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Finders Keepers


IMPORTANT: This site may contain material not everyone is comfortable with. If you for example object fiction written about real people (so called RPS) I suggest you sod off. Also, we are slashers. That means we write people to be in a romantic / sexual relationship with another person of the same sex. If this bothers you, here’s the link again. We are not responsible for any minor accessing this site.


This site is run by Tuuli (aka Trish) and Hazel. We do not know any of the cast of Lord of the Rings and we are NOT saying any of the things described here happened. In fact, they DIDN’T. We made it up, it’s FICTION. We mean no harm; only for a bit of fun. Here’s a proper disclaimer.


Now, if you’re still here, you probably want fiction. Here you go:


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Fuck The Game Series

1.0    Balls Here, Balls There (by Tuuli and Hazel)

Viggo/Orlando, Elijah/Dominic; humour; PG-13

1.1    Hole In One (by Hazel)

Ian/Billy (kind of); humour; PG

1.2    Opposites Attract (by Tuuli)

Viggo/Orlando, Elijah/Dominic; drama; PG-13

1.3     Even In The Bedroom (by Tuuli)

Elijah/Dominic; romance, angst; R

2.0     Over The Edge (by Tuuli and Hazel)

Viggo/Orlando, Elijah/Dominic; humour; PG-13

2.1     Only Birds Fly (by Hazel)

General; humour; PG-13

2.2     Voices (by Hazel)

Ian/Billy; humour; R

2.3     The Consequences of Alcohol And Sex (by Tuuli)

Viggo/Orlando; drama, smut; NC-17

2.4     Grow Up (by Tuuli)

Elijah/Dominic; drama; PG-13

3.0     Finders Keepers (by Tuuli and Hazel)

Viggo/Elijah; drama; PG-13





Hazel and Trish (Tuuli) have a bet.


Trish says they won’t be able to finish Fuck The Game before it’s got 50 pieces.


Hazel says they’ll be closer to 40.


Winner gets an ice cream.






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