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Instructions for CSS tables


* = this feature is different in CSS1 and CSS2.

Background colors in the selector and property lists are related to the existing HTML, XHTML or CSS specifications like in HTML-tables (the coloring of HTML tables ([S])). In browser columns it concerns also the functionality of the CSS. I explain below the meaning of used colors.


Concerning the selector or property list, the selector/rule belongs to HTML 4.01, CSS1 or CSS2 specification. Concerning browsers support green means relative good implementation. Note that it doesn't necessary mean bug free implementation but just so much working implementation, that the property/rule can be used without big problems.

Proprietary or buggy

Gray background means proprietary and/or problematic implementation.


Lime means that they are questionable to support, because they are working drafts (WD) for future XHTML or CSS3 specifications. Note. A WD can at some level regard as a part of future specification, because it is accepted to evaluate as a future specification or a part of future specification. The problem is that WD can change. Some not recently edited Working Drafts are however rather just proposals. A proposal is not necessary a part of future specification - it is just a matter, which under public discussion if it could be accepted as a new specification/ a part of a new specification.


Because these elements don't belong to modern specifications, it is questionable to use them.


I have not tested the rule/property or I'm not sure, if the feature is implemented. The implementation might be totally proprietary.

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