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Functionality of my pages with Netscape/Mozilla browsers



Mozilla 0.9, Netscape 6.1+ and other at least as new Mozilla Gecko browsers render my CSS-site on screen almost as designed, in fact the best. The reason, why I can say at this way is that is is possible to create for new Netscape/ Mozilla browsers fixed positioned dynamic links, where also sub-menus are fixed and the work in all situations. I have used in the screen presentation of this site following following features, which are not supported in Opera 6.0x and MS IE 6.0 for Windows (they are however supported in Opera 7.x):

  1. The dynamic pseudo-class :focus (this pseudo-class shows the last activated link).
  2. Alternative style sheets (rel="alternate stylesheet" + title="..."). I use them only demonstrating the functionality of them. Because they don't actually help reading sites, they don't make the functionality of the CSS-site better with other browsers.
The Mozilla organization.

Browser specific hints

Known problems

New Mozilla Gecko browsers don't have many such missing features, which limit Web-designing. I list however two:

Also in newest versions is some features, which work bad. Below is a list of some remarkable problems in my sites with new and old Netscape browsers:


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