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Sivut toimivat riittävän hyvin MS IE 4.0+, Opera 5.x+, Netscape 6.0+/ vast. Mozilla ja Konqueror 3.x selaimilla. Yleisesti ottaen sivut toimivat parhaiten uusimmilla Opera selaimilla. Sivujen toimivuus vanhemmissa selaimissa on heikko, erityisesti Netscape 4.x kohdalla.

I list below all topic groups, which I have done according to subjects, which they handle. You can return to this topic group by using this menu and the link Table of topic groups on the top of the each page.

Contents of extra pages

The longer version

  1. What are purposes of Web standards
  2. Which problems are the CSS2 specification
  3. What conceptual schemes and term trees relate with CSS
  4. What are semantics of (X)HTML elements
  5. What kind of non-standard (proprietary) CSS browsers support
  6. Some advice how to design CSS files
  7. What JavaScript tricks can be used with CSS
  8. What CSS-features I have used in my pages
  9. How to design dynamic menus
  10. What are user style sheets
  11. How to use CSS with XML documents
  12. What is the situation of XML and XSL today
  13. What kind of problems WAP has
  14. What CSS-implementation errors are in browsers
  15. What CSS-implementation errors are in MS IE browsers
  16. What CSS-implementation errors are in Netscape/Mozilla browsers
  17. What CSS-implementation errors are in Opera browsers
  18. What CSS-editors and application are available
  19. What are some speacial advances using CSS

These are a group of mixed pages, which somewhat relate with CSS. I have tried to put them into quite systematic order, but these pages don't create a coherent entity.