property or near your property that will have significant amount of water flowing in for at least weeks or a month or even up to three months of the whole monsoon. So that also effects. All of these things are the last thing that you check.


Now when all of that is ready then you choose the right spot on that land. Now you know very well what kind of property that you can have. And out of many of them you choose the one that is best for you. How to determine which is best? Basic astrological interpretation – two directions. There is no three or four directions. Two directions. We call east category people or west category people. The east and west are major two extreme directions. Planet moves and sun shines and sun sets, stars shine and stars set. Moon shines and moon sets. Everything happens from east to west. Therefore east - west is the flow. Some people are east category and some west. It´s like blood type. There are two types of people, mainly. That can be checked very easily by your birth date. From an astrological text you can find out whether you are east or west category. For east category person, if you build house facing west it’s disaster. Very bad. Nothing will happen but problem, sickness and all kind of unfavourable situation and if you are west category that will be good for you. Your house should be made face west, main door should face west, if you are west category. For my experience I found less west category than east category. Most people are east category I found that, but I'm not 100% sure because I'm not an expert.


For an east category person – I myself am east category person – number one, most effective location of the main entrance is south. The effectiveness both in positive and negative of the main entrance also changes but for my case south is most permanent. During a certain part of the year, century, month, for me the door facing west is good but one can't bother about that because then you have to have eight rooms having eight doors for each direction. According to your major category you choose a particular site where the door can face the right direction, the main entrance can face the right direction. How does this work? The earth is rotating east-west-east-west, we call this east, that west. Earth is rotating like this.


Geomancy was introduced in India, Tibet and China, we have to remember that. Trying to apply the present geomancy just like that to something that is up here or something that is down there, that is not so accurate and I'm not sure if there is anybody who is capable of doing that, who is capable of interpreting geomancy flow according to different places, I doubt. That will be only someone very highly enlightened who can do it, or maybe very intelligent computer can do. I'm not sure how to interpret that. But I think Scotland is not too high to be relevant to our existing technique. I think New Zealand is too low and certain parts of Russia and Canada are too high. I don't think it will be effective there but at the middle belt it will work. It is taught according to that area, it is taught there.


What happens is: when you look at the world map, any country, any part of the country which has a river that flows from west to east: no good. River that flows from south to north: no good. It is opposite to the energy line. There is always clash. Because of that, famine happens or it is not liveable or people there don't have the strength and intelligence to be productive. Therefore the area becomes very poor and political problems happen or maybe fight.  Any place where the river flows from north to south or from east to west, on those areas you can look at the world map and find that most of those areas are very productive and flourishing because it is harmonious with the flow of the energy.


Generally speaking and specially for east category people most prominent and most long lasting goodness, fortune and long lasting positive energy provides when backside is north, front is south. River or stream flows from east to west. From your property you should see the river flowing in but you shouldn't see it flowing out.  And if there is another river that comes to you from lets say south east, that is quite okay. But if it is south to north, no good. And if any road or any valley is right in front of you, no good. But if the road is little curved it is better, because even if the energy flow is wrong, since it flows from south to north, if it flows smoothly then that's ok.


Now if you look at any major government building, for example the president's house of India, that is very good example. The president, prime minister, foreign minister, all of them are in one block and in that place the way the energy flows explains a lot of the situation of India. It is straight and president's house is up. The India gate is down and straight, just straight. I don't know, maybe 1, 2, 3 miles, it's very far. From up there down there you can't see cars – too big but very small. So it's very long stretch of a big road if you look from India gate. President's house is tiny thing up there, there aren’t obstacles in between. And that means two big pipes with small tank of water. Not so good, financially no good. And the president's building, prime minister's building, home minister's building, defence minister's building, foreign minister's building, all of them are separate individual big chunks of building. Impressive, they are mogul or some kind of king's palace but they are separate huge buildings. No connection. Therefore so many parties in the country. All the other buildings are big and president's building is comparing to them tiny. It is like a giant with small head. So president has no power, president is just like king that is put there to worship. He goes to opening ceremonies and all that kind of thing but political power president doesn't have. It is so straight. It is like a gun barrel or a spear or sword, therefore already two, the Mahatma Gandhi and Indira Gandhi, two got killed with blood. These things somehow explain a lot.


For people who don't calculate and who do not really know exactly the energy principle, geomancy will look superstition, but when you look into it very carefully it is most scientific and most technical, because if you have a big tank with small pipe you can irrigate many places. But big pipe with small tank...


Tape 2 side A

...if you sleep, your head is here and the door is here – you will have problem. It is very easy, just move here, the energy flow will happen but it will not hit your body in one place more than other places. Therefore effect will be good. Many people, who are physically very stiff, look very pale, and when you touch their head or hand it is cold and hard. That means, there is some kind of problem with the circulation. Of course it can be internal sickness but also it can be the location of their bed. They can be sleeping in the wrong direction. If they change it then there is a change for improvement.


