I have done pages, which relate with following subjects

  1. Presentation: Presentation pages (I tell something about me
  2. Christian: Mixed Christian pages (I have them much more in Finnish).
  3. Information technology: CSS-guide, Help pages for the HTML-Kit and Mixed information technology pages.
  4. Digital art/drawings: Piirroksiani - My drawings.(present my drawings and drawing animations)
  5. Nature: Tapio Markulan luontosivut ( = 'Nature pages of Tapio Markula'; these pages are only in Finnish).

Some of them,are totally independent pages and they can be thought as full independent sites. Some topic groups relate at some level with each others and they can be understood as sub-sites of the same subject.

The most independent pages are Finnish nature pages. Presentation pages are in other respect but they have the main index, which can use as the site map of all my English pages.

Also mixed Christian pages and my drawing pages are quite independent pages but they relate with each others concerning my Christian drawings.

Among information technology pages are most related with each others. Even if the CSS-guide is quite independent collection of pages help pages for HTML-Kit give much related information because they have for example HTML and CSS tables. Help pages are in other respects quite independent collection of pages.

Mixed information technology pages are as the name says. Handling of PHP-encoding gives remarkable assistant information for CSS-guide and help pages for HTML-Kit.