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The basic mission

The basic mission of these pages is the same as Opera Software - but I try to take account more the reality! Opera Software, Mozilla or any other browser factor can't lay claim me to be a silent supporter of their product, because I want to be loyal as much as it is sensible to webstandards itself - webstandards team is closes to me concerning browsers, but my attitude toward webstandards is also critical.

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It is positive, that all browser designers Microsoft, Mozilla and Opera tries to go according standards, but not succeeded yet and Microsoft accepts some an-standard definitions. But Mozilla has also destroyed the possibilities of using CSS in web pages in Finland and all over the world with 4.x series! After some discussion it came out, that MS IE does have serious difficulties with some CSS2 definitions and concerning CSS2 in fact next Microsoft slow down the possibilities of CSS2.

Opera is according to experiences of many people (over)sensitive to code errors especially in tables. It is any sense to be like "Don Quiote" towards windmills (= to be over straight)!

But Opera displays nested frame sets incorrectly in 800x600 or lower resolutions - I hate this feature, because I use nested frame sets!. Read about this feature ([S]).

Even if I don't like some display methods of Opera, I use Opera in the net as much it is possible, because it is fast and it does have top class security! Opera is primary fine browser for hurry businessmen and scientists , who want to use multiple windows. Opera is like "Zorro" or "Superman" toward slow performance and like One of The Four Musketeers for the security! Opera is best browser to small devices with limited capabilites.

If Netscape 6.0 or NeoPlanet with Mozilla rendering engine would work better they could be like the heaven or paradise to the web page designers.

I don't want to support Microsoft, because Billy is like Uncle Scrooge - use overpower and that is also threat to standards. But I can't say, that it is from the sight of page designers bad.


I make at least a table about browsers and rendering engines and I put in this comparison also my recommendation. I take in this comparison into account also speed, security and future visions. I put on the left negative and on the right positive features

Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.x
  • Implementation of CSS1 is disappointment
  • IE accepts some nonstandard definitions
  • At least some virus scanners don't find viruses from the mail box
  • Best DOM support from official versions at this moment, but not promising however!
  • Much nice features
Future: I cannot however especially recommend, because it does have only average CSS implementation and security. Concerning rendering nothing especially bad, but nothing great advances neither.
Opera 4.x+
  • Bad frameset handling.
  • fast as a WYSIWYG browser.
  • Best CSS1 support and fine CSS2 support.
Future: I hope, that Opera Software has time to get it yet better.
Netscape 6.0
  • Generic funtionality problems
  • fine CSS support
  • Great desire to go according standards!
Future: I hope that AOL (the owner of Netscape) could solve some functionality problems.

I got an e-mail, where the writer told, that it is possible to get Netscape and MS IE 128 encryption worldwide. This was earlier only to citizens of USA and Canada. Opera has much earlier given 128 encryption to all users.

A recommendation in my pages

But just now I have following hidden information to elder browsers (IE 4.01/5.0, NS 4.x or Opera 3.5x and newer don't display it):

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