I list below all topic groups, which I have done according to subjects, which they handle. You can return to this topic group by using this menu and the link Table of topic groups on the top of the each page.

What's new?

I tell in this page inside about a half year all mentionable changes in this topic group and remarkable changes in other topic groups.

  1. I added 1/2004 table of contents for presentation pages and defined previous table of contents as the main index for all my English pages.
  2. I added 1/2004 How topic groups relate with each others in order to get proper overview about topic groups.
  3. I renewed 1/2004 the structure of front pages in order to get page groups clearer.
  4. I added 1/2004 to shortcuts links to What's new? pages ([Note]).
  5. I improved 12/2003 accessibility of dynamic menus.
  6. I updated 11/2003 main menus of dynamic menus. I added some new buttons to special links.
  7. I put 10/2003 almost to all topic groups full tracing paths.
  8. I put 9/2003 browsing advice in to this sub-site. I didn't change the Web-address of the page.
  9. I made 8/2003 in most topic groups for page groups sub-level index pages.
  10. I added 8/2003 to the special links below the menus a link to the front page of the visited topic group ([Start]).
  11. I added 8/2003 whole site wide so-called shortcut icon, which base in my case to the table of topic groups of all of my topic groups. It should we visible in the address bar and Web-addresses, which have been stored to favorite lists. In MS IE 6.0 and Mozilla Gecko browsers it is in favorite lists and also in the address bar, if the page has been put to favorite lists. Indeed the work in Mozilla Gecko browsers quite buggy. They are just randomly in the address bar and they might temporary disappear from bookmarks. In Opera 7.x they are in the address bar and page bar.

Listat viimeisimmistä muutoksista kaksikielisillä sivuilla - List of last made changes in both Finnish and English pages

Other list of last made changes in English pages


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