All of these things are the conventional geomancy. Now I will tell you geomancer’s dream. A geomancer who is ambitious like me will look for a place which is exactly the best for him, isn’t it, very greedy. Anyway, what kind of place will be the best for me is: a place like myself. With slight...[belly?]! Then arms, right and left, big big mountain behind. There are places like that. So the river flows from here to there and there. Should be a water source here. Believe it or not I found a place like that. So that place is supposed to be the best kind of geomancy. If it is small you can use it for a graveyard. If it is big you can use for a temple or home. I mean, if a person lives in that kind of home, if he meditates he is going to be first level bodhisattva after 30 years, maybe. The entire effect multiplies.


This particular type of land is called side view lotus. Lotus is like this, so side view lotus. The earth dragon flows from here and stops where the water comes. Therefore it accumulates here. Water dragon flows from east to west. There is a lake, small spring there. Therefore that water dragon also accumulates there. Therefore it becomes most appropriate combination of earth dragon power and water dragon power in the right spot facing the right direction. We call that 1000 mile land because many thousands of miles of mountainside might have one or two of this kind of land. Can’t have too many. Every major mountainside has that kind of land. Has to have. Otherwise it is not a mountain. I’m sure in Europe like Alps have that kind of land.


So this kind of particular areas are called a dragon’s nest. Because water dragon nests there, earth dragon nests there. That means a very prominent place. This kind of place, if you build it right, it will last for 360 years, the positive energy can last very long. But if you destroy it, if you do bad things there, after building the right thing, that will be contradictory and if you manage to do bad things there, then you can eat up the energy. Therefore it can finish faster.


That much I can tell you about the conventional outer geomancy. Now I will give you very briefly some basic introduction to the inner geomancy just to give you some taste of it.


This is inner geomancy alphabet. All of you have this actually right on the palm of your hand, 1,2,3,...9, here. Now, look at the back of the hand. That’s how it flows. That is the movement of energy. It goes up, then goes down here, up here etc. Can you see that? That’s how inner geomancy flows. This one we only can draw like this. But when we interpret this, we must interpret it upside down. Because this is the chart of the space and you can’t draw a chart of space down there flat. So when you interpret this, then you have to think reverse, you must interpret your drawing upside down. That is the only way. This is permanent, this never changes.


What I drew here is only few things. There is so many in it. But only few things: I drew the number, the paqua, the points, four points, connection. Nine-point connection. Then your body, family and character, characteristics, some people are liars, some aggressive fighters, some compassionate saints, some educators. The characteristics. So each of them represent one of them. This yellow one is the floor. This is permanent. Example with body. This represents lung, this is back of the head, ear and kidney, heart, eyes, stomach, mouth and tongue and this represents head in general including brain.


That is the secret of the universe. This is for everyone. As far as family is concerned this is limited but somehow it covers the general. This is the older daughter, this is the older son, younger son, middle son, this is actually nobody. This is middle daughter, mother, younger daughter, that is father. That is family. And then, if you have 3 - 5 sons or if you only have one, it has to be interpreted accordingly. But that is general. According to the characteristics this is a fighter, this is straightforward characteristics, this is respecting the elderly and more advanced ones. This is moving and also changing, not so stable, this is unreliable, nobody. This is very short tempered and that is very good tempered, soft. This is tricky and this is very close to this, straightforward. These are the major. These are always printed in the sky, always there. It never moves, never changes.


Now there is another, numberless that changes. I will show you that, third one. Is it confusing? I think so! It should be, otherwise... Which I have shown is this, this is twenty years. It became effective 1984. It will last until year 2004, 20 years. This is year 1988. Now. If you build a house year 1980 and it is finished 1984 then you can enjoy all the benefit of this for next 20 years. So if you build a house according to this right now and finishes after five years you don’t have much time to use that energy because after finishing it only eleven years you have, after that it is not that good anymore. So if you build something now, better to build for the next 20 year cycle. At the beginning might not be too good for about ten years but then you can somehow correct that and next 20 years you can really, really use it. It can be very effective.


So this is 20 years cycle, this is 1988, one year cycle. There is one month cycle, one day, one hour, one minute cycle. Ultimately it can go for even one moment, that kind of cycle. When you look into the cycle, detail, then astrologer or geomancer has to be really good and if everything is accurate can say, in this room, in this corner, in this month, in this year, a person, a man or woman, wearing this kind of clothes and colour and face looks like this, will do this. And now I will show you the basic of that chart. This is 1987 chart. The 4 is in the middle, 8 in on the top. This is not your January, this is our January, lunar January. Jan Feb...Dec. For this – same. By interpreting this you can make for each of these a full chart. Each 24 hours full chart. Each hour, each minute you can make a chart. That way you can determine it.