I list below all topic groups, which I have done according to subjects, which they handle. You can return to this topic group by using this menu and the link Table of topic groups on the top of the each page.

Portfolio and references

Computer graphics


The image of A Tint of Lapland has been in Japan in the pages of Expression users 1-15.3.2000 (alternative page); if the previous links don't work go to the galleries from here).

I can at some level image editing and creating Flash-animations, but they are not my special skills.



My Finnish CSS-guide has been linked from 1999 from the CSS site of W3C. I have teach CSS in some places.

In addition I have made TM CSS, TM XSLT, TM WML, TM WMLScript and TM WAPPush menus for HTML-Kit and for menus help pages. You can get them as zip-files from HTML-Kit Plugins page. Source codes to them are available from my Zip folder. HTML-Kit is a (X)HTML editor and it relates at that mean Web-designing.

Below is a list of other Web-programming related matters in the priority order:

  • I can make Web-sites by using non-interactive PHP-encoding and I have learned also interactive PHP, but I have not used it anywhere.
  • I can use at some level JavaScript. The basic encoding of my Web-site base on using XHTML + CSS + PHP + JavaScript.
  • I have learned at little bit Java, JSP and WML encoding but my skill are poor in these matters.
  • I have a little bit become acquainted with SMIL and SVG languages.
  • I'm in education in order to get learn more about digital communication.