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Sivut toimivat riittävän hyvin MS IE 4.0+, Opera 5.x+, Netscape 6.0+/ vast. Mozilla ja Konqueror 3.x selaimilla. Yleisesti ottaen sivut toimivat parhaiten uusimmilla Opera selaimilla. Sivujen toimivuus vanhemmissa selaimissa on heikko, erityisesti Netscape 4.x kohdalla.

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Special at-rule for printing and printing-specific features

In addition at least for the printed paged media is possible to define the page size and orientation by using the @page at-rule. Below is some examples of using them:

@page {size: 210mm 297mm}

@page :first {size: 210mm 210mm; margin-left: 4cm; margin-right: 4cm;}

@page :right {margin-left: 3cm; margin-right: 4cm;}/* margin properties to the BODY or the root elements are added to the page margins. In addition the printer leaves some empty space, where it doesn't allow to print. Page margins start after that value. */

@page :left {margin-left: 4cm; margin-right: 3cm;}

@media print {
blockquote, table {page-break-inside:avoid} /* avoid dividing block quote elements into two pages; It is also possible to prevent small tables to be broken into two pages by using this property */

Below is a table, which describes in my mind most essential printing-related features of browsers (I handle the property content in the page Lists[S]):

All platf./ Windows (MS IE): media="print" @media print @import url() print; @page page-break-after/before page-break-inside content
Opera 5.1x+ [OK!] [OK!] [OK!] [OK!] [OK!] [OK!] [OK!]
Opera 4.x-5.0x [OK!] [OK!]   [OK!] [OK!] [OK!] [OK!]
Mozilla 1.0+, Netscape 7.x [OK!] [OK!] [OK!]   [OK!]   [OK!]
MS IE 5.5+ [OK!] [OK!]     [OK!]    
Mozilla 0.7-0.9x, Netscape 6.1-6.2x [OK!] [OK!] [OK!]       [OK!]
Mozilla 0.6, Netscape 6.0x [OK!] [OK!]         [OK!]
MS IE 5.0 [OK!] [OK!]          
Netscape 4.x, MS IE 4.0 [OK!]            
MS IE 5.0 [OK!]            

Browser-specific notes:

  1. Printing-related features work best in Opera 6.x series browsers. Opera 7.0x series browsers might print serious way incorrectly (7.10 not so bad but not as good as 6.x series browsers).

  2. Even if @page if not actual supported in MS IE, Microsoft informs that this at-rule can be used by print templates developed for applications that host MSHTML in MS IE 5.5+ for Windows browsers (MS Office 2000+ understands MSHTML[S]; it has also some What kind of non-standard (proprietary) CSS browsers support for printing). I don't count this as a real implementation, because the browser itself doesn't support the at-rule.

W3C: CSS2: 13 Paged media[Pw].
Microsoft: @page Rule.