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Navigation hints


That means how to find pages and move to other pages. Navigation is always problematic, but my aims are:

  • All pages must find easily - no messy and long searching paths
  • Navigation must be illustrative
  • The exchange of appearance and contents must be easy
  • Navigation should not be the end in itself - in my mind it should take only the small space and the matter itself is in the main role

With old-fashioned systems you can reach some of the aims, but not all simultaneously. It is easy to exchange ordinary texts, but it is visually poor. Link image can be impressive, but to modify them is slow and stiff and they increase download times. The CSS-technology, which I have used brings dynamics (CSS= Cascading Style Sheets; you can find the basic idea of it from the pages of W3C - click the image on the bottom of this page if you want to visit them). Advances of the system in these pages:

  • You can see from the image on the right, how links look out, when the links is selected or the mouse is over a link.
  • When both active section (in these pages on the right) and the active individual page (in these pages on the left) are marked, you know every moment exactly, where you are. Look an image in a new windowA screen capture in new window.
  • Because it is easy to exchange the appearance of links and it doesn't need heavy coding system and lot of images, it means also that using CSS-technology it is cheaper to make pages - I can make for your into future orientated pages cheaper as most of web page designers with aging technology, which doesn't have any future!

The only detriment of the system, which I have used is, that putting sub pages into link list is not in many cases very reasonable. But if you find all pages fast, you don't need to put into a list more than one page! I admit, that there is in theory better systems - but they need better browsers too! Read about some of my suggestions or read about more about advances of CSS.