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7. Help for Perl menu



I have tried to learn WAP technology and Perl is common used CGI-language in WAP Servers. That's why I want to understand it. I have read about it from the book Inside WAP (a Finnish book), Pekka Niskanen, a worker of Acta Systems Oy (IT Press, 2000) and WWW Kehittäjän opas, Jouni Santara (Satku, 1996).

Acta Systems Oy, IT Press, Satku: Perl examples.

My examples base on the used books, but I have translated Finnish words into English. If you are a Finnish user of my plugins, I recommend to borrow or buy this book. If you understand only English, try to find some web pages or English books to learn principles of Perl.

This page is primary my personal help file to the Perl plugins menu, which is from the creators of HTML-Kit. I forgot some matters and I need some notes. In fact this is an additional Help for TM WML plugins menu.


Special encoding

Perl, Java and C++ share a subset of C syntax. C was first, C++ was built on top of that. Perl borrowed C and some C++ syntax and from some Unix tools (awk, sed, grep, Bourne shell). Then Java borrowed mostly C++ syntax but also some Perl syntax. Today people use PHP, which base partially on Perl. Many people regard it simler and I use it. I have among my CSS-pages a page for PHP[S].

I have made only some Java-servlets. Java and Perl has many divergent features, which I must list in order to remember them (they are difficult to remember and cause confusions). Here is a list of some features, which are good to remember:

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