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Problems in navigation

The main problems

Both frame and table systems have difficulties to build navigation system to big page groups. What could be the best system?

I have used complex frame system in order to get short link paths. My principle is "if you in any page, you can get to any other page with one to three clicks!" I don't however regard my system in every respect the best available. The ideal solution in my mind is to separate navigation and information partially from each others like CSS and the HTML file.

This system does have however some problems:

XML has XLink. It might solve some navigation problems, but it doesn't necessary do, what I mean (I have not read thoroughly the documentation).

Advances of my suggestion:

If my suggestion could be somehow automated, it does have following advances:

For personal use it is easy today make this kind of system with Opera! Opera can save as name the whole window system and user can open these saved files (Preferences > Save Window Settings - File > Open). If other browsers could do the same, instead of frame set files, browsers could use window saving files. The page designer gives the downloadable starting set, but the user could exchange it and save it with an another combination. The whole window is in use and what bigger screen, the more powerful system - with small devices is impossible to reach this efficiency. This system is ideal for scientist, which needs to compare materials with each others.

